Thursday, August 29, 2013

School Dayz

The day before school started we met up with some friends at a local park for some last minute summer fun.  The kids had a blast on the slip and slide and it was fun to get out one last time.

After all that fun we went and met the girls teachers!  We then came home for dinner and back to school father's blessings.  Then we were up bright and early the next day for the first day of school!  Here's our big 3rd grader!
This is her picture from last year.  Has she seriously grown that much?!
Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Jarvis.  So far she said she's really nice and it really looking forward to 3rd grade!
When we were at the park the day before one of the mom's said she always welcomes her kids home with silly string on the first day of school. Since I was going to be picking Sophia up I decided to bring some in the car with me.  Let's just say it did not go over well.  I let her spray me back to make it even.
I also stole another idea from the same mom and had "Fudgy First Day Sundaes" waiting for when she got home.  These went over a lot better than the silly string.
 Today this little cutie started Kindergarten!  She was pretty excited to go too!
 Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Pennington.  She seems really nice too and Lilly is way excited!
Here's a final random picture of our cute kindergartener and her fun hairstyle from the other day.  She had 2 headbands and a bow. Pretty cute Lils!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to Sophia!

Last week Sophia celebrate 8 wonderful years!  So hard to believe she's that old!  Here's the treats we took to her class.
 Opening presents in the morning.
 She got a pretty good haul!
All ready for school!
 After school she got to skype with Grandpa and Grandma Wilkins (and open a gift from them - thank you!) and then we had crepes for dinner by request.  She was having a party the next day so we only got her a little cake to celebrate with. 
 She tried to eat it all in one bite!
 The next she had a puppy party.   Here's the cake and doggie bowls for the ice cream. 
The kids made doggie bags to take their stuffed dogs and doggie snacks (scooby snacks and cocoa puffs in) and we played "give the dog a bone".
After cake and ice cream and presents we had a silly string fight. My niece had one of these at her party and Sophia absolutely loved it so she requested one for hers.
Doug got in on the action too.
It was a pretty fun party and we love our 8 year old!

The day before her birthday this little guy turned 3 months old!  So hard to believe!
 He was witting in his chair the other day when it started to fall over.  He looks a little nervous but he actually didn't seem to mind.  It just made it so that he was able to reach the toys a little better.
Eventually it fell all the way over.  That didn't seem to bother him too much either.  Silly boy!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet Girl

It's hard to believe this little girl is almost 8 and ready to get baptized!  She tried on my baptism dress just for fun the other night.  Crazy to see her in it!
We went and got her a dress of her own and then headed to the local park to take some shots.  I think some of them turned out ok.  She's getting so big!  It's so fun and sad to see at the same time!


Last weekend we took the kids hiking up American Fork canyon to one of Doug's favorite hunting spots.  Everyone did a great job and it was fun to see a place that he absolutely loves.  It was gorgeous and felt good to be in the mountains again.  This little one was a good hiker!
 This little guy did pretty good too.
 Doug's brother and his family came with us too.  Sophia sure loves these cousins (and friend) and had a great time.
 Love this little guy
 What good hikers!
We also went to check out the temple to see how it's coming along.  It's fun to see the progress but hard to think about how much more there is still left to do!

Random Shots of the Lewis

We sure do love having this little Mr in our house.  He makes the goofiest faces and cracks us up!  My sister got this one on her cell phone.  We all think he looks like a Muppet.
I know this isn't Lewis but I caught this one of Mabel the other day.  Sometimes playing on the ipad (in your jammies in the middle of the day) is just too much work.
These ones cracked me up.  I love how his big eyes peek out.
The other day I was trying to get dinner and some other things ready so he was just laying on his bedroom floor after a change.  He complained for a little bit but eventually just gave up and fell asleep.  Definitely a fourth child!
His sisters also sure love him.  I love this one.  I love the shirt he's wearing too.  It's a baby koala on his mom's back and says "I love hanging out with mom." Love it.
My other sister took these next two when she was here.  I think she caught some good ones!
I'm not sure if my favorite part of this picture is his tongue or the fact that he's wearing a bow with his little brother shirt.
This is also a random one but my brothers and sisters got together for a Google hangout recently to wish my little brother a happy birthday.  We had my parents, 2 brothers in Salt Lake, brother in Japan, sister in New York, sister in Oklahoma (who was actually still in Springville), sister-in-law in Seattle and brother in Switzerland all on the call.  It was pretty fun and crazy!  Love my family!