Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Day of Green!

We had a pretty good St. Patty's Day.  We spotted some pretty cute leprechauns in our house.
On Sunday we had some green foods with dinner.  I attempted to make green Jello and it didn't turn out at all.  Why can I not make Jello correctly?
 This little leprechaun was going to get me with her spoon.
On the actual day my kids were a little disappointed that the leprechaun did not change our toilet water green and that we were out of eggs so we couldn't have green eggs.  Complete slacker mom moment.  We settled for green pancakes instead.  Lilly came home with the cutest leprechaun mask.
 This little guy was sporting some green as well.  And he discovered cheese sticks.  He's quite a fan of them. Here his is in his favorite standing spot.
 The Friday before Lilly's teacher had them decorate "hats" (Styrofoam cups) and said that the leprechaun might shrink them over the weekend and leave them a prize.  When she came back to school she found her shrunken hat and skittles!
Now to the rest of the week.  The other day Sophia wanted to look like a boy.  Complete with a mustache.  She cracks me up.
She's also loved giving Lewis shoulder rides lately and he seems to enjoy them as well!
Yesterday we went and saw "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" at UVU.  It was super cute and all the kids got mouse ears.
 Lilly with Lilly.  She really did a super cute job.  The girls loved it.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Really Long Showers

My sister forwarded this e-mail to me that Sophia sent to her daughter.  It completely cracked me up. Apparently I take really long showers!

JANE LEWIS IS SUCH A HANDFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!At first you think he's just a cute baby,but if your his sister like me you'll see it's not so easy.Once my mom got in the shower.She said I had to watch Lewis!Because Lewis might fall down the stairs.p.s.I did not like the sound of watching Lewis,But I had to so I did.And guess what happened!HE CRIED AND CRIED!So I picked him up and rocked took a long time before he stoped crying it was kind of cute(for a second)so I set him down.And know what happened...HE CRIED AND cried and cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 HOURS LATER!finely my mom came out of the shower and we all lived happily ever after.(ecsept for mom because she had to take care of you know who.)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catching Up Part 2

We got a package from my sister yesterday (thanks sista!) that had these awesome hats in it.  My girls were pretty sure they were the greatest things they've ever seen.  Here's Mabel with her beautiful smile again.
 Doug's sister is in town so his other sister had everyone over last night to see her.  They made this cutest cake.
 It was even a rainbow inside!
 Mabel created this bad guy house this morning.  I didn't know Tinkerbell was such a bad guy.
 This little leprechaun was in our house today too.  He's pretty cute.
 Only in Utah do you get snow on your daffodils.  Good thing it was gone in an hour.
 Mabel has started writing her name independently and it's killing me! I love when they start doing this.
 These next few shots are courtesy of Mabel.  Lewis eating
 Lewis having snacks at Zumba
 and Mabel's shoes at Zumba.
 Someone found a piece of red candy or something on the floor and thoroughly enjoyed it!
 Sophia's book report for school.  They had to create a cereal box for their book.
 Mabel set up a little school class last week.  It was the cutest thing I've seen in awhile!
 After school everyone got tucked in bed.
Yesterday we went to the rock show in Spanish Fork.  I think this was our 4th or 5th year going.  We love it!  Especially the rock candy!
 Mabel wanted her picture taken by every dinosaur.
 Lilly finally got brave enough to stand next to them too.
 Sophia with one of her favorite rocks.

Finally, Here's a video for my sister Melissa of Mabel teaching school.
IMG 1893 from jmwilkins10 on Vimeo.
And one of Lewis on the swings at the park. My favorite part is the end of the video when you can see Mabel and Lilly singing the "You Are Special" song while they were playing preschool.
IMG 1863 from jmwilkins10 on Vimeo.

Catching Up Part 1

Can't believe it's been a month since I've posted! Apparently we've been busy doing these things.  The girls went to a birthday party a few weeks ago that had a photo booth.  These cracked me up.
 Watch out for Officer Sophia!
 Sophia made this card of our family a few weeks ago.  It cracked me up.  On the left is Sophia.  "Talks a lot and is sweet",  then Lilly "does crazy things", then Mabel "eats a lot", then Lewis "is cute", then dad "is tall and a fast runner" and finally mom "is watching us all the time and she's very nice".  Pretty much sums it up.
 Mabel constantly wants her picture taken.  This was one of those occasions.
Someone is crooked and turned 9 months old!
 And looks so cute!
 We had a really nice day a few weeks ago and headed to the park with some friends.  I put flip flops on Lewis to see if they fit.  He was not so sure about them.
 but then he warmed up to the idea.
 His sisters recently discovered he can fit in the doll stroller.  He seemed to enjoy it.
 Mabel got her dance costume and wanted her picture in it. Here she is with her best smile.
 Lewis also loves to help me unload the dishwasher.
 and he likes to be pushed around in a box by his sisters.
 Here's Mabel looking so fashionable at the dentist.  Some battles just aren't worth it.
 The girls also had fun building this tower at the dentist.
A few weeks ago we had some friends over.  They had a lot of fun going down the stairs slide.

 Bandit came home with Lilly a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to sleep next to Lilly!
 I love their sleeping positions sometimes...
Cute Lewis and daddy on a Sunday.
 And Lilly's favorite Sunday afternoon activity.  Looking at cookbooks.
 Mabel hurt her hand this week and needed me to take a picture of it to show daddy later.  She's been cracking me up this tax season.  Whenever she does something funny she either wants me to take a picture of it to show dad later or she reminds me over and over to be sure to tell him about it later.
 Lilly had Grandparents Day at Kindergarten on Friday and was lucky enough to have my mom go with her.  Here's a picture she made of Grandpa.  I love it!