Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Green Day!

We had a pretty fun St. Patrick's Day!  It was a little different being on a Sunday and I really didn't have time to do much before 9 am church! 

These pictures were actually taken a little bit ago but I thought they still applied to the holiday.  The girls were playing dress ups one Sunday and came up looking like this. This girl absolutely cracks me up!
A beautiful clown
and a gorgeous princess.
Here's the girls in their green (minus Mabel and don't mind Sophia's closed eyes) getting ready to go to church!
 Here's Mabel and Daddy after church.
This girl. I just love her.
We waited for Daddy to get home from church and then pulled out our St. Patty's Day game.  Always a good time. 
After some quiet rest time (and naps - such a blessed Sunday tradition for this momma) we had a fun green dinner with these delicious drinks.
 We really didn't go all out this year but we still had a great time!  Maybe we'll make up for it next year.


The tax season projects are well under way so I thought I'd post a little of what I've been up to to keep myself busy.  Also, I did not make these quilts during this tax season.  I've been working on them for years now (it's a little embarrassing how long they've taken me) but I did finally get them quilted (or I should say had them quilted) and bound. 

I saw these cute skirts at a local fabric shop and had to recreate them.  They had just about every color of the fabric too so it was hard to choose!  I did this color and pink.  I think they turned out ok.
This quilt was from a "block party" at my local quilt shop.  It's called "Flowers From My Garden" and I honestly think it's been sitting in my closet for about 2 years.  So embarrassing.  It's so nice to have it done!  I just put it on my bed and I think it's perfect for spring!
This one is a mystery quilt from the local quilt shop. My mom made one too and I think her's turned out cuter but that's ok.  It's called "Garden Stars" and the line of fabric was called So Sophie so I just had to make it.
I really like the back of this one too.  It's a super fun soft minky and my kids love it too!
This is from another block party and is a Pioneer themed quilt.  Each block has a fun pioneerish name like "broken dishes", "rocky pass", "churn dash" or "wagon wheel".  I like how the center block is the state of Utah.  In the corners I embroidered one of the verses to "Come, Come Ye Saints".  Also, the top corner block is a "signature block" where I wrote one of my pioneer ancestor's names (Mary Alice Cannon).  This one was a lot of fun to make even though it took me a long time too! 
Here's a fun little Valentine's table runner that I finished after Valentine's Day.  There's always next year right?
Here's another runner I saw in the same store with the cute chevron fabric.  It's called "Egg Roll" and I couldn't resist it the minute I saw it! 
It has these cute little chicks that I kind of went crazy over too!  The kit had tons of leftover fabric so my mom made one too (and of course hers turned out a lot cute again) and there was still tons of fabric left over!  Good thing it's some cute stuff!
Here's our new quilt on our bed.  I think it looks pretty happy there.  This was all so fun to do but I think I'm ready form a little break from quilting.  I'm working on another one from a block party called "Letters to My Daughter" which of course I had to do but I'm making 3 of each block for my 3 girls so that one will probably take a few years too.  Maybe it'll be ready by the time Sophia gets married!
Finally, here's some of Sophia's latest creations.  I wasn't kidding about the paper, tape and scissors obsession.  These ones she made in art class at school.  I think they turned out pretty cute.
She liked them so much she decided to make another little toilet paper roll family.  I love how the mom has a purse.  All the little details crack me up. 
This isn't really a project but it's some super cute Brazilian stuff Doug's mom sent for baby brother.  I love it all!  I was so excited about it!  She included a picture of where she bought hat too.  I think it's originally from Bolivia.  I seriously love it.  He's going to look so cute!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The latest random stuff

Here's some of the latest and greatest that we've been up to lately.  Lilly came home with this life size poster of herself a few weeks ago and had to have a picture of it.
On Friday nights I let the girls pick where they want to sleep.  Doug is usually still at work anyway and I'm pretty much done fighting them to go to bed by this point.  This one was from a few weeks ago.  I went to turn off their lights but one little one (in the crib) was still up.  It was about 10:30 too.  That girl kills me!
Here's some of Sophia's latest creations.  She seriously has a paper/marker/scissor obsession. 
Lilly wanted her hair curly the other day for preschool.  I think it turned out pretty cute.
We've been patiently waiting for our grass to grow (I will be forever grateful to you for this Lauren!) and it finally got long enough to have a haircut.  They absolutely loved it even though it kind of makes a big mess.
Here's another example of Sophia's paper obsession.  She made about a billion fans a few weekends ago (and this weekend too).  Only 25 cents.  Any takers?
Our swimsuits finally came and the girls were so excited!  We can't wait for summer to come!
On Friday I got brave and decided to take the girls to Disney on Ice. Aside from Lilly's possessed face (this was after asking her a million times to just smile normal) they all had a great time! 
 Mabel's eyes were pretty much glued to the show the whole time.
 Reminds me of the same face Lilly made when we went a few years ago.
The show was pretty fun and the girls loved that they did Tangled.
 I was pretty impressed too.  Especially when her and Flynn Rider were flying through the air.
Here we are after the show.  Mabel was a little bit excited about seeing Snow White (or No White - her favorite princess).  She got a little nervous during the show when she didn't see her but they brought her out at the end and she was in heaven!
After the show we went and met some friends for dinner and then had a sleepover at Uncle Jeffy's house.  the girls were pretty much in heaven!  Thanks again for letting us stay Jeff and Lex!