Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

A few weeks ago we were at Doug's parents house admiring their incredible garden. We couldn't believe the size of their pumpkin patch! It would eat Mabel! She fit inside one of the leaves. I couldn't believe it!

She also had a fun time swinging in the car swing.
So did Lilly.

Friday, September 24, 2010


For Sophia's homework the last few nights she's had to draw certain numbers of different things. I love seeing her little artistic abilities shine threw. Here are some dogs she drew. And some toy cars. She struggled a lot with how to draw these. I don't blame her! I can barely draw toy cars. Kind of a complex thing for a Kindergartener.

My favorite though ha been the children she drew. I love them!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After being inspired by my sister and her cute family, we decided to share our talents for FHE last night. Here's Doug juggling horses:

Lilly showing off her dance moves.
Sophia reading us a book.
Mabel swinging and doing other cute baby things.
My talent was showing fun things I've made lately. My awesome friend Lauren showed me how to make those cute crocheted hairbow flower. I'm now taking orders. JK.I also got together with good friends last weekend and we made this fun Halloween wreath we saw here. I thought it turned out pretty fun. It still has purple and red spots from the flowers here and there which makes it look even spookier!
Last weekend Sophia created her own ball track just like her daddy does. She seriously set this up all by herself. I think we need to put her on "Minute to Win It" so that she can do that staples, eraser marble one.
She was pretty proud of herself.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Creative Energy

We've been using our creative energy's around here lately. A certain two year old had fun with paper and a glue stick (if you look closely half of the papers on the fridge are not held up with magnets). I made this fun candy corn pennant that I found on this cute website.

Here's the other side. I love how it's reversible.
I also made one of those trendy car seat covers. I've liked having it so far. I used yo-yos with rhinestones in the middle for the flowers.
I also made some more hair bow flower things.
My friend told me her mom gets flowers from the dollar store and then takes them apart and glues them back together for hair flowers. I tried it and thought it worked pretty well.
Mabel thought they might be a little big though.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Grotto and Such

We took another fun trip to the Grotto again this weekend. It was so good to get outside and we had fun getting leaves for "our collections" as Lilly kept saying.Sweet Mabel was a trooper without a sling to be carried in. Good thing it's a short hike! Our little family. We took this one with the timer and I thought it turned out pretty good. If you look closely you'll notice two things about Lilly. First, I got tired of her long stringy hair and cut it off last week. It's a bit of a boy cut but it looks pretty cute. Second, you can barely see it but she suddenly has a dimple on her left cheek. She fell into a door frame a few weeks ago and had a pretty good sized bruise there and now there's a dimple there in it's place. It's pretty cute when she smiles. Not sure if it's related to the fall at all or if it's random but we'll keep it! Here's a funny story related to that though. When Doug was in elementary school (or maybe it was junior high) someone threw a stale candy Dot (they're pretty stale anyway but I guess this one was extra hard) at his forehead and now he has a dimple/dent thing where it hit him. He swears that's what it's from anyway. Well I guess it's genetic because now Lilly has a dimple from her injury.

After we got home we did some leaf rubbings. Some of us were good enough with a straight crayon over the top but apparently that left a little more to be desired for one of us. You're amazing Doug!
After seeing my sister's cute boy in them, we decided to invest in some Baby Legs. I think they're pretty cute and I love how one size literally fits everyone. Mabel enjoyed them.
Look at those cute toes!
And so did Lilly.
Finally, my amazing friend Stacy (who just started two cute new blogs) made me some yummy cupcakes! She said she loves the show "Cupcake Wars" and has had fun making cupcakes lately. The ones she brought me were chocolate malt and root beer float. Look at the cute straws in the root beer ones! The root beer ones had this root beer caramel in the middle. They were amazing! Oh so yummy. I'm pretty sure I need the recipe. Thanks again Stacy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At the Carni

We took part in a few of the Golden Onion Days celebrations this weekend. On Friday we took the kids down to the Carnival in the park. They had a blast. We let them ride a few of the rides and they had so much fun. They had fun on the cars. And the flying saucers.

The Claterpillar however, not so much. They are in the second car. Lilly sobbed through the whole ride. I think there was too much clattering. When they got off she said, "I was just nervous about that caterpillah". Can't blame her.
The train, however, made up for it and was very fun (and a little bit too creepily happy).
We ran into a family in our ward who was there to taking their daughter's bridal pictures. I couldn't resist taking a picture. I thought it was a pretty cute idea. Definitely unique.We also had a little bit too much fun with Mabel. Here she is sporting her new hat.
And kind of smiling. This was the best I could get. She's been so smiley lately! I love it! She even laughed for the first time yesterday while I was getting her undressed. I love it too! Here's what I decided on for the little nightstand thing in her room. I think it's okay for now. Her blessing dress was too big do I settled on the shoes and bonnet. I think it turned out okay. I'll probably switch it up occasionally.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cute Blogs!

My awesome friend Stacy (the one who builds her own furniture) just launched two totally cute websites.

One of them is for birthday ideas and you can find it here: The Birthday Blog

The other is fun housewife stuff and you can see it here: Not Just a Housewife

She is seriously creative, clever, and fun (and she has the cutest boys on the planet). Check her out!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Funny Faces!

Oh my kids make me laugh! So these are not perfect but you get the idea.

Tonight we had fun making upside down faces. They thought it was pretty funny and so did I. For some reason Lilly's totally cracked me up. I think it has to do with her goofy (I mean cute) little smile.

This one has a sweet face too but we decided to let it stay sweet and not pull her into the craziness.
The girls also had a fun time wearing their matching tye-dye jammies again. I seriously love these girls. I think Mabel is definitely leaning more toward looking like Sophia. Except for her eyes are still pretty blue. I guess we'll just have to keep guessing.
Finally, here's Lilly singing with her silly face. I told her to start singing and for some reason she chose Veggie Tales' "Barbara Manatee". Too funny! (sorry it's kind of loud at the beginning).