Sunday, April 10, 2016

April Begins, Conference Weekend and Spring Break!

The first of April I got to help with the Spring Fling in Kindergarten. It was quite the fun and crazy morning!! Here they are dancing with butterflies.  
 Later that afternoon we went to the 2nd grade program.  Lilly is just to the left of the screen in pink.  Her line was "We also learned about various animals and their habitats".  Good to know some learning went on in 2nd grade.
 These 2 were crazy during the whole program so I gave them my phone and apparently they took some selfies.
 After the program we went and got free snowcones to celebrate the start of spring break!!
 Later that day we headed to Wales for conference weekend.  The kids spent a lot of time outside which was wonderful and dirty.  Mabel was pretty proud of this bird skull that she found.
 The kids also made tire swings that they were pretty proud of.
 They spent a lot of time in them too which was another nice thing!
 Conference was wonderful as always and some of us did some pondering of the messages with our eyes closed...
 Mabel made any creations while we were there.  She cracks me up and I love to see her creativity in action.
 This little guy got to go on a few wagon rides that he was pretty happy about!
 He also did plenty of playing which resulted in this.
 After our fun weekend we started spring break!! On Monday we drove to Flowell to see some of our friends that live down there.  The kids had a blast playing and did surprisingly well in the car.  On Tuesday I went to the dentist (so fun!) and then we met friends for a movie (Zootopia) and played with them after.  That really was so fun! On Wednesday we went to the Tracy Aviary.  It had been awhile since we'd be there and it was great.  I forgot how fun that place is.
 Lewis' favorite part was all the "rubber duckies"! He cracks me up.
 Mabel insisted that we get a picture on the bird benches.
 And then we had to see how we measured up to some birds.
 We also played in the tee-pee they had for a little bit.
 And took advantage of any photo opportunities like this one.
 There were a lot of birds in this exhibit.  I thought it was cool anyway!
 This spectacled owl was my favorite!! But I am a little partial to owls.
 After the aviary the kids asked to go to the planetarium.  Since it's free and we were in Salt Lake already I obliged.  They thought it was fun to explore Mars
 and the moon! Mabel found this rock chair that was perfect for her.
 After that we went to city creek for a snack and to play some more.  Sophia thought the little kids were being so cute that she just had to take some pictures.  Lewis seriously could have played here for hours.
 We finished the day with ice cream which is always a good ending to any day!
 I found these 2 random pictures on my phone and cracked up.  These 2 kill me.
 On Thursday we packed up the car and headed to Logan to visit our good friends the May's who live there.  We went to a park by their house (called Elk Ridge park!) for a few hours and had fun and got so sunburned!
 We also ate plenty of yummy food while we were there!
 The part my kids were really looking forward to was swimming in the hotel! We were glad that our friends could join us too!
 More snapchat fun... Now he looks like dad!
 How do we have this many kids between the 2 of us!! We used to be neighbors in Payson and our kids became the best of friends.  It was fun to see the pick up where they left off!
 On Friday we went on a tour of the Aggie creamery.  It was fun to see how the ice cream is made and to enjoy some at the end of the tour!
 They are definitely not shy on their portion sizes!!
 We then went back to their house and played for awhile longer before it was time to leave.  We stopped at the Bluebird for dinner (it was so yummy!) and some of us had our second ice cream cone for the day...
It was such a fun couple of days and the perfect ending to spring break.  Logan in a fun place!! I think these pictures are a sign that our spring break was a success.
 Yesterday I was running errands and came home to this.  They were so proud of how many potato bugs they caught!! Don't worry.  They were all set free later.
 And finally here's a picture to haunt your dreams.  Face swap should not be a feature on Snapchat!

March Madness (and Easter!)

We had a good March!! It was fun and busy and went by so fast.  Which isn't a bad thing when it's in the middle of tax season!! At the end of February we said goodbye to Doug's parents as they left for their mission to Mozambique.  They're going to be working with the Seminaries and Institutes program and are glad they're only gone for a year this time! 
 I spotted this at school one day.  It cracked me up. One of the other kids said they would take everyone to Disneyland and another said they would give everyone diamonds.  Those are also good options I'd go for.
 A few weeks ago it finally warmed up enough for us to ride bikes to the park. This boy absolutely loved it.  
 There was still a little bit of snow at the park but that didn't stop this kid!
 He can't get enough of his pink and purple bike.  Works for me!
 At the beginning of March we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at the school with donuts and books in the morning.
 A few days later the girls had a musical theater show.  Sophia was in "Beethoven's Day" from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
 and Lilly was in "Strongest Suit" from Aida.  They both did great and were fun to watch!
 We're grateful for grandma and grandpa who came to watch too!!
 A few days after that Sophia and her friend Will got to be extras in another Studio C skit.  She was pretty excited about it and I was grateful it was shorter than the last one!
 I took this little guy to VanGough to Playdogh at the MOA at BYU.  The theme that day was cowboys and Native Americans and he made some pretty great things!
 One of the Saturdays in March this girl got to go on a date with me.  She chose lunch at Stokes (the local grocery store) and was a little disappointed to discover it wasn't a restaurant.  Not sure what she was thinking in the first place!! We were able to find something from the deli and then she wanted to go eat at the park.  She cracks me up.  It was a fun date nonetheless!
 Later that day I came home to find a tour of Disney princess dolls
 and this.  I've learned to just not ask questions sometimes.
 These two.  Never a dull moment. They set up this bed for themselves and I was grateful that the cushions didn't give way!
 St. Patricks Day came and went and was a good one!! I left some treats from the leprechaun
 which were enjoyed!
 Later that night we had green floats with dinner.
 We also played our traditional St. Patrick's day game
 And went to the school carnival and got our faces painted.  And for some reason the picture is sideways...
 A few days later we went to the rock show in Spanish Fork.  We've gone to this for about the last 6 years and my kids love it every time! Lewis enjoyed the collection he got this time.
 I also had a temporary moment of insanity (I called it my tax season distraction but it was also a distraction from pregnancy nausea...) and painted our laundry room.
 I LOVE how it turned out and wish I had done it sooner!! It's so much brighter in there!!
 The best part of March was Easter!! My mom completely spoiled my kids and gave them the coolest eggs!!
 We also had a hunt with our ward in the snow.  It was still a great time and my kids loved it and got soooo much candy!
 We also got to dye eggs with Daddy! It was nice to have him around on Saturdays in March!
 This little boy was so proud of himself and his eggs!
 That night I went to the Women's meeting for General Conference with these 2 beauties.  It's crazy that I can take 2 of them with me now!!
 Easter morning was a little rough.  A few of us were not pleased with the matching clothes and it was a struggle to get a picture.
 Things went a little better than afternoon though.
 These 2 cleaned up nicely on Easter too!
 Later that night we got to host my family for dinner. It was all so delicious and fun to spend time with them!
 The kids helped set the table
 We even made bunny ear napkins!
 Toward the end of March I got to accompany Lilly on a Farm Days field trip.  It was pretty eventful!! We got to watch a sheep being sheard
made a living necklace,
 and got to see some other animals among other things.  It was a pretty great trip to the farm!
 My kids have been having way too much fun with the filters on Snapchat and I've found so many pictures like this on my phone.
 Sophia had a readers theater at school about the civil war. They did great!