Monday, January 30, 2012

Dancing Video

I didn't realize that the video didn't post with that last post. Oops! Here's the video of the cute mice dancing.

The latest and greatest

Here's Lilly at her dance recital on Saturday. They did Alice in Topsy Turvy land and she got to be one of the absent minded mice. It was so cute!

Here she is before the show. Her teacher did such a good job with this show. I totally loved the backdrop. I think this dance was the flowers.Here she is after. She did awesome!And here she is with Alice. We also had a lot of fun with food this week too. On Friday we got to have friends come over and decorate yummy cookies!We also had a dessert night for our ward and had a crepe bar. It was really fun too.Doug and I had to speak yesterday and somehow we talked our girls into singing. It only took a little dollar store makeup but I think it was worth it. Don't they look beautiful!?Finally here's some shots of a quilt my mom recently finished. She asked me to take pictures of it so she could have them but of course I had to include them on here too! It was kind of a like a chain letter quilt thing (I think) where you make a certain number of the same block and then send them to everyone and then they put their quilts together however they want. Here's what the quilting looked like. So beautiful!
This was her square. I think she did an awesome job. Way to go mom!And for one final random picture, here's two of my beautiful friends I was lucky enough to see this month. Jen (on the left) lives in CA and was nice enough to come and stay with us after Christmas. It was so fun to see them again! While they were here we opted for a girls night out and met up with Anabelle for some shopping and frozen yogurt. It was a lot of fun! So good to be with them again!

Monday, January 23, 2012

More Disney Pics

Because I know you've been dying to see more! JK. These are ones that Doug's mom sent today off of her camera.

Here's the two amazing people who made the whole trip possible! We love you and will be forever grateful!!!!!!More fun at the beachGrandpa in a skull jailOne of the nights we were there we had an ice cream party in Grandpa and Grandma's room. It was pretty fun!Sophia and James at the crazy ball place at Universal.I love this one of Mabel in front of Grandma Ivins' condo.Here's one of our family at the Mormon Battalion museum. They take your picture and then print it out like this for you to take home. You don't even have to pay a million bucks for it either!I thought these were cute too. Here's the kids watching a movie about Disneyland after the big announcement. And here they all are in their jammies on the stairs. 19 grandkids (and counting - not me, Leda) all 12 years old and under! In case it's not obvious, Mabel was so happy to be there.


Happy Chinese New Year! We had a fun time celebrating tonight (except for without Dad - boo for tax season!). The girls had fun wearing their crowns grandma gave them on New Years Eve. We had Chinese noodles and baked egg rolls and wantons (I baked them in mini muffin cups - they turned out pretty good), Chinese noodles and of course, fortune cookies!

Here's Lilly with her crown

And Mabel had fun trying Sophia's on.And here's our fortunes. My first one said "Any rough times are behind you." and then I got this one.Looks like things are looking up! I'll take it! Lilly's said "You will live a long life a eat many fortune cookies" Yup. Sounds about right. Mabel's said "Happy news is on its way to you". Can't wait to see what that is. Sophia's was something about having good friends or something.

We hope you all had a fun Chinese New Year too because I know you're all crazy like us and celebrate it too!

This is random but our ward executive secretary took these pictures for our new ward directory. I think it turned out pretty cute. These are my girls' best friends in the ward too so it made it even better (minus Lilly looking bored out of her gourd)!

Fun with the new camera

We finally got a new camera and have loved every minute of it! I'm glad we can document moments like these.And these - look at those eyes!

Here's the feature where it only picks our one color or something. For some reason Sophia looks a little creepy in this one.We also discovered that it has this awesome fish eye lens feature that does crazy things to your house.And to your faces! We were cracking ourselves up last night!

It also has this feature that takes video in high speed so that when you play it it's in slow motion. The lighting is super crappy and there's no sound but it's kind of cool to see.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Sorry for being so post happy lately! I don't know what's gotten into me! Anyway, Lilly came home with this cutest recipe from preschool today. They sure look yummy! I think we'll have to give them a try.
It's kind of funny because my favorite chocolate chip cookies to make have cinnamon in them (and sea salt sprinkled on the top). They're delicious! You can get the recipe here (it's the 4th one down - Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies). They seriously are the best chocolate chip cookies. (Although these are good ones too!) You should probably go and make some right now.

