Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015!!!

A few nights before Halloween I went with this cute girl to the Addams Family at the Hale Theater.  I actually thought it was well done and pretty funny.  A lot of it went over Sophia's head but I laughed mine off!
 Before it started Fester played the saw and Lurch played the organ for a little while. It was really good!
 On Friday the girls got to wear their costumes to school and were so excited about it!! I came downstairs to see them like this.  I love it!
The nerd all ready for school.  I think she came pretty close to the picture she drew!
 The cowgirl
 And the frog.
 This little one was a Samurai and finally got to wear the kimono by brother sent him when he was born.  He was the most excited about his swords and hasn't let them out of his sight since.
I don't know why but I can never get a clear picture of my kids at the Halloween parade at school.  So here's a blurry frog,
 and nerd.
I helped in Lilly's class party and took advantage of the opportunity to dress up!! 
 After all the fun stuff at school we went to Doug's work party.  He went as Tom Brady's courtroom sketch.  He did it all himself and did I pretty great job if I saw so myself!!
 I went as the artist too.  We got a pretty good response!
 Lewis was pretty sure this is the best holiday ever and loved the chance to get more candy!
 Yesterday was the actual holiday.  We spent the morning doing regular Saturday stuff and then Sophia set up a face painting stand.  She's pretty great!
 Later that night we had a few spooky pizzas before heading out to trick or treat.
 This little girl made it a few houses before she was too afraid of dogs that she saw.  I was grateful for her company while we handed out candy.  She sure knows how to make me laugh at least!!
 I think Halloween was good to this girl.  Judging by this picture anyway.

More Halloween Fun and Goodbye to Jeff and Lexie - Sad Day!

Here's a few more of the Halloween fun we had this year.  We decorated cookies
 and Mabel came home with a pumpkin mask (or Jason mask if you ask me - freaky!!!) from Kindergarten.
 I also found her like this one day.  I seriously don't know where she comes up with this stuff sometimes.
 My parents recently returned from a trip to Japan visiting my brother and his family who live there. Aren't his kids the cutest?!!
Anyway, my awesome sister-in-law sent these bath bombs home for my kids.  They had toys inside!! My kids were pretty sure they were the best thing ever and they smelled absolutely incredible.  Seriously, I was impressed!!
 A few weeks ago I went with Jeff and Lexie to The Chocolate one last time before they left to Zurich.  It was so fun to spend a few last minutes with them even though I miss them like crazy!!!
 I've been helping in Mabel's class every Wednesday and finally remembered to take picture with her teacher since I forgot on the first day of school.  We think Mrs. Nelson is pretty great!
 A few weeks ago Doug was gone for a few days for a training.  We sure missed him and were so happy to finally have him back home!!!
 The day finally came to say goodbye to Jeff and Lexie. It was so sad!! I'm really hoping we will have a chance to visit them this summer.  I couldn't believe all their luggage.  I can't imagine moving halfway across the world!
After we said goodbye we went to the Aquarium to see if it would cheer us up.  They had all their Halloween decor up and it was pretty fun to see.
 There was a huge spider on the bridge!
 This little skeleton liked all the cool stuff too!
 We stayed for the 4D movie and were glad we did. It was about a haunted house and was pretty fun.  And seeing this guy in the glasses made it worth it!
Here's a few more of what we've been up to.  We did some redecorating and moved the giant bookcases out of this room. 
 We painted them white and moved them into this room.  It's amazing how the change made each room look so much bigger.  We really love it.
And here's my silly kiddos in their favorite spot while I through the dirty clothes down to be washed.  They love it when it falls on them.  What crazy kids!!

Another Conference Trip To Wales!!

For October conference we went to Wales again with cousins and grandpa and grandma Wilkins.  We played lots of games,  
I went hunting with the guys (it was actually pretty fun and very beautiful)
 painted/decorated pumpkins,
 played at the park with cousins a lot
saw some gross spiders,
 and took more pictures with cousins!
 We are so grateful for every chance we have to go down there especially when we get to go with family!!