Friday, February 13, 2015

Pre-Valentine Fun !

Yesterday for Activity Days we made Duct Tape bags.  I think they turned out really cute!! The girls enjoyed doing them at least!
After that fun we got busy assembling Valentine boxes for school.  Mabel requested a unicorn (complete with a party hat cutie mark).
 Lilly wanted a mailbox (complete with a working flag)
 And Sophia wanted an owl.  I think they turned out pretty fun!
 Even if it did make a little bit of a mess.
 They requested to have their picture taken with them before school this morning.
 All their parties went great today too!! Mabel came home and immediately dove into her candy (and apparently ate something green). 
I helped with Lilly's party and it was a lot of fun. It was a little crazy and I didn't take pictures!! We had 6 rotations that included a conversation heart relay, shooting a bow and arrow through a heart target, making valentines with white crayons and watercolors, passing out valentines, making juice box robots, and a Valentine version of Headbandz.  It was fun and crazy which is a good sign that it went well right? Sophia's class had a fun party too and apparently he box won the "cutest" award.

And finally today we drove by this to take a picture. Still can't believe it's happening!! It's been a quick and crazy few weeks but apparently the time has come for us to move.  I keep waiting to get a pit in my stomach about it but so far that hasn't happened.  It literally as all fallen into place which is what we've always said would have to happen when the time came to move.  I would be freaking out about it if it didn't feel so right. 
Here's the house.  It's in Elk Ridge and I was really hoping tht it would all work out and we wouldn't have to move until after tax season.  But, we got an offer on our house today (it has been on the market for about a week) so it may be sooner than that! We'll just have to see how it all goes! So far we're really excited about it.  Especially about having more space!! And it only adds a few minutes to Doug's commute which isn't too bad. I'm excited to post some before and afters as we fix a few things up!

Sickies, Sillies and Such

The Valentine season is upon us which means it's time to find more funny conversation hearts.  I'm pretty sure this one got lost in translation.  Hugs and Kisses maybe?!
 This scary dinosaur climbed into my car after preschool the other day.  Pretty scary stuff!
 This little critter cracks me up too.  We brought him these "treats" a little while ago and he loved them.  It's hard to see but he's holding it with his paws.  I'll admit that he's pretty fun to have around.  The day after I took this picture we found he'd gone missing from his cage and chewed a circular hole into the carpet of one of our closets.  Not quite as cute then.
 The kids celebrated 100 days of school a few weeks ago.  Quite an accomplishment! They came home with all sorts of 100 things.
 Here's Mabel with the best Kids Meal toy ever. 
She was a sick a few weeks ago and so was this poor buddy.  He could not get over this croupy cold/runny nose/fever thing.  He was so miserable.  He would cry if I put him down and would just lay around and moan.  I sure love him but he was driving me a little nuts.
 We finally got him on an antibiotic and he started feeling a little better. 
Doug's parents have been sending ancestor spotlights lately for us to read at FHE.  The girls have loved them and it's been fun to get to know our ancestors.  Last Sunday was Doug's grandma's birthday so we went to the Provo Cemetary to celebrate.  It was really neat and a lot of fun and the day could not have been prettier!! Isn't there supposed to be a few feet of snow on the ground by now?!
 Here's Sophia by Leda and Warren's graves.  They were Doug's grandma's parents and who his sister (and his middle name) were named after.  We read about Leda's life a few weeks ago and found out her mother passed away when she was young.  She ended up marrying one of her step-brothers.  My girls were a little freaked out by that but we tried to explain it probably wasn't that weird. 
Here's a picture of Doug's grandparents (the grandma we were there to celebrate).  Doug's dad is the one on the left on the back row.  He was one of four boys and from the stories they were telling Sunday she seemed like an incredible lady.  She passed away 20 years ago so unfortunately I never had the chance to meet her.
 Doug's mom had some other fun memorabilia there including some of his grandma's yearbooks.  One of them had a picture of Doug's grandpa Ivins (from the other side of the family). Pretty funny that they went to school together!
 And here's his grandma's yearbook photo.
 We had fresh baked bread
 And snickerdoodles in her honor.  The kids were pretty excited about that.
 sure love these people!
 This little boy is naughty!! He's constantly in this cupboard!
Here's another item from the 100th day at school.  Her teacher took pictures on an app that aged they kids.  It cracked me up.  Lilly says when she's 100 she'll "sowe the bigst qilt in the woe side world! I would put flowrs evreware! I would keep soweing on and on. It would be fun! I love it because it is so so fun!
 Sophia had a friend over to play the other day and they opened a spa.  I love finding stuff like this!