Monday, September 23, 2013

Like Father, Like Son (and daughters)

It's that time of year again!  Acorn season!  Here's the kids helping Doug sweep them up a few weeks ago.  Lewis helped supervise too.
A few weeks ago we had a huge crazy rainstorm.  A bunch of houses in our neighborhood flooded.  The next day (Sunday) all the men left during the 3rd hour to go and fill sandbags to help prevent further flooding.  We drove by where they worked and snapped a quick photo of everyone hard at work.  It's kind of far away but it was pretty neat to see.
Sophia wanted  to do her part too so she made a little snack for Doug to have when he got home.
Now onto some fun Lewis and Daddy time.  This little boy loves his daddy!  I just love seeing them interact together.
 I love Lewis' face in this one.
 Watching football together.  It's some pretty serious stuff.
They also like to have Sunday naps together.
Why is this one crooked?  Oh well.  Here's the little guy at 4 months (yesterday!).  So hard to believe he's getting so big so fast!

Fun with Lewis and Mabel's Firsts!

Just wanted to post some of the latest and greatest of the little guy.  I'm pretty sure he's flashing a gang sign in this picture.
 The other day we were sweeping up acorns and he was observing in his swing.
Speaking of his swing, he's learned some fun new ways to lay in it.
The other day we put my scarf on his head and had a pretty good time with it.
 Lewis and big sis Sophs
 And now on to Mabel's firsts!  Here she is on her first day of dance!
 And the first day of preschool.  She was pretty excited to go if you can't tell.
 She actually had a  pretty good time and totally loves it.  She thinks her "gool" is pretty fun!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lewis and Labor Day

These ones were supposed to be included with the last post.  Oops!  Here's Lewis and his little friend Hazel after the baptism.  They crack me up! I love how petite and feminine she is.  So cute!
 When I was going through the camera I found lots of pictures like the ones below.
Any guesses on who took them?
 Here's a few more for good measure.  I may have to take some more because I'm not sure she got enough.
 On Labor Day we took the girls up to the Tracy Aviary.  It's changed so much since we went 2 years ago.  I was kind of surprised.  It was super fun though!
In the owl forest.  I'm not sure what was up with Sophia this day.  She was kind of doing crazy poses all over the place.  And yes.  Lilly did dress herself.  I promise.
Cute girls.  I mean birds!
Part of the reason why I love going there is because all the landscaping and foliage it so gorgeous!  We have a butterfly bush in our yard but it looks nothing like this!
 Ah!  Look at the fish this pelican caught!
 Is she as big as this bird?
 See what I mean with the poses?
 Mabel didn't want her picture taken by a bird.  She chose this cool little path instead.
 They had these cool bird benches that the girls had to get their pictures taken on.
 As well as the "rotting carcass" by the Andean Condor.
 This bird was huge!  This picture does not do it justice. It was seriously about the size of Lilly.  It's wingspan was 11 feet!
Lewis got a little sick of the stroller so he got a shoulder ride for a little bit.  This picture makes him look so small!
I love his little smile on his face.  This was right before he threw up on my head.  Probably why he was so happy!
After the aviary the girls saw that the little rides just outside of the aviary were running and begged to ride them.  We each let them pick one. Sophia chose the Ferris wheel as long as I'd ride with her.
 It got pretty high up there!
 Mabel and Lilly chose to ride the airplanes.  Mabel chose "the blue one" (her favorite color.  She picks anything blue!  I think it was called the Blue Bomber) and Lilly rode the Red Baron.

 After that we went to a really crappy restaurant in Salt Lake (because Moochies was closed!  The nerve!).  We made up for it by getting JCW's shakes afterward and then hung out at Doug's sisters house for a little while.  That night I was asking Doug what we should have for dinner and Mabel screamed out "pizza!" (there was a Little Caesars commercial on TV).  I told her we weren't going to get pizza and she said "yes pizza.  pizza is coo-wuh (cool)!" Just love that little girl.