Thursday, July 31, 2014

More Cousins Come to Town!

We've been so lucky to have 2 more sets of cousins (and an uncle) join the Oklahoma cousins that were already here! Last week we went to the new children's museum at Thanksgiving Point with our South Carolina cousins.  The museum was a success.  We loved it and can't wait to go back! 
 Mabel and Emily checking out the dryer.
 Lewis really loved this building area.
 The rabbits were also a hit.  They made a noise when  you fed them.
The water section was awesome.  All the kids loved this part.
 This baby water table cracked me up.  I need one in my house!
 Sophia was not too impressed with the tornado simulator.
 The hurricane simulator was much better though!
 Finally our NY cousins joined us too!  Lewis loves Aunt Eliza (bow is courtesy of Uncle Brad).
Cousin Jane has also been a favorite and has been painting the cutest nails!
 We were lucky enough to have James sleep over one night.  He absolutely fell in love with Lilly.  She's about 2 years older but they're about the same size so they had a blast. He kept saying "where's Leeeee-lee?"  It was pretty cute.
 Then Uncle Stu came!! We were sad Hiromi and and the girls couldn't join him but are glad to have him here.  He even came with candy kits from Japan!!  The girls were in heaven.
 Today we went to the best birthday party for my niece Elizabeth. It was at my sister-in-law's sisters house. She has a pool and they rented these inflatable things which was awesome.  Sophia said it's the best birthday party she's been to.
 Mabel absolutely adores Emily and loved the alone time with her in the bounce house.
 This little dude liked the water slide.
 Here's 2 of my 5 brothers Derik and Stuart. Derik lives in SC and Stuart lives in Tokyo! So fun to have them here.   Love my siblings!
 This little one also enjoyed the cake!
Thanks for the fun party Bud and Kim!  And for coming to visit all you cousins!!!

Summer Odds and Ends

Here's a little of what we've been up to lately.  Before church one day Sophia came up with this game "Pin the Kidney Stone on the Troll".  Such a cute weirdo.  The girls actually loved it.
Close up of the troll.
 We also had a crazy summer rainstorm and got a little bit wet!
 A few weeks ago we had a water party for Activity Days.  It was a pretty good time.
 Lewis really loved and hated the ice cream sandwiches.
Last Friday we went to check out the quilt show at the Springville Art Museum.  Sophia really loved this one because it was her favorite color.
 She also really loved this one.  It even had a huge plastic mermaid sewn to it.
 Last night we had a ward party.  There was a big inflatable slip and slide and the kids loved it.  Lewis especially loved the sponges.  He seriously carried them around forever.  He thought it was the best!
Sure love that cute boy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Girls Camp!!!!

This week I had the opportunity to go to Girls Camp.  It was awesome!!! Seriously so much fun.  Even if I'm going to be catching up on my sleep for the next month.  

Before I get to that here's a few pics of these two cuties.  They were the best of friends last Sunday and had so much fun playing together. 
Maybe a little too much fun....  They crack me up!
Now onto Girls Camp.  We got there on Tuesday and got busy setting up and decorating our cabin.  The banner in the back says "Happily Ever After" and I love the disco  ball.
The girls decorated chalkboards before we left to hang by their beds.
The stake did a good job decorating and had these signs everywhere.  Our theme this year was "Your Happily Ever After Starts Now".  Each ward was given a value and fairy tale. We were Individual Worth and Princess and the Frog.
The stake had every ward design a mailbox.  This was just a few of them.  They were all so cute!! Ours was the frog.  Throughout the week we would leave notes for each other in our mailboxes.  It was so fun. The girls loved it!
More decor in the lodge.
All of our cute girls.  Love them!
Our camp was in Camp Koholowo between Payson and Santaquin canyon.  It was gorgeous!
Our crazy group after our skit.  We had all these different frogs with funny names like "Rated R Ray", "Makeout Mike", "Potion Pete", "Bad Word Bob" and a few others.  They were all trying to get a date with the princess.  At the end we had a cut out of Ryan Gossling's face.  We had him say "Hey girl, I just got home from my mission and am looking for my next companion".  It was hilarious.  All the wards kept telling us all week how funny it was and how they kept quoting it.  It was awesome.  The girls came up with it all on their own and had fun doing it.
I even wore my frog socks to go along with our theme!
Our cute sweatshirts.  One of the girls came up with these too.
One of the days there we had some solo time.  This was my view during the solo time.  I loved it.
This was random and right by our cabin.  I think it was some sort of fairy house.  I had to take a picture for my girls.
More decorations in the inside of the lodge.
One of the days we played an Amazing Race unto Christ game.  Here's cute Gracie modeling a modest toilet paper dress. 
Here's that same Gracie climbing the rafters. Naughty, naughty.
Our group waiting for breakfast.  These were our shirts from the stake and they said "Keep Calm and Come Unto Christ".
More of our cabin decor.
 One of our awesome leaders made our flag.  I loved it! (and I loved the Ryan Gossling photo bomb).
Here I was (being photo bombed by Heidi!) at the end of the week.  It was obvious it was time for me to go home.
The stake had a cute idea where we put together a Sunday "Stash" for our bishopric of their favorite treats.  It was cute and I think they'll appreciate it!
Overall it was such a fun week.  I couldn't have asked for better leaders and girls to be there with. We did not have one single issue and everyone was so nice to each other!! I know my testimony was strengthened and I hope theirs was too!  When it was time to come home (sniff, sniff). I was greeted by these cute notes and the cutest earrings.
I also got lots of texts from my kiddos while I was gone.  It looks like they had fun.
Man I missed this boy!!! I was so excited to see him again.
Sophia made these sweet notes for Doug while I was gone.
On the bishopric day my sister watched my kids (thanks Lissa!!!) so that Doug could come up.  She has 3 boys so her and Sophia made these lists of all the girly things they wanted to do together.  I thought they were so cute.  She's the best!!
More texts from my cute kids.
Apparently Sophia made the best batch of lemon bars while I was gone.  I'll have to have her make another!