Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mini Getaway

This weekend we were lucky enough to have a little getaway.  On Friday we donned our Squire shirts and headed up to Lagoon for the day to celebrate Squire's 40th birthday.
Aside from being something like 105 degrees (it was SOOOOOO hot!) we managed to have a good time.  Here's Sophia and Doug on the bumper cars
 This poor little one is showing how hot it was.  It's hard to see but they were beet red all day!
 Sophia and I on one of the ride.  It went faster than I thought it would and poor Sophia was pretty much scared out of her mind!  She told me after that she just closed her eyes and thought of Backyardigans.
Here they are on another one.  Mabel and I rode this one too.  It pretty much terrified her as well.  We're such great parents.
 This one was much better though.

 Here she is having a little rest.  I don't know how she slept in that heat!
After all the fun (and heat) we headed up to Ogden to stay overnight.  The first thing we did when we go there was swimming!  When we got to the pool (which was full of about 100 kids) one of the mom's that was leaving said "just to warn you, the pool is freezing cold".  I told her that was the best news I'd heard all day!  It was freezing but it seriously felt so good!  After swimming we headed back to the room for snacks and a movie before bed.
The next day we went to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden.  Lilly was absolutely terrified the whole time but the rest of us had fun.  It was a pretty cool place and we're glad we went!
 This is about as close as Lilly would get to any of the dinosaurs.
 The other two got a little bit closer.  Mabel wanted to touch all of them.
 Mabel and Lilly inside a dinosaur cave.
 Ah!  Look out!
 By the end Lilly had warmed up a little and wanted her picture taken on this dinosaur.
 and in front of this dinosaur wall.
This guy was huge!  We tried to guess how many kids tall the dinosaurs were (from our favorite Dinosaur Train game on pbskids).
After the park we stopped for a yummy lunch and then went to Hill Air Force Base.
This was such a fun place!  I told my kids about my grandpa who was in the Air Force and probably flew planes like some of the ones we saw.  I was surprised at the great sense and feeling of pride I got for our country while I was there.  I know it sounds silly but I could really feel the spirit of the place and how grateful I am for my freedom and the people who've fought (and continue to fight) to keep it for me!
 I also couldn't believe how huge the place was and how big some of the aircrafts were!  The helicopter was giant!  Almost as big as the dinosaurs!
 The girls had fun pretending like they were pilots.
We were so grateful for the getaway and for the fun time we had.  We were also grateful that our kids were so good for us!  Every place we went was so hot and we kept them so busy but there really wasn't much complaining.  That's not normal for this little clan so we were counting our blessings!

Making Stuff

Last week I got to go with my mom to a super fun craft night her friend put on.  We made some super cute 4th of July crafts.  She's going to do it again around Halloween and I hope I can go then too!
The stuff I used for the inside of the book cover on this one was actually from wallpaper Doug had in his room growing up.  I thought it was pretty fun to reuse it for this!
We also were served some delicious treats at the party and sent home with the recipes. I made one of the treats with the girls the next day.  It was macaroon crusted sherbet cake and it was pretty delicious!
We've also been busy making babies cry around here.  It's hard to wear a bow tie I guess!
It's also really hard whey your sister puts a headband on and makes you look like a girl!
 Not nice!

Backyard Campout

A few weekends ago Doug camped out in the backyard with the girls.  They were in heaven!  We roasted hot dogs and smores for dinner and then set up camp.  The girls got to enjoy a movie in the tent before sleep time.  They loved it!  What a great dad we have!
 It was also the same night as the super moon.  Pretty cool!
 Here's a random shot of these two cuties having a little rest together.
The day after the campout was this little guy's 1 month birthday!  Hard to believe he's already that old!
After cleaning up our house and camping stuff we headed to a local park to play and explore.
 (and sleep)
 Here's the girls doing a little exploring
They loved blowing these giant puff balls.
After the park we went and got frozen lemonades and then watched "The Three Amigos" (Sophia loved it!).  Overall it was a pretty fun weekend.