Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Yesterday Mabel was the special friend (beshal fend) at preschool.  She felt pretty important all day long.

 She got to be the line leader which she thought was pretty cool
and she got to help see what was inside Billy Backpack.
 She also got to show off stuff that started with the letter X in the brag bag.
 Here she is showing her poster all about her.
 After preschool she got her costume on for dance class! 
 Here's her little friends she goes to dance and preschool with (she say a cat in this pic and was pretty nervous).
Here's more pictures from the dance class parade and party!

Leaves and Lewis

Last Sunday we pulled out this toy for this little guy!  He loved it (and so do his sisters. I think they get in it more than he does!)
 We also went and played in the leaves.
 The girls pretended they were witches.
 They also tried knocking down more leaves because apparently we didn't have enough on the ground.
 We definitely had more than enough in the front yard.  This was only half of the pile! 
 It was definitely a fun one to play in!
Now onto more of that Lewis.  He's tried rice cereal a few times but isn't a huge fan. Maybe we'll have to try other things soon.
 I just love him.  Especially in his Stud Muffin shirt!
 Mustache courtesy of the sisters.
 He was not a fan of these monster glasses.
 This picture is kind of hard to see (and is out of order) but this leaf was dangling on a spider web from our tree out front. It was about 3 feet down from the rest of the leaves.  It was crazy!

Halloweeny Things

Here's a few Halloween things we've been up to lately.  We got booed last week and had fun booing back!
Last Friday Sophia, Mabel, Lewis and I went to a local pumpkin place while Doug and Lilly enjoyed a fun date at home.  It was so much fun!  They had this huge pit of corn for kids to play in.
 And these awesome slides.
 And cool paths lined with pumpkins
 And a hayride that took you around the patch.  Lewis seemed to enjoy it!
 This scary guy drove the tractor.
 They also had a fun petting zoo that Mabel kind of enjoyed.
 Ah!  Vampire Lewis!
We had so much fun that we decided to take Lilly back the next day.  She loved it as well!  The corn was the biggest hit.  The kids loved to jump into it. Here she is before the jump
 and after.  Apparently my camera had trouble catching her mid jump.
 Buried in corn!
 Cute Lewis looking a little squished.
 These crazy kids I tell you.  Believe it or not this was the best picture I got!
Last Sunday we watched this one while dad was at meetings.  I loved this when I was a kid.  Brought back so many memories!
 Here's Lewis trying on his costume.
Don't know why this one is crooked but for FHE the girls drew scarecrows.  I love how they all turned out.
 We also went to a spook alley that a lady in our ward puts on every year.  It was awesome!  She does so much work and it seriously was amazing.  The kids were terrified but Doug and I thought it was way cool.
 We also drove by another house that does a light show every Halloween.  This one was to "Gagnam Style"