Monday, May 9, 2016

The rest of April and Mother's Day!

The rest of April was pretty good to us.  Sophia went on a field trip to the Hogle Zoo and brought us home matching owl bracelets.  Sure love that girl!!
 Tax season also ended and I was finally able to get a few nights out with this guy!! We enjoyed a night at the symphony with some of my family members and it was wonderful!  I had a bit of a head cold which explains my tired eyes!!
 This little guy fell asleep one day and his daddy decided to play a little trick on him.  Silly daddy.  When he woke up he thought it was hilarious and wanted to keep it on the rest of the day.
 Sophia and Lilly put on a little play for us a few Sunday's ago.  It had about 11 songs that they danced and acted to.  It was pretty great!

This little boy has enjoyed having his daddy around!! He finally has someone to play baseball with!
A few weeks ago the girls and I went with my parents to "The Secret Garden" in concert with the Utah Valley Symphony.  It was a great night!! Truly one of my favorite musicals!
 Lilly had a friend over a few weeks ago and Sophia set up this painting station for them with things from nature.  They loved it!!
Doug wanted to get the kids a tax season gift so he went with this.  They loved it and it has received a lot of use since then!!
Last Saturday we went to the aquarium for our cousin Ben's birthday.  It was a great time. Lewis couldn't get enough of all the fish! The sharks were his favorite!
Grandpa let him and Mabel get a pressed penny.  It was pretty much the highlight of the trip!
 Last Monday we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving point for FHE.  Mabel went there for a field trip a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it!! She had been begging to go back ever since!
Aside from the look on his face Lewis did enjoy the pony ride.  He was just mad that he didn't get the pony he wanted !

 It warmed up a little recently (and then was freezing again this weekend!!) and the girls were pretty sure it was summer!! They needed swimsuits and the hose stat!
 We also pulled out the Barbie jeep and this guy can't get enough.  He scares me to death but he actually has done pretty well driving it.
I made some homemade playdough last week and it kept all 4 kids entertained for about an hour.  I couldn't believe it!! It's something I need to do more often apparently!!  His little tongue kills me!
A few months ago I took some pots to a local nursery to have them planted.  I picked them up a few days ago and was blown away by how they looked.  They were so much bigger than I expected!! They were taller than Lewis!!
 On Saturday I took this girl on her quarterly date.  She chose Brick Oven and Fat Cats to use some coupons she got from school. She's so delightful when she's one-on-one and we had a great time. I sure love this girl!!
 When we got home the kids helped me plant the flower beds we recently combined.  I was happy with how it all turned out!
 I also couldn't resist snapping a picture of this cute boy.  Man I love him!!!
 Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was great!! I was absolutely spoiled rotten. Breakfast in bed, lots of notes and cards, and a delicious dinner with my parents later. It was a great day!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April Begins, Conference Weekend and Spring Break!

The first of April I got to help with the Spring Fling in Kindergarten. It was quite the fun and crazy morning!! Here they are dancing with butterflies.  
 Later that afternoon we went to the 2nd grade program.  Lilly is just to the left of the screen in pink.  Her line was "We also learned about various animals and their habitats".  Good to know some learning went on in 2nd grade.
 These 2 were crazy during the whole program so I gave them my phone and apparently they took some selfies.
 After the program we went and got free snowcones to celebrate the start of spring break!!
 Later that day we headed to Wales for conference weekend.  The kids spent a lot of time outside which was wonderful and dirty.  Mabel was pretty proud of this bird skull that she found.
 The kids also made tire swings that they were pretty proud of.
 They spent a lot of time in them too which was another nice thing!
 Conference was wonderful as always and some of us did some pondering of the messages with our eyes closed...
 Mabel made any creations while we were there.  She cracks me up and I love to see her creativity in action.
 This little guy got to go on a few wagon rides that he was pretty happy about!
 He also did plenty of playing which resulted in this.
 After our fun weekend we started spring break!! On Monday we drove to Flowell to see some of our friends that live down there.  The kids had a blast playing and did surprisingly well in the car.  On Tuesday I went to the dentist (so fun!) and then we met friends for a movie (Zootopia) and played with them after.  That really was so fun! On Wednesday we went to the Tracy Aviary.  It had been awhile since we'd be there and it was great.  I forgot how fun that place is.
 Lewis' favorite part was all the "rubber duckies"! He cracks me up.
 Mabel insisted that we get a picture on the bird benches.
 And then we had to see how we measured up to some birds.
 We also played in the tee-pee they had for a little bit.
 And took advantage of any photo opportunities like this one.
 There were a lot of birds in this exhibit.  I thought it was cool anyway!
 This spectacled owl was my favorite!! But I am a little partial to owls.
 After the aviary the kids asked to go to the planetarium.  Since it's free and we were in Salt Lake already I obliged.  They thought it was fun to explore Mars
 and the moon! Mabel found this rock chair that was perfect for her.
 After that we went to city creek for a snack and to play some more.  Sophia thought the little kids were being so cute that she just had to take some pictures.  Lewis seriously could have played here for hours.
 We finished the day with ice cream which is always a good ending to any day!
 I found these 2 random pictures on my phone and cracked up.  These 2 kill me.
 On Thursday we packed up the car and headed to Logan to visit our good friends the May's who live there.  We went to a park by their house (called Elk Ridge park!) for a few hours and had fun and got so sunburned!
 We also ate plenty of yummy food while we were there!
 The part my kids were really looking forward to was swimming in the hotel! We were glad that our friends could join us too!
 More snapchat fun... Now he looks like dad!
 How do we have this many kids between the 2 of us!! We used to be neighbors in Payson and our kids became the best of friends.  It was fun to see the pick up where they left off!
 On Friday we went on a tour of the Aggie creamery.  It was fun to see how the ice cream is made and to enjoy some at the end of the tour!
 They are definitely not shy on their portion sizes!!
 We then went back to their house and played for awhile longer before it was time to leave.  We stopped at the Bluebird for dinner (it was so yummy!) and some of us had our second ice cream cone for the day...
It was such a fun couple of days and the perfect ending to spring break.  Logan in a fun place!! I think these pictures are a sign that our spring break was a success.
 Yesterday I was running errands and came home to this.  They were so proud of how many potato bugs they caught!! Don't worry.  They were all set free later.
 And finally here's a picture to haunt your dreams.  Face swap should not be a feature on Snapchat!