Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun Nails and Bathroom Stuff

Last week at Lilly's dance class I noticed one of the mom's had some really cute stamped nails.  I'd seen it before but didn't know how people did it.  She told me she ordered a kit like this one on Amazon and that it's totally easy.  I decided to give it a try and I love it!  I highly recommend this stuff because it's so fun! I got this set of stamp plates.  It has so many images.  I couldn't believe it!  Here's a few different ones I tried.
 Sophia and Lilly were excited because there was dog and cat stamp.  Unfortunately you can't see Sophia's dogs very well.
 Here's a close up of Lilly's Hello Kitty's.
Another fun thing I did this week was giving the downstairs bathroom a makeover.  I don't have a before picture but it was pretty boring a blah.  Here it is with a few new additions.
I really like it.  I got the idea for the towels from my friend Lauren.  You just use napkin holders around the towels.  So fun and easy!
I also tackled the whole bath toy issue.  I used to have a lingerie bag that I added loops to the sides of and I would hang it so that everything would dry. It got gross and ripped through the bottom so I just went and bought a plastic basket from the dollar store and it works great!  Why did I not think of that before. It makes for easy cleanup and was cheap!

St. George

Blogger went and got all weird on me so since I've been used to uploading my pictures in reverse order (and apparently I don't need to anymore) this whole post will be in reverse!  How fun! 

So after tax season ended last week we decided to head for the sun for some rest and relaxation (and to reconnect with our Daddy!) .  Unfortunately we decided it would be a good idea to leave our camera back at home.  Thank goodness for those handy camera phones that take amazing pictures (NOT!)

On the way home we decided to stop at Zions since it was National Park Week and there was no entrance fee!  Unfortunately a lot of people had the same idea and when you added that along with a huge Earth Day celebration that was going on things were a little crowded.  We could not find a place to park anywhere and we were not willing to go on the 80 min shuttle ride with our kids so we just decided to drive through the park.  We did find a little pull out eventually and did a little bit of hiking around on the rocks.
Another day we were there we headed to Sand Hollow State Park.  It was so fun and so nice to be in the sun (and water!). Here's Sophia building a little sand wall to block the water.
These girls preferred the sand.
We also went to the wildlife museum and had fun
dressing up as adventurers
and doing a little exploring
Another day we grabbed some yummy sandwiches from this place and then went to a local park to play and picnic.  Love this shot we got of two cute sisters.
The park had a fun climbing wall too.  It was really hot but I persevered and made it to the top.
We also made a quick stop to the dinosaur museum down there.  Mabel had fun exploring the chairs.
Three silly monkeys in a bed!
The second night we were there we went to the art museum.  It was pretty cool and we even got to make our own artwork!  Sophia and I created the same scenery (another park we had visited earlier)
Doug recreated a cave we found at that park (sorry it's sideways).
Here's Lilly creating a masterpiece of her own.
We also visited some old pioneer homes when we were there.  This one was the Jacob Hamblin House (Doug's family is descended from his cousin).  Side note.  If any of you have been privileged enough to see the "Little Doug Videos"  this is the place where he tells his dad he gets to accompany him to the "little boys bathroom".
We also went to the cool park in the center of town that had a really fun splash pad where Lilly got soaked.
The park also had a fun carousel.

We also drove past this house that was across the street from the Brigham Young Home.  This is where Doug's great grandpa was born and was next to the house of his great great great grandpa Israel Ivins who was the first doctor in St. George.
The Brigham Young winter home.  Loved this house.  The tour was really great and it was fun to learn a lot more about it.
Here's a few shots of the fun park we went to that was displayed in our artwork earlier.  This is Doug and the girls at the cave.
Cute Lilly in front of a huge rock.
Family shots
The first night we were there we went to the St. George temple.  We had fun seeing how tall we were compared to the fun trees.
This temple is so beautiful!  You can see my cute little family in the lower left corner.
Cute people on the steps.
I couldn't believe how beautiful their flowers were already!  But then I realized it usually is 20 degrees warmer down there so that makes a difference!
We also ate plenty of yummy food down there! We found this amazing Mexican place that was so yummy! Look at the size of Doug's chalupa!  So good!  We may have come back about 10 lbs heavier but it was worth it!
Overall we had a very fun time and were so grateful for the time we had together as a family!  I also got to run into one of my dietitian friends so that was fun! The girls had a blast too and spent the ride home begging us to get a swimming pool.  I guess they appreciate the swimming they got to do every day. Maybe someday ladies...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Latest Fun

We had a pretty fun spring break. Too bad this is the only picture I took the whole week. We actually all got this nasty cold stuff so we spent the majority of the week sniffly and sneezy. We did get to have a fun play date with my old roommates and kids and with these cute girls.This is a random picture for cousin Jane. She loves vegetables and eats them whole all the time. We had to take this picture of Sophia eating a whole cucumber just for her.Another fun thing we enjoyed this week was seeing our tulips bloom! I'm not sure what kind this is but I love it! I love this one too. Love the ruffles. It's a little hard to see but there's another bud just to the right of it. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be two headed but I'll take it!

Speaking of spring and flowers, I also took my girls to see this play at the Hale Theatre.

The did a wonderful job with it and it was really fun to go with all of the Wilkins' girls/cousins. Doug's sister planned it awhile ago and I was only planning on bringing Sophia because I thought Lilly was too young. I had been showing Sophia YoutTube videos of the musical so that she would be a little bit familiar with it and Lilly loved that there was a character named Lily in the show and that there was a song about Lily's eyes. When I told her she was going to stay home with Daddy while Sophia and I went she got pretty upset because she wanted to see Lilly. I called the theatre to see if I could still get her a seat and by some miracle they had 1 seat left so she got to come along after all.

It was such an amazing show! They had a pretty spectacular cast too. They guy who played Uncle Archie was the voice of Jean Valjean in the in concert version of Les Mis. He was amazing! The little girl who played Mary was amazing too. It was her debut performance and she really was spectacular. The best part was that her name is Mable in real life! Also, the guy who played Dickon is in Vocal Point and was on the Sing Off (or whatever that show's called). It really was an all star cast and they did a great job.

My girls did a good job too and I was surprised how well Lilly did. I'm a little embarrassed that this is the only picture I got from the night but I guess it's a good sign of how good the show was right? I think they're both probably dreaming of this song (my favorite!)

Here's a random cute shot of this little girl looking happy for once! She has had this blasted ear infection for about 3-4 weeks now. She's on a new antibiotic now and I hope that it will finally clear things up. the poor thing is just miserable.

We spent plenty of time in front of the TV and computer last week but we also tried to do other things that did not involve a screen including Play Dough. Here's Sophia's awesome turtle island that she constructed.

And Lilly's wonderful masterpiece.

We also had fun in the bath putting play shaving cream on our heads that the girls got for Easter.We also had a fun surprise visit from Grandma Miller. She brought the girls Happy Nappers. They love them! Thanks grandma!

Last but not least, the day we have waited for almost 83 days is finally here! Hooray for the end of tax season!

We're headed on a little vacation tomorrow to enjoy some time together as a family again!

Friday, April 13, 2012


How am I lucky enough to stay home with this cute face everyday! Unfortunately she's been a little under the weather these past few weeks so I've seen a lot of this facial (and hand) expression lately.