Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For Jane

Sophia drew this map to show how to get to your house. At the bottom it says "Sophe Me Map". On the bottom right it says "Sopes" (Sophia's house) and "Stert". It then shows that you have to pass through "LoinWaSaya" (Long way's away) and "Mowtins" (Mountains) to get to Janes. That's when you reach the "Over" by your house meaning you've come to the end of the trail. It's kind of like "Start and End" but she likes to call it "Start and Over". Looks like it'll take us awhile to get there but we're hoping we can come sometime! We love you!
P.S. The big black line showing the way to go is made up of small pieces of electrical tape.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bowling and Snow

Thanks to everyone who wished for a white Christmas. I'm pretty sure we'll get one! I don't think we needed 2 feet of snow though! Thankfully the rain is melting it a little.

Here's some of our shots from the storm. We did lose a branch from our apricot tree unfortunately. I guess that's what happens with too much snow! Our pathway lamps got completely burried.

Our for sale sign was well on it's way to being burried as well.
That's a lot of snow!
We did venture out to let the kids play in it a little. After Lilly got all bundled up she walked toward the door saying "Guess I'll just have to walk like a penguin!"
Here's one of the snowmen/snowblob's we created. Our ward provided the kids with everything they would need for a snowman at our Christmas party. Pretty cute idea.
Lilly could not get enough of eating the snow. Yuck.
She also had a blast making a snow angel.
She kept getting stuck in the snow because it was so deep. It was hillarious.
Sophia built herself a royal snow chair which was pretty fun.
Another shot to show how deep it was. My knees are just above the snow.
We also built a hill to sled down.
Yesterday we had such a fun day! We went to lunch at Molly's. It was sooooo delicious! We will definitely be going there again. The Mayor even loved it so much that he blogs about it. We then went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU which was awesome. Then we went bowling with cousins. So much fun! Here's my cute nephew Sam. I love him
Sophia in action.
My brother Dylan had the kids set their ball on the ramp and then take a running start to push it off. It was pretty hillarious.
Way to go Lilly!
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! We are definitely looking forward to ours!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The latest

So sad to see this. I have lots of fond memories of this building. I loved climbing the endless flight of stairs up the staircase to sit up in the balcony for Stake Conference. I also remember how it was so stinking hot in August sitting up there with no AC! I love how everything was so green inside. From the mint green pillars to the dark green carpet. The benches were so beautiful and so was all the restored wood. I can remember my mom speaking there a few times but I don't remember my dad speaking there (I wasn't even born when he was put in as Stake President) but he remembers when it was rededicated in the 80's by President Benson. He was telling me yesterday about how they had lunch with him, Pres Monson and Pres Hinkley and how neat it was to have the building restored and rededicated. He said they had a book published about it. I would really love a copy of that now! I'm sure the rest of Utah County would too. I told my sister yesterday that if it is rebuilt it has to look exactly the same. I don't think anyone would settle for anything less! My mom told me this morning that there was millions in equipment and musical instruments that were lost in the fire. She said there was a quote in the paper from Lex De Azevedo (his concert was currently being held there) and that he said how this reminded him how eventually everything will turn to dust. He then went on to say something to the effect of at how you can take music with you and that music will go on forever. I thought that was kind of neat. So beautiful and so sad.

I drove Sophia by the tabernacle again last night (she's obsessed with it) and she asked me if I thought that this made Jesus sad. I told her that he probably wasn't too happy with it but that both He and Heavenly Father know that there are more important things in this world and the life to come. She said, "Oh yeah. Like Santa Clause". That's exactly right. He's way more important. What a hoot.

On a happier note, we had a fun Christmas party with Doug's dad's side of the family this week. His parents were such gracious hosts and we had a fun time. Sophia enjoyed being in the angel choir.
And Mabel enjoyed her role as Baby Jesus again. Lilly happily took a seat in the audience.
Singing "The Nativity Song".
Doug's mom gave all the kids cute goodie bags that had these sticky Santa's inside. They were awesome. This is where Santa likes to hang out in our house.
Yesterday we had a fun party in Sophia's class. The kids made lots of fun things including these Rudolph hand cut outs.
She also had crazy hair day this week. I wanted her to go like this (you wrap their hair around a cup) But she opted for this. It was a bunch of ponytails (that you can't see) with sparkly spray.
Here's a random shot of Mabes and Lills relaxing in bed yesterday morning.
And another random shot of my kids playing in the Tee Pee at my mom's. I loved playing with this as a kid and I'm glad they get to enjoy it now too!
Another random shot of the Babes. I love this baby! Her eyes kill me every time. Finally, my mom has all her nativities on display right now and Lilly can not get enough of them. For some reason she has two of the same set. Lilly loves to combine them into one. Here's the Mary's with their twins.
And everyone else with their respective counterpart. She cracks me up.
Here's a video I took quick last night. It's crazy that you can still see flames way up there! WARNING: I was taking this while talking to my mom on the phone so be sure to turn OFF your volume if you watch it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My SIL is cool

