Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest Projects

We've been up to some fun stuff lately! Unfortunately none of them are my original ideas. Thanks to everyone who let me use their ideas! One of my good friends is having a boy and her sister's threw her a fun shower over the weekend. It was fun to make something blue! I also make her a messenger bag/stroller bag. It was fun to make but I had a hard time with the snaps! I got both of these ideas from this site . She's got some cute stuff!

I also had a good friend who had a birthday so I made her this necklace with interchangeable flowers. I stole the necklace idea from a friend at church. The big round parts are actually marbles! Pretty fun! And here's yet another project I made from an idea taken from a friend. Her's turned out much cuter though! I did end up adding another piece of pink lace to the top because I felt like it needed just a little bit more.

Here's a random Mabes sporting a new hat. It was the only way we could get Lilly to put her pull up on after a bath last week!
Here's a few of Sophia's creations. I love that she drew something that started with each letter of her name by the letters. Except for the O that has a bee by it. We asked her what that was about and she said that she tried drawing an octopus and it didn't work so she went with a bee. Makes perfect sense.
Here's a picture she took of a creation she made using Microsoft Paint. I have to admit that Paint has come a long way. The brush strokes they have now are pretty awesome. Also, thank goodness they didn't get rid of the spray can effect. We all know that one was our favorite. Anyway, I love how she drew her and Lilly in the window.
And finally, it was my dad's birthday this weekend and I wanted to make one of these for the occasion. I ended up doing only 12 layers and it didn't turn out super great. I used regular milk instead of evaporated milk in the frosting so it was super runny. Each layer totally soaked it up and so it really didn't look to pretty. Oh well. I think it still tasted good though!

See how all the layers kind of blended together? Next time I'll use the right milk!
One last thing I wanted to mention but don't have a picture of. I bought a pair of jeans that were too long and needed to be hemmed. I found this site that teaches you how to keep your original hem and it was awesome! They turned out pretty good! Sophia had a few pairs of pants with holes in the knees that needed to be repaired as well. I used the same technique and turned them into shorts! I love it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun Weekend!

We had such a fun weekend! On Friday we went to the zoo with some friends. It was so fun! The girls had a fun time on the carousel. Sophia absoltutely refuses to ride an animal that goes up and down so this is a good compromise.

Everyone had a blast playing on the playground. We don't usually hit this part of the zoo but they could not get enough!
While everyone else played Mabel pretended she was a turtle,
Rode on a alligator,
And sat on a spider.
She had quite the day! After the zoo we decided to head to the aquarium since we were up there anyway. We had fun there as well. Lilly couldn't get enough of comparing herself to these penguins. I seriously could not pull her away.
We came home and I let the girls have a movie night in my bed. It was pretty fun!
Another fun this week is that Lilly started to write her name! I had no idea she could do this. I kept asking Sophia if she helped her but she said she wasn't even by Lilly when she did it. It's funny how she writes it though. For example, she dots the i first and then starts the line of the i at the bottom and goes up. Whatever works I guess!
Saturday we went with some family to the Rock and Gem show in Spanish Fork. It was pretty great! We've gone the past few years and the girls always have a fun time. Lilly is showing her free rock in this picture.
They also had a good time pretending to be eaten by these dinosaurs.
Lastly here's a bonus shot of the Mabes looking so cute after church yesterday. She's working on getting a top tooth so she's been a cute but slightly cranky baby lately. We still love her though!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Day of Wearing Green!

We had such a fun day and hope you did too!

This morning I went to Sophia's class to volunteer and I got there just in time! The kids had just come in from recess and were all freaking out because a leprechaun had come while they were at recess. Their cute teacher messed up the toys and their chairs and put little green paint footprints all over the tables. She also turned the white milk green and put green coloring in the toilet. The kids were all dying. They thought it was so hilarious. The leprechaun did leave a note in their leprechaun trap saying he was too fast but that he left them some chocolate gold coins for trying to catch him. They loved it.

After school we came home and made some of these. They were yummy but we made way too many! Good thing those tax accountants love treats during busy season! After gymnastics I made dinner and told the girls the leprechaun snuck in while we were gone and turned our food green. Sophia thought it was so hilarious. Lilly wouldn't go near any of it. The eggs turned out a little too green. Can't say that I blame her.

After dinner we were lucky enough to have some friends over. We had fun playing our St. Patty's game with them. My awesome friend Nancy has this amazing mom who does a ton for every holiday! She made this game and was nice enough to let us copy it! It's so fun and my kids love it!
Here they are doing their jigs.
Overall it was a fun day. People think I'm crazy for celebrating St. Patrick's Day so much but I'll take whatever I can to spice things up in the middle of tax season! I hope you all had a happy one as well and that no one got pinched!
P.S. Check out what my amazing friend Stacy made for her kids. I love it! What a fun idea. Next year for sure. She's so awesome!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Silly Monkeys and Luck 'O The Irish

Oh my crazy girls. I just went to check on them (hoping they'd be asleep) and instead they're playing restaurant. Those crazy monkeys! At least they're wearing the appropriate jammies!

On Sunday we had some St. Patrick's fun and made a few crafts. I checked out a book from the library that showed how to make some St. Patrick's Day crafts and here's how they turned out.
Our beautiful castle. I think the thing behind this is that you use four cylinders so it looks like a four leafed clover from the top. Maybe?
We also made these beautiful St. Patty's wands.
So gorgeous, I know.
And here's a couple bonus shots of these cutie. Don't mind the grossness of the middle of lunchtime.
Oh how I love this baby! If you look close you can see her two bottom toothers popping through!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun Girls

This little cutie had some recent success with potty training and earned herself a trip to Build a Bear. She picked out the new shimmer kitty they have and named her "Sparkly Heart". She also informed me that her nickname is "Sparkly Bow". Good choice. She came with these beautiful glass slippers that Lilly had fun wearing around for a little while. I don't know how she crammed her littly feet in there but she sure thought it was funny!

Here's Sophia with her latest creation. She made this hat for herself a few days ago and was so proud.
Here it is from the back. Isn't it just beautiful! She had 2 days off of school last week and I guess it's safe to say she had a little too much time on her hands! My favorite is how she incorporated one of Doug's ties into the whole thing.