Cute Note

Sophia came home with this cutest note from her little friend Judson the other day. It's hard to see because I took this picture with my phone but it says, "dear friend I hope you can come to my birthday. it's going to be at 12:00 am". So cute! Also, here's a few of the whole family shots we got at Disneyland. 33 people in all! We were quite the group!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 7 (last day) - Old Town, LIttle Italy and the Beach!

Our last day in San Diego we tried to squeeze in as many things as we could. We started by going to Old Town. A few of us went anyway. Some of us thought it would be fun to go and get a new tire that we should have replaced before we left. Thank goodness for awesome grandparents who take children that don't want to go to the tire store with them! After that fun adventure Doug and I met up with the rest of them thereWhile we were there we went to the Mormon Battalion Mueseum. It was pretty cool. They redid the tour a few years ago and it was awesome. It was really interactive and fun. I'd definitely recommend it if you're ever in the area. Here's the kids panning for gold after the tour.After that the sun came out so we hurried and ran over to Coronado to take advantage of sunny skies and the beach. I love this picture of Sophia. This girl is ready to conquer the world!While we were on the beach we found a lot of these and brought home a fun collection.We also got plenty dirty. We weren't planning on being there for 5 hours and I really didn't think my kids would get in the freezing water so I didn't bring their swimming suits or anything. Unfortunately I could not keep them out of the water so they got plenty wet and dirty. Luckily the only thing we had in the car was the suitcase full of dirty clothes. After a day of playing at the beach they were cleaner than what my kids were wearing anyway! This poor skirt. It was a definite sand magnet. How cute. Someone carved our initials in the beach. This little baby was not so sure what to think. She was a little apprehensive but warmed up eventually. She definitely would have nothing to do with the water though. This girl would not stay away though! I love sandy baby toes and hands! So cute!Here's Lilly in her second dirty outfit of the day. She had so much fun playing on this sandbar. So did these girls. In the background you can see the condos where Doug's grandma had a condo for awhile. They would come down every year during Jan or Feb and stay the whole month. Doug's mom had a lot of memories here and it was sweet to feel Grandma Ivins' spirit while we were there!Here's the girls making sand angels. Yes Sophia is on her 2nd change of clothes also. Look at those feet! They blend in with the sand! Here's Lilly's attempt.She finally warmed up (she's also on her 2nd outfit) and loved walking in the sand.After awhile the kids discovered if they dug deep enough they could find mud. They seriously dug for a few hours.Logan found a pretty good stash of mud as well. While the kids were playing a few of us took a minute to go and explore the Del. Such a fun and fancy hotel. Here's another shot from our honeymoon taken on the same beach. Overalls? Really? What was I thinking?Here's the courtyard of the Del And the crown room. It was fun to hear Doug's mom's memories of a birthday dinner they had for Grandma here once. She was also telling us this room was designed by L. Frank Baum (who wrote the Wizard of Oz). I guess they incorporated crowns into this room because of the book.One thing I could not get enough of the whole trip was the beautiful foliage that was everywhere! I loved seeing Birds of Paradise all over the place. After the fun at the beach (and sunburns and dehydration) we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up. We made a quick stop at Winchells to get their crullers since they don't have one of these in Utah anymore. Why not? It's probably a good thing though. After we got all cleaned up we decided to show our kids a few of the places we went on our honeymoon. Here's the hotel we stayed in 8 years ago. Pretty fancy, I know. We also took them to Little Italy (the girls kept thinking we were saying Lilly (lilitly) for some yummy pizza and pasta

Here's Sophia in front of the signAnd Doug in almost the exact same spot almost 8 years ago. After that we drove them by the maritime museum and the place we ate at on the first night we were there. So fun to relive the memories.

On the way back to the hotel we drove by the San Diego temple. Gorgeous! So fun to see.When we all got back to the hotel we immediately crashed. I think all that sun finally did us in! We got up early and loaded up the car the next morning and then came home! Here's the girls enjoying their Mickey suckers from Grandma on the way home.Overall it was such an amazingly fun trip. The whole thing was totally magical and something we will treasure forever. We feel totally spoiled and blessed to have been able to go. Thanks again Mom and Dad Wilkins!