Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Lewis - Doug's phone pics

Because there weren't enough pictures in the last post. Here's a plethora more.  Here's Lewis right after he was born. He honestly screamed like this for about the first 10 minutes of his life.  It was crazy and hilarious all at the same time.
All cleaned up.  What a big guy!
Seeing mom for the first time.
 In the NICU getting his lungs figured out.  Doug was pretty sure we should name him Bane at this point.
Grandpa with 3 crazy girls back in the delivery room waiting to go downstairs.
 Still in the NICU
 Just before a bath
 His first bath!
Mom getting to hold him for the first time!
Mom and Lewis (don't mind the sleepy eyes!)
Lovin' all that hair!
 I love their first little expressions.
We think he looks the most like Sophia.  We're still debating who had the most hair.
 Love that face!
Love this sweet boy but getting a little tired of all the picture taking.  JK.
 Finally home!
 Sleeping with mom at home.
It's so good to be enjoying him at home!  So far he's been really mellow and content.

Here's a video of him right after he was born so you can see how much he really was screaming!

Baby Lewis is Here!

The day finally came for us to go and have Lewis!  We were so excited to finally be on our way! Get ready for some picture overload!

Before we left I snapped a few quick photos of the nursery
My mom made the bumper pads.  I love them!
 Sophia added a few touches of her own.
 Love it too.
Do I look like I'm ready or what?!
I don't have any brand new pictures of him on my camera (because I think they're all on Doug's phone) so I'll have to do a separate shot of photos from Doug's phone later.  Here his is a few hours old after I was finally able to see him (he had to make a quick pit stop to the nicu to get his lungs figured out).  The final details and stats were:
Born: 5/22/13 at 10:02 am.
Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz.
Height: 22"
Sophia holding him for the first time.
Mabel trying to either eat him or give him a kiss.
 Pretty proud big sister.
And Lilly with him for the first time.
This was my goal for the first day. Can this be my goal every day?!
We had a lot of fun visitors that day including my cute niece and nephew Andy and Emma.
So peaceful and sweet.
Kimber and her kids came to visit also
And so did uncle Jeff and Aunt Lexie!
 Beautiful flowers from my dad.
Cute wall hanging from Tonya
My parents were kind enough to watch my girls at the hospital but due to his little pit stop they had to leave so my dad could teach a class so they couldn't meet him until later.
 Sleepy momma and baby.
 Cute daddy and baby.
I love this picture.  Talk about some chins!
The next day Aunt Heather and her kids came to visit.
 Daddy tried to sneak him some pizza!
He said "no way daddy!"
Dylan and Tonya were so nice to take our kids that first night. It helped so much!! They were also nice enough to bring them back the next day and meet baby Lewis.
Three sisters doting on the little guy.
 Random picture of Mabel that I thought was hilarious.
 Family shot!  Seriously? Family of 6?!  Where did that come from?
 More shots of the little guy
Tiffany and her girls were nice enough to come and visit too!
 Mabel and Lewis again
 The girls came to visit again and made themselves right at home in my bed.
 Daddy even read some books to him.  Apparently that made Lewis pretty bored.
Lilly discovered she really liked to hide in one of the cupboards with the Kindle.  Whatever works!
The best was we were able to have a visit from Doug's parents!  They ended up needed to come back to Utah for a minute and we were lucky enough to have it overlap with his birth!  It was so fun for us to see them and for them to meet Lewis!
My cutest friend (who had her own baby 2 weeks ago!) came and took some newborn photos of him.  Can't wait to see how they turned out.  I'm sure they're wonderful!  We did manage to get a few like this.
 All snuggled up
These last few shots are from yesterday when we finally came home.  I can finally see my toes again!  Thanks again Tiffany for the glitter toes! They're so fun and I got a lot of compliments on them.
Getting ready to go home.  All of our girls came home in this outfit too.
All of our kids!
The girls had some nice welcome home signs for us.
This one was Lilly's
 and Mabel's
and Sophia's.  I like that Lewis is leaning up against a tree.
My cute sister-in-law Tonya had my girls paint these cute pots while she watched them and filled them with flowers for me.  I love them!
My little brother took these last few shots.  I love them so much!
I think that's enough for now.  I may upload the ones from Doug's phone and do another post too.  Just can't get enough of this guy!