Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Foolin' and Other Shenanigans

Here's a little more of what we've been up to.  I finally got back to sewing!  I only had this kit sitting in my closet for a year and it was nice to get it done!
 This little guy turned 10 months and was pretty happy about it!
I'll get to more of Mabel later in this post but apparently she's been getting pretty good at writing her name.... Unfortunately the carpet was also one of her victims on this day.
 I tried to get a good shot of this guy in his little tie but of course I couldn't.  He looked so cute too!
 On April Fool's Day I taped wrapping paper outside the girls door.  I also laid out mine and Lewis' clothes for them in the morning.
 After school I had mashed potato and gravy sundaes waiting for them.
 Don't worry, they got me back.  And we had a long talk about what is funny and what goes too far....
Last week this little one had dance pictures.  Of course we had to practice our poses before.
 Along with a little booty shakin'.
We love clothes packages from cousins!  Especially when they come with matching jammies!!! (I completely love that they're holding hands in this picture!).
 And of course we had to have another one with Mabel included.
 Speaking of that Mabel, here she is with her hedgehog from preschool.
 Last week I went crazy and decided to paint the piano.  It was my first time using chalk paint and it was so fun!  The girls had fun helping too.
I also got to go help with Lilly's spring party where they made the cutest bunny noses!
 Apparently someone got a hold of my phone in the car and snapped this shot.  Seriously love that little boy...
 There's a new custard/Italian ice place that opened up here that we had to try out.  It wasn't too bad.  Lewis especially loved getting a few licks here and there.
Over Conference weekend Sophia searched the internet for crafts to complete and came up with this little Origami dog (really Doug was the one who put it together....)
 I spent most of my time listening completing this darn thing.  I've only had it sitting in my closet for 4 years!!
Spring break has begun and we've been trying to find ways to keep ourselves busy.  I've still been trying to go to Zumba and this little guy came with me today.  I think he thought it was pretty boring.
 Today we went to the new Muppet movie and this little guy took a little tumble down the theater stairs.  I felt horrible!  He has quite the shiner.  Not to mention he was the absolute worst during the whole movie (little tumble aside).  I'm pretty much not taking him to another movie for a few years.  Good thing the movie wasn't very good anyway.  Unfortunately...
This post is jumping around a lot but for some reason the pictures are all kind of jumbled.  The other day Mabel taped this sign to Lewis' door and declared that his room was now her room.  She then clarified that by saying "when Ewis needs to go to seep it's Ewis' woom and when I need to do my crafts and stuff it's my woom".  I told her that was a great idea and she said "Yeah...I have great wee-deahs."  I love that she adds a wee sound to the beginning of a lot of words (wee-nana, etc).  She also says "we" instead of "us" or "our" ("When we get back to we's house can we...." "Oh!  We's has dat at we's house...").  She also talks constantly about her grown up house and what things were like when she was a grown up.  I seriously can't get enough of her these days.
 Finally, I went to check on this little one before going to bed and couldn't get away without snapping a picture of his sweetness.  Why are they so darn cute when they're sleeping!?

Sun and Snow

A few weeks ago we had some gorgeous weather so we took advantage of it and pull out some of our spring toys.
 The girls had so much fun running around and soaking up some sun. 
 This little guy preferred to stay on the swing with me.
 After sitting all winter the battery on the Barbie jeep was dead.  Luckily we have a big sis to push us around!
 This little guy is still not sure about grass but warmed up to it after awhile.
 That face....
A few weeks ago I made some cookies for Doug's work to help get them through tax season.  I think they were enjoyed.  The girls and I had a hard time not eating them!
 After the cookie fun we headed to Wales for a quick getaway with Jeff and Lexie.  We had fun on a gator ride even though it was a little cold!
 This little man also go decorated by his big sis.
 This little stinker...I tell you what.  She looked pretty cute a few Sundays ago and I told her I wanted to take a picture of her looking so cute.  She said "K but take a pitcha of me eating a jelly bean."
 She's also been shaking her booty a lot which cracks me up every time! (and she knows it!)
 We were really glad we enjoyed the warm weather at the beginning of this post while we could because the next day it looked like this outside.  Good thing we got our spring toys out!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Day of Green!

We had a pretty good St. Patty's Day.  We spotted some pretty cute leprechauns in our house.
On Sunday we had some green foods with dinner.  I attempted to make green Jello and it didn't turn out at all.  Why can I not make Jello correctly?
 This little leprechaun was going to get me with her spoon.
On the actual day my kids were a little disappointed that the leprechaun did not change our toilet water green and that we were out of eggs so we couldn't have green eggs.  Complete slacker mom moment.  We settled for green pancakes instead.  Lilly came home with the cutest leprechaun mask.
 This little guy was sporting some green as well.  And he discovered cheese sticks.  He's quite a fan of them. Here his is in his favorite standing spot.
 The Friday before Lilly's teacher had them decorate "hats" (Styrofoam cups) and said that the leprechaun might shrink them over the weekend and leave them a prize.  When she came back to school she found her shrunken hat and skittles!
Now to the rest of the week.  The other day Sophia wanted to look like a boy.  Complete with a mustache.  She cracks me up.
She's also loved giving Lewis shoulder rides lately and he seems to enjoy them as well!
Yesterday we went and saw "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" at UVU.  It was super cute and all the kids got mouse ears.
 Lilly with Lilly.  She really did a super cute job.  The girls loved it.