Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Day of Love!

These first few pictures don't actually have anything to do with Valentines Day but a few weeks ago we took a trip to the Springville Art Museum.  Aside from the high school show which is always fun to see they had this awesome exhibit by James Christensen and his two daughters.  His daughter Emily was friends with my sister in high school and his other daughter Cassandra taught art at our school.  It was cool to see all their works together.  They are truly talented people!!

 They had a little area set up where kids could create some art.  Sophia had a fun time creating this tissue paper rose.
Last Sunday we had a fun time creating valentines for cousins!

This week at preschool Mabel was the "Beshel Friend" again.  Her she is singing the special friend song.  
 It also happened to be her Valentine party at preschool.  The kids all decorated their boxes and then handed out Valentines.
 They also got to decorate cookies!
 More random photos.  Sophia created this lovely out of playdough and needed it documented apparently.
 And back to more Valentine photos.  Here's the girls with their hair all in hearts ready to go to school!
I got to go and help with Lilly's party at school which was a lot of fun! One of the mom's brought stuff to make Love Bugs
 I thought they turned out super cute!
 We also shot Cupid's arrow through a heart.
 Post-valentine exchange.  The kids were examining all the goods!
After that fun party I came home and set up a fun candlelight dinner for Doug and I.  The candles and vase in the center all came from his Grandma Ivins.  The roses that are in the vase are paper roses that Doug gave me for Valentine's day many years ago.  Such a fun addition to the table!
 Some yummy appetizers and treats waiting for Doug to get home.
 This year we decided to make dinner at home.  I think it's something I think we'll do every year! It's just way to crazy to go out!  On the menu was steak and Chicken Bryan.  I think we'll make the Chicken Bryan every year too.  It's so good!

Doug got the girls these cute socks.  So thoughtful.
 After our yummy dinner (the kids had pizza) we let them have some chocolate fondue with us.  It was yummy!  I think they all approved and are actually having the leftovers as we speak.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sophia's Latest

And finally we get to Sophia.  Here she is digging the coin out of the flour game the other day.

We got some new fridge letter magnets and so she created this matching game for her sisters.  I love how her little mind works.
 We got into a little "war" the other night.  It was pretty funny and started with this "kick me" sign I put on her back.  Probably not something I should have taught her and I hope she doesn't try it at school!
 She came back at me with this...
 She brought home this beauty from school the other day.  They drew animals on paper bags and she drew the mouth before she realized she was supposed to draw it over the flap.  So instead she drew brains on the inside when you open it up. Nice.
 A few weeks ago at school she was the happy camper.  She got to take this poster about herself.
This was my favorite part.  Such high dreams.
 I also found this when I was going through her school work the other day.  Apparently if she could live anywhere she would choose Las Vegas. Her reasons were 1. M&M world is there, 2. the Coke Factory is there (with the beloved Beverly - a super nasty drink that we tease our kids about all the time) and 3. there is a shop that looks like a real pyramid that has a light that shoots at the top at night.  She has me convinced!
She also brought this home from school yesterday (I don't know why it's crooked).  Way to go Sophia!

Latest Lilly Bean

Here's what's been going on lately with our little Lilly!  The other day at school they made valentines for someone and she chose to do one for Sophia.  I sure love it.
 Her teacher also made the cutest valentine bags for everyone in the class.  I love them!
A few weeks ago she had a dance performance at her studio.  For once in her life she actually let me fix her hair!  (don't mind all the toys in the background).
 Sleeping beauties.
 A few weeks ago the girls put on a "play" at home.  Afterward we were able to "meet the characters" where we got autographs and had our picture taken with them.  I think this was on a Sunday and that would be post Sunday nap hair I'm sporting.
 Here she is at her dance performance.
 Showing us her ballet moves.
 They also did some tap which was fun to see.
Way to go Lilly!

Latest Mabels (and a few other things)

A few weeks ago for Family Home Evening we played the flour game (where you put a coin on a cup of flour and cut the flour away to see how makes the coin fall off) and Mabel was surprisingly good at it!
This girl pretty much wants her picture taken whenever the camera is out.  Never a dull moment.
 Here's one of the pictures I referred to in the last post about her taking pictures of her socks while I exercise.
 She has been LOVING preschool lately and talks about it non stop.  We often play preschool at home and she's always the "beshel fend" (special friend).  I love hearing her sing all the songs she's learning and talking about her favorite teacher Miss Jill.  I also love hearing her tell Lewis to be quite when we play because "loud voices at ghool (school) is poyah (poor) mannehs (manners)."  She's also informed me that putting your hand over your mouth and raising your hand when you have words to say is good manners.  The other day she came home with some story puppets.  This one is Little Neighborhood (AKA Little Red Riding Hood).
 She caught a little cold a few days ago and spent most of the day sleeping yesterday.  Poor little lamb.
These next few shots really have nothing to do with Mabel but I wanted to include them somewhere!  I discovered this yogurt at our local Smith's and I'm hooked!
This might not look like the best picture but the other night for dinner I made this cream of spinach soup.  I didn't think my girls would go near it but Mabel and Sophia actually had 2 bowls!  It made my heart happy! (and it was made with skim milk and laughing cow cheese instead of cream cheese so it was even a little bit healthy-ish).
 A few weeks ago my cute nephew came home from his mission to Uruguay.  It was fun to welcome him home at the airport! 
 We love you Andy!  Thank you for serving!
I found this heart in some treats we got the other day.  Nothing says love quite like "Dewy Eye".
 Also I know this is a weird picture but Doug and I couldn't resist these cards. And yes I get weird looks every time I use it.
A few weeks ago the time came to say goodbye to Black Magic.  Doug has been driving it for 11 years and it had over 300,000 miles on it.  It was a good car but needed a repair that we couldn't justify getting.  It was a sad day.
We were able to bring home this little guy instead though.  His name is Silver Magic.  I don't actually have a picture of it at our house because it's never there (thank you tax season!) so I borrowed this one from the dealer site.