My cute neice is involved in a number of various performances and concerts this time of year and so my cute SIL has treated a bunch of us to some of her performances. Thanks again Tonya! Last night Doug and I got to see her with the Salt Lake Children's choir at the Kurt Bestor Christmas concert. The concert was good and her choir did a great job. We missed her first number thanks to another concert happening across the street but we did get to see her a few more times. Overall the concert was really good. I could have done without images of him skiing while he's playing a song about skiing but other than that, I have no complaints.

It was fun to see who one of his other guests was though. Remember him?
In case you're like my brother, his wife, nephew, neice, SIL, etc and don't know, it's Jason Castro! You know, from American Idol? He also sang at Molly and Jason's wedding? Anyway, it was kind of fun to see him. He has a truly amazing voice and he did sing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". It was pretty good too. Here's my contraband image from the night.
It was funny because Kurt Bestor kept making references to the concert across the street and how he had to get his own American Idol to compete with it. The best part though was when he talked about seeing Jason Castro sing "Hallelujah" on American Idol and how he loved it. He then said "DAVID was so nice to come and sing it for us tonight". OOPS! Needless to say, he was a little embarrassed. It was pretty funny. Thanks again Tonya and we can't wait for the ballet Saturday! You're awesome Maddy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cute things

Merry early Christmas to me!

I have some awesome friends and they gave me some really fun gifts this week!

Tiffany gaev me this awesome metal punch out that I totally love! Last year (or maybe it was a few years ago) she gave me a cute wreath stand from Rod Works. This is the perfect thing to hang on it! Last night we had dinner with some of my old roomies (thanks again for hosting us Lauren!). We try to get together at Christmas time to exchange gifts and have a yummy dinner. Lauren's cute girls were wearing the cutest bows in their hair and I kept coveting them all night. It came time to open the gifts and lo and behold! I have some of my own now. I was way excited! I especially love the feathers.

Erin gave me this cutest little mitten countdown. I totally love it! She even made each of the backs look so cute! The middle row is backward so you can see the back sides. Look at the cute snowman on the left. I can't believe how much work she put into it! Each little mitten has a tiny ornament in it. I love it!
Is she not the cutest! Thanks again everyone! I love it all!

Christmas Party Overload!

We had such a fun time at the annual Ivins (Doug's mom's side of the family) Christmas Party this weekend. His aunt went to a ton of work and created the cutest Bethlehem scene.

Here were Mary and an angel getting ready for the program.
More of Lilly's photogenic face. Let's try another one.
There. That's better.
Sweet Mary and the donkey.
Close up of the donkey. What a good sport!
Mary and baby Jesus.
Lilly in the Angel choir.

Mabel enjoyed her role this year and did a pretty good job!
Until Santa came. What a boring guy! Talk about a Snoozer!
She seriously stayed asleep the whole time. She cuddled right up into his beard and kept sleeping.
This girl was pretty excited for the big guy this year.
So was this one. Can't you see it on her photogenic face! Waiting for Santa to leave so we can open our gifts!
They got "Barbies that are mermaids and they swim in the bath and they're mermaids and it's a barbie and when you twist their tail they swim and they swim in the bath and they're mermaids and it's a barbie and..." that I haven't stopped hearing about for the past 3 months! They were pretty excited. Sophia kept repeating over and over "How did Santa know!" Because you haven't stopped mentioning if for the past 3 months honey.
And now for a few randoms. I had fun making these cute letters for some Christmas gifts this year. I think they turned out pretty cute.
Yesterday while I was getting ready for church Mabel was fussy and it was driving Sophia nuts. She kept holding her so that she wouldn't cry but then would say "How can I get anything done if I just have to hold her!". Silly girl. She made her this big comfy bed so that she wouldn't cry anymore.
I think she looks pretty comfy.
Here's the cute doll all ready for church. The best part about this outfit is the cute tights that came from the $1 section at Target! The shoes are attached. I love them!
Here's a video of Mary riding the donkey in case you're curious.
And here's Lilly in the angel choir.