Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Tree Hunting

A few weeks ago at church I overheard someone talking about Christmas tree hunting.  I asked her more about it and she said you can get tags for $5 and that she'd be more than happy to get me one.  Sweet!! Doug's parents got one too and yesterday we drove out past Eureka to start the hunting.  Doug's parents brought one of our cousins with them so we had to have a snowball fight.
 Snow!! We hadn't seen this stuff yet this winter!
 We walked around a little and then I found the tree that called my name. JK.
 Sophia approved too.
 Unfortunately we were not expecting snow and these are not snow boots.  They had snow build up on the bottom like crazy! It was nuts and hard to walk around in!
 This little cutie liked to throw the snow at mom.
 Doug cutting down the tree.  One day we might live in a house with tall ceilings but for now we get to enjoy little trees!
 Hauling it away.
 It was such a fun experience and something we want to do every year from now on.  On the way home we stopped for lunch at Family Tree in Payson and walked by Mabel's preschool.  She showed us which one was her gingerbread man in the window.
 When we got home we put the tree up and for the ornaments on. 
 This little cheeser was not the greatest ornament helper and didn't understand why we could put them on the tree and not take them off.  Such a stinker!

Performances and Such

Here's a little of what we've been up to this past week.  Last Monday we decorated gingerbread cookies.  Mabel had pretty much been begging to do this everyday and was so glad we finally did! 
 Lilly had to decorate a gingerbread man to look like a Santa from another country.  She chose Brazil.  She asked Grandma Wilkins about Christmas there and found our Santa has a surf board and wears swim shorts.  I love the flip flops!! She also learned that they have a big dinner on Christmas Eve and open all their presents at midnight.  When she heard that she said "huh.  Usually all the boring stuff happens on Christmas Eve."
 Last Tuesday Mabel had her Christmas performance at Dance.  She did a lot better than last year when she just stood there with her head in her folded arms. 
 She was so fun to watch!
 On Wednesday I took my girls to the Provo Library to hear Jan Brett speak. They had this little hedgehog mascot walking around. It was so cute!
 She talked about her latest book
 and showed us how to draw a picture of a rabbit.  It was pretty neat to see!  She's an incredible artist!
 On Thursday Mabel had her gymnastics performance for parents.  It was pretty fun to watch.
 She's hilarious at this sport.  We're hoping someday she might master a cartwheel!
 Later that day we decorated cookies for Activity Days.  This little cheeser enjoyed eating frosting on the table.  He also has enjoyed coloring on the walls this week.  Naughty little boy!
 And finally, here's a shot of a gorgeous sunset we had this week.  Doug texted me on his way home and told me to go look at the sky.  Right after I got that text Lilly said "Holy cow! Look at the sky!"  Looks like everyone was noticing it that night.  Beautiful!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lilly's Birthday! (and other things)

We had a pretty great week and had fun celebrating Lilly's birthday!!!  We finished putting up Christmas decorations and I had fun making this Christmas craft.
 This year we decided to get a white tree and put all our bright ornaments on it.  It's our basement tree and I really like how it turned out!
Sophia cracks me up and got this melting snowman kit in her book order.  Don't worry.  It came with a book.
 On Thursday we celebrated Lilly's birthday!!! She could hardly wait and kept counting down the days.  She woke up at 4:00 am ready to open her presents.  Luckily we talked her into going back to sleep for a few more hours.  We had pancakes for breakfast and she opened presents and then took candy canes to hand out at school. 
 After school we frosted her cake (she requested a Lily cake) and had grandparents over for a little party later.

 Of course I didn't take any pictures but Doug's mom did thank goodness.  And I don't know why they're sideways.  
 Sophia gave her a hula hoop which she was really excited about.  It was probable her favorite gift.  They had fun jumping through it later.
On Friday it was our ward Christmas party.  I made these yummy hot chocolate cupcakes for it.  They were pretty good if I do say so myself.  Thank you Bakerella for the recipe.
 On Saturday we went to the aquarium for Lilly's birthday activity.  A few years ago we decided to rotate between friend parties and family activities and she chose this for her activity.  She was the only one who'd been (she went her with class a few weeks ago) and we all had a blast!
 We even ran into Mrs. Claus who gave us candy canes!
 The Journey to South America part was really cool. 
 I liked this little guy.  His tail was so cool!
 And of course we had to try the rope bridge which was pretty fun.
 The sharks were really cool too!!
 Last night we had some friends invite us for a hayride to see the lights around Salem Pond. It was fun and really not too cold despite how this girl looks in the picture. 
 These babies had fun together! It was so funny trying to take a picture of all three of them!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014


This past week we celebrated 11 years of marriage! and had a great Thanksgiving with both families. On Monday I went to Lilly's school to help serve pie for their Thanksgiving celebration.  I loved their turkey hats.
 Lilly came home with this too.  It cracked me up!
 This is random but the other day Mable was having a snack and thought some of her crumbs looked like an ice cream cone.  She had me take a picture.
 For our actual anniversary Doug had to work but we celebrated later that night.  We had thought about staying over somewhere but were a little vacationed and hoteled out.  First world problems right?  Anyway, that night my amazing parents came down to watch our kids.  Doug and I went to the temple and then to Black Sheep Cafe for dinner.  The dinner was lovely but the X-rated conversation going on next to us was a little disappointing.  We had this delicious southwest hot chocolate complete with a flaming sugar cube.
Doug was a little freaked out by it.  JK. Our food really was delicious and it was a fun way to celebrate.
Doug completely spoiled me with season tickets to the Hale Center Theater in Orem for next year.  I'm so excited!! We also got our new car that day.  We had some issues finally getting it to us but we finally have it and we love it so far.  It was a good anniversary present! JK.

The next day Doug had the day off from work and so we extended our celebrations with lunch and a movie in Sandy.  We are so spoiled and abuse our family way too much!!! Awhile ago our favorite Thai place in Provo closed down and said they were looking for a new location.  We were so happy to find out they'd reopened in Sandy!! Doug was seriously so happy.  He was pretty sure he was in heaven.  I asked him if he wanted a moment alone with his food. Haha.
 After that we went and saw Interstellar.  For those who've seen it, I was pretty sure that when we got out our kids were going to have aged 50 years. The theater was packed too.  It actually did fill in a little.
It was long!! My nice brother and his kids watched our kids and took them to the movies again.  They are seriously spoiled!  All Lewis needs is cousin Andy and some popcorn and he's good to go.
 On Thanksgiving we watched the parade and exercised a little (2 hour Zumba class!) and then went to American Fork to have a little Turkey Bowl with Doug's family.  Some of the kids played at the park while the others played football.
 My cute little turkeys all ready for the big day!
 After the game we headed to Doug's parents for a delicious feast.
Once again, this picture was not sideways on my computer.
Doug's mom took these 2.  I love this one.  It looks like he's pondering the tastes on his palate.
After spending a few hours with Doug's family we went up to my brother's house for dinner with my family.  The meal was complete with turkey butter.
 And turkey legs.  Haha.  The Disneyland joke continues...
 Lewis had fun playing with another cute little boy there and loved the blue ring pop from uncle Dylan. The food was delicious and our bellies were throbbing by the end of the night.  So much good food!
On Friday we set up a little bit of Christmas.  We got some new decorations this year and I've really been enjoying them!
It's still hard for me to believe Christmas is almost here!!  Especially without any snow on the ground!