Sunday, April 12, 2015

The first part of April

April started with April Fools Day which had some of our food come to life!
 Sophia requested meatloaf for dinner so I made this (zucchini bread).  I made her real meatloaf too.  
 My mom brought over these awesome stuffies for the kids.  She made their outfits.  I love them!
We also went to Wales for Conference and Easter.  Lewis was pretty sure his boy cousins had set this area up for him to lounge in.  He was pretty happy with it.
 We had fun things like a hot dog roast
 And plenty of gator and 4-wheeler rides (with our eyes closed apparently).
 There was also an egg hunt!
 and some croquet.
 Falling asleep to movies,
 and yummy Easter treats! We were glad the Easter bunny found us!
 We also played some games and overall loved the time with family and listening to prophets and apostles.
This week we had Spring Break.  We met my cousin and his family at the aquarium on Monday and didn't do much else the rest of the week. On Wednesday we went to Flowell to visit one of my friends whose husband works with Doug.  We had a great time and my girls loved their cat!
 This guy cracks me up! Never a dull moment.
 on Friday we went to see my beautiful niece perform in the Carnival of the Animals as a ringmaster. It was awesome and she did a great job!!

Last Part of March

The last part of March had us unpacking and setting up the house.  This is how Lilly and Mabel's room/the toy room turned out.
 It also had this guy trying on everyone's shoes and tromping around the house. 
 Lilly had a book festival at school and chose Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  She made the poster all by herself and did a great job.
We also had sisters who took pictures while other sisters slept in weird positions in the car.
 And we died eggs!
 And had another round of strep throat. 
 Lilly had a parents day at dance and we all got to observe her class.  She's doing great! It was fun to watch!