Friday, November 22, 2013

This one is for you Erin!

The other night when we had our family jumping party it reminded me of a time in college when my roommates and I did a similar thing. One of them commented that it reminded her of the same thing so I couldn't resist a few photos. Love these girls!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Latest

Here's a few of the latest and greatest from the various devices around this place.

Here's Lewis lookin' good in his stache binky.

It's been a long time since we've decorated our pictures.  The kids still beg for it every holiday but apparently I've been LAZY!  We finally got around to it though.
The girls and I took a little trip to IKEA a few weeks ago to get a few items together for a Swedish dinner we had to make good on from our ward's service auction.  A case of Julmust may or may not have have made it into my cart.  We love this stuff and can only get it this time of year.  It may or may not be our neighbor gift this year...
Here's a loaf of Swedish egg bread and Semlor that accompanied the dinner as well.
I could not resist this outfit at Kohl's the other day.  The front says "Mommy's Little Turkey".  The turkey on the bum was too much to pass up!
A few weeks ago Doug and I were lucky enough to go hear Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" at the Utah Symphony.  It was gorgeous!
Lilly was kind of having a hard day (let's be honest, when is she not having a hard day!) a few Sundays ago so I told her to pick any recipe out of a cookie book we have and that we'd make it.  Here's what she chose.  I think we did pretty good right?
Last week I had a little carpal tunnel surgery on my wrist.  Nothing major.  I thought the giant bandage was a little bit of overkill!
Cute note that accompanied some gorgeous flowers from my parents.
And a sweet little note from Sophia.  Unfortunately she got super mad when I did ask for her help.  At least she had good intentions!
The girls threw an impromptu birthday party for Lewis last week.  Here they are opening the gift.
And here's that little turkey with a bow.  He would make a pretty cute girl!
Last Sunday we piled all the cushions in the middle of the living room and had a big jumping party (that was preceded by a giant pillow fight).  It was so fun!
Finally, last night for FHE we made our traditional "Thankful Turkey's".  Here's what we're thankful for this year:
Lewis - Mom (Sophia wrote that one)
Mabel - My name, Smelling flowers, Pillow fights, Riding horses, Reading books
Lilly - Mom, Dad, Sophia, Pilgrims, Heavenly Father
Sophia - Heavenly Father, Lewis, Everything, Family
Me - Colors, Bodies, My Hooligans, My Babycakes, Health
Doug - Memories, Joanna, My Kids, Peaceful Moments, Music

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloweenie!

We had a pretty fun time celebrating Halloween last week!  We had a beautiful Asian (she preferred Chinese) princess,
 a cute rose fairy
 and a sweet little Alice in Wonderland.
 Ah man!  This one is blurry!  This was Lilly's teacher.  She was a monster.  It was pretty cute!
 Here's Lilly in the parade.
 After the parade I got to go help with the party in Lilly's class!
 Me and one of her cute classmates were both bees!
 Here she is with a cute pumpkin she decorated at the party.  I love it's pink dress!
This is just a cute thing hanging in their classroom. They all decorated these pumpkins and I loved them!
This is kind of a weird picture but I had to take one of all the cubbies in her classroom.  I just loved seeing them full of Halloween treasures!
 After all the school fun and madness we went to Doug's work trick or treating.  He dressed up as the guy from the Operation game but I forgot to take a pic.  Then we came home to our ward trunk or treat where he dressed up like this.  Don't ask.
 Even the fish got dressed up for Halloween. He was a tiger in case you couldn't tell.
This little guy dressed up as the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I loved his costume!
Bonus Picture in his Very Hungry Caterpillar jammies!  I love these too!
Another bonus picture of Doug performing Uncle Brad's favorite trick with Lewis!
 Random picture of a delicious fall treat we made Sunday.  So yummy!  Pumpkin + Apple!  So yum!
 These are kind of random in here but a few weeks ago the girls didn't have school so Doug took the day off and we went to the zoo!  It was so fun!  It was such a nice day too!
 We had to take the token pictures in all the favorite spots.
 I even got a turn in the stroller!
Sophs and Mabes on the carousel.
 My this is quite the random post!  Here's some bonus ones of our leafy Lewis!
And finally last Saturday we took advantage of another beautiful day and hiked the Grotto.  It was great!  I think Doug managed to get all of us in this photo.
I LOVE this one!  Mainly because they're NEVER like this!