Thursday, October 29, 2009

I got these....

with my 50% off. What are you going to get? I totally love the brown ones on the top! So fun and 50% off! You can't beat it. Especially when it's 50% off clearance! Happy shoe shopping!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Good deal!

Okay, so I don't usually blog about this but I had a pretty awesome coupon deal today that I had to share. Macey's has boxes of Jolly Time Popcorn for $.98 this week. I got 6 boxes of popcorn and I half gallon of Over the Moon Chocolate Milk (if you haven't tried this it's really yummy - I think Meadow Gold makes it and it's fat free!). Anyway, I paid $3.36 for the whole purchase! I thought that was pretty good! Especially when you consider the milk's original price was about $3.60. Today I'm loving the coupon thing! I may not say the same thing tomorrow, but for today it was good! I also love Macey's because they always have tons of their stuff that's on sale. They rarely run out so you don't have to get there at 5 am on the day the ad starts to get the deals. I love it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's that time of year!

We were lucky enough to have my brother Stu and his cute family stick around after Jeffy's wedding last weekend. They came and spent a day with us and we had a fabulous time! We hiked the Grotto and then hung out with Hiromi and Karen while stu golfed with some friends. Hiromi made us a delicious soup for dinner as well! I love when they visit because Hiromi does so much fabulous cooking! Her cabbage pancakes are the best! Here's my girls on the trail. I got better shots of the leaves on my phone but it's currently with Doug on the deer hunt. The mountain seriously looked like it was on fire! The leaves were so vibrant! I think they were even better because it had just rained and everything was reflecting off the road. It was amazing!

The wonderful Grotto. There was still quite a bit of water in it.
Say "cheese"! Karen always puts her fingers on her cheeks when you tell her to smile. It's so cute!
A few weeks ago we had a pretty good freeze and I was worried that I'd lost all my dahlias. They had just recently budded and they were right about ready to bloom. A few of them surprised me and I think they're gorgeous!
My cute friend gave me the idea to carve your name in a pumpkin while it's growing. Pretty much when it was green I took a screwdriver to it and wrote our name in the skin. When it scars over it looks like this. I thought it was pretty cute! I wrote "Fall" and "Boo" on some others. She on the other hand, drew stick figures of her whole family. They're so cute! You can see them here. She also did a ton of canning that I was impressed with. She grew her own artichokes this year and canned them! That's amazing! I had no idea artichokes grew here! Definitely something to try next year.
Here's a picture of Sophia and her pumpkin. Thanks again Grandma Wilkins for the fun pumpkin decorating kits!
In anticipation of the holidays to come I decided to make my own Christmas quilt. My awesome mom bought me some fat quarters from this "Figgy Pudding" line that I saw at our local quilt shop where we're doing our quilt class. I absolutely fell in love with the fabric the minute I saw it! I was debating what kind of quilt to do with it and she suggested that I wait to see what the shop owner decided to do with it. Good idea! I loved the pattern for this one. The trees were a little tricky to put together but the rest of it wasn't too bad. I thought it turned out pretty good! I love how non-traditional the colors are. These pictures aren't the greatest because they were taken in my basement. The link above has the pattern if you want to see more.
Finally, congrats to my awesome sis and her newest sweet baby James! Can't wait to meet you!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I wanna win a trip to Disneyland! Go to or to find out more!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

All Growed Up

My cutest little bro and his cutest Lexie were sealed yesterday and it everything was so beautiful and so fun. They had an open house the night before at my older brother's house in North Salt Lake. Here's the cute candles set up outside leading the way.

The sing-in table. The beautiful cake (they actually had this at the luncheon). I loved the chocolate fondant! Oh the things I would have done differently at my wedding if I only knew about them!
Two cute girls getting ready for the party.
My amazing gourmet chef/MD brother in action. He made the best food! Everything turned out so good!
Cute fall decor that Lexie's cute mom put up. She did the best decorating job!
Yummy cheese platter.
These picks had a beet, pear, goat cheese, and a candied walnut. They were delcious!
Raspberry mousse brownies and picks with a tomato, tortellini and mozarella ball wrapped in basil.
Here's pics from the beautiful day. They were married in Draper and it was so lovely. Their sealer was tremendous and they were both so cute! Here's Lexie with her mom.

Lexie with the father of the bride.
The Happy Couple. I'm still having a hard time getting over that this was my little brother getting married. It's so hard to believe! I also am still trying to figure out how he got such a beautiful girl!
Ah, how sweet.
So fun! Lexie wore her mom's wedding dress and she looked so beautiful! I couldn't believe it!
Cute Karen came all the way from visiting in Japan!. She's so much fun. She just jabbers and jabbers but you can't understand becuase it's all in Japanese. It's the cutest thing. Cute Sophs
Cool Cat Sam.
Cute Lils
All in all, it was such a beautiful day! They had a luncheon after their ceremony and it was all so nice. What a fun day and what a relief for my parents to have all 8 married off!
Here's a few non-wedding related randoms from my kids lately. This is what Lilly fixed herself for dinner the other night. It totally cracked me up.

The other day we were driving through downtown of my hometown. Sophia looked out the window and said, "wow. This is a cute city." I told her that I liked it too because it was the city I was born in and where I grew up. She asked where she grew up. I told her she was born in American Fork but that she now lives in the city where we live but that we might move soon and that that can be the city where she grows up. She then asked where we were going to move to and I told her I didn't know yet. She then said, "maybe we should move to Walmarts. " yeah. That's a good idea. At least we'd never have to go to the store for anything!
One last Sophunny. She was riding with my parents up to Jeff and Lexie's open house and my dad was telling her that in Greek Sophia means wise like a wise owl or something. She responded "good gravy!" That totally cracked my dad up. Silly Sophs!