Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fun Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend on Friday night we had a fun campout in Grandpa and Grandma Wilkins backyard.  After a delicious dutch oven dinner we headed up to Myole Park (named after this amazing pioneer) in Alpine.  After watching a movie about him (Only a Stonecutter) we toured his house and property.  Then we drove to Traverse Mountain so we could look over both valleys and see how far he walked to the Salt Lake Temple every week.  After that we headed back to Grandpa's house where we enjoyed popcorn and treats and watched some funny old Laurel and Hardy movies.  The kids loved them! 

The next morning I got up bright and early (they were nice enough to let me sleep in the house) and picked up Lexie and Tiffany (they both ran Ragnar last weekend too) to catch the bus to take us up American Fork Canyon for the AF half marathon.  I did this one last summer too and totally loved it.  It was pretty good this year too but I was a little slower.  Oh well. Here I am rounding the corner to the finish line!  I was soooo ready to be done!
Lexie and I (watch out for the bunny ears!) at the finish.  Tiffany was too amazing and we couldn't keep up with her.   She did awesome and ended up finishing way before us.  We stuck together though and had a good time.
Hooray! We finished!
After that I went back to Doug's parents house and then we enjoyed the Wilkins Family Olympics.  Here's Doug enjoying the marshmallow toss.
My cute fam.  Everyone did great and it was so much fun.  Thanks for organizing this Kimber!  It was a blast and we loved doing it again!
After the olympics and lunch Doug took the older girls and went with the rest of the fam to a local pond to fish and swim.  Mabel and I enjoyed a nice little nap together.  We finished off the day by taking the girls to see Brave (it was ok - it took kind of a weird turn in the middle but I really liked the soundtrack) and some yummy Thai food (we're a little addicted). 

Another fun thing from the weekend was my birthday present from Jeffy.  He loves me!  We enjoyed the chocolate covered cheerios during Brave yesterday.
I also got this from my amazing friend Tiffany!  I can't believe how much work she put into it!  I totally love it! Thank you Tiffany! You're the best!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tiger Dance

Here's Lilly in her tiger dance!
Also, here's a random shot of our Ragnar team!  Way to go everyone!

The latest

I finally cleaned off my camera and phone pictures so get ready for a big post! 

Last week Lilly had her end of the year recital.  It was a cute circus dance and her class was the tigers. She did a great job!  I'm trying to upload the video and I'll post it if it ever uploads!
Last weekend I went a little crazy and ran Ragnar.  We had an awsome team (thanks Lexie and Tiffany!) but I will admit that it was rough only getting 2 hours of sleep.  And it was hot!  Aside from that it was a good experience but I'm not sure I'll do it again.  Here's me and Tiffany after our first legs (that's why we're still smiling).
Me by our van.  We never changed our team name so we were registered under my SIL's little brother.  Go team Parker Lester!
We didn't go too crazy like some of the vans that we participating like this Christmas van with running Santas.  They threw out candy canes at the finish line too.  It was pretty great.
 We also saw a moose on one of the legs.  It was pretty cool!
 When I got home I found these cute notes on the front door to greet me.
Aside from racing we've also come up with some other clever ways to keep us busy this summer.  We pulled out the weekly schedule again which has been nice so we can see what we have during the week. 
 We've also made treats
 And eaten them too!
The girls have also participated in a local summer camp which they've really loved.  Here they are after Chef Day.  The chef hats are plastic grocery bags attached to stips of paper.  Love it!
 We've also taken pictures for our Dad to let him know we love him (this was his father's day gift).
A few weeks ago I went to my nieces graduation.  She graduated from the same school I did which was a little crazy.  Doesn't she look so great though!  Congrats Emma (and Andy who also graduated this year)!
After her graduation we took decided to head to the zoo for a little bit.  We loved the new exhibit!  Here's the girls playing around on the polar bear statues.
Also a few weeks ago I took the girls to a reception for the aide in Sophia's class this year.  It was a carnival theme and wa sso much fun!  They loved getting loaded up with carnival goodies.
This one is super random (as if I don't have enough random pictures in this post) but my SIL made this cake for her daughter who turned 12 last week. Isn't it adorable?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day fun!

For Memorial Day we headed down to Wales for some fun times with family.  When we got there we headed over to the park and had fun on the swings.
Sam also brought his awesome ATV and we had so much fun riding it!
This is kind of a random picture but I thought it was pretty cute.
Uncle D and Lilly on the ATV.
 The kids chasing uncle D and Lilly on the ATV.
Cute Doug and tired Mabes.
After a delicious dinner courtesy of Dylan we had fun roasting marshmallows and crumb donuts.
Here's Tonya enjoying her smore with one of those huge marshmallows.
 Dylan's marshmallows roasted to perfection.
 Maddy enjoying her treats.  She's a girl after my own heart with one in each hand!
 Dylan's preference with a crumb donut on top.
 My preference - let's just skip the graham crackers all together.
 Mabel got a little tired so she took a rest on the grass.
 Three cute kids on the ATV.  Lilly is in there somewhere.
 Oh! There she is.
 I think it's safe to say Lilly enjoyed her marshmallow.
 Here she is going in for more.
On Memorial day I went with my sister-in-law and niece to see some of the local cemeteries to see some of their ancestor's graves.  One of the cemeteries was having a cute little program. I took this one for Eliza. Look at how many cute old men there were!
After a delicious lunch at Miller's in Manti (they had some of the BEST donuts I've ever tasted!)  we headed to Manti for a few rolls down the temple hill.
Ah!  Mabel is as big as the temple!
Here's the awesome daddies bringing the kids back up the hill.
We had such a great time and were so lucky to have such fun family there!  We will definitely have to do another redo of this trip!

Summer Fun!

We started off the summer with a bang!  On Wednesday we had some friends over for a little lunch/swim play date.  It was a lot of fun!
 We also got to celebrate this cute little guys birthday a few days early.

 We also had a fun time driving the Barbie jeep around.
 I think it's safe to say we all had a good time!
These pictures are from my phone from awhile ago so they're pretty random.  This one is from when we went camping with Doug's work a few weeks ago.  Doug literally had all the girls on the cot at one point.  It was great.
This one is from my sister-in-law's house.   She has this succulent wall art hanging on her wall outside her front door.  She made it and I think it's incredible! 
We also had another preschool time at the zoo this week.  We talked about the desert and people that live in the desert.  The girls got to dress up as some of the people in the pictures.  Sophia was the girl with the shawl but I didn't get a picture
 and Lilly was supposed to be the guy with the glasses.
 After looking at the art we made art.  Here they are coloring chalk on sandpaper.
They also put glue on paper and then sprinkled colored sand over it and they made cactus's (in the upper left corner).
We also took a trip to the city pool which was very fun.  Here they are enjoying a little nacho break.
Bring on the rest of the summer!