Friday, April 29, 2011

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Sophia's class has been learning about Nursery Rhymes lately. This week they were lucky enough to have some black sheep come and visit their class. She loved it! It happened to be the day I was helping in the classroom so Mabel got to join in on the fun too!Today she had a Mother Goose Fair in her class. The kids got to come dressed as their favorite Nursery Rhyme character and then perform it for everyone. She chose to be Little Miss Muffet. Doug's mom had this really cute hat and apron/jumper thing that she let us borrow. I couldn't get it all to fit her quite right and then I remembered I had this apron. I quickly whipped up a hat to match and she was ready to go. Here's her class singing "Hey Diddle Diddle" for us. (Of course I'm an awesome parent and forgot my camera so these were all taken with my phone. Sorry!) Here's Sophia performing "Little Miss Muffet. One of her favorite little friends was Little Miss Muffet as well. This cute boy was the spider that scared Miss Muffet. He doesn't look too frightening (or excited to have his picture taken).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2

I just found more pictures on my camera from Easter. Sorry I've posted A TON lately. I guess I just really want to be caught up so I don't have to post for awhile.

After church and lunch the whole house took a 2 hour nap. It was so nice and it never happens! I can't remember the last time Sophia took a nap. It was incredible! Sweet Lilly fell asleep cuddling her purple unicorn the Easter Bunny brought. So cute. After naps we headed to my brother Jason's house for a delicious meal and fun egg hunt!

My sister-in-law made this aweomse bunny cake.
Getting instructions for the hunt. Can't wait to go!

While everyone was hunting Mabel was enjoying her some cake. She would have kept going if I hadn't stopped her!

Most of the eggs had candy but a few had money, water and notes that said "no candy for you!". Overall it was very fun and we ended up with too much candy! Thanks again J & D! Thanks also to Grandma Miller for the cute basket with books and Peter Rabbit eggs (where did you get those by the way?) and to Grandma Wilkins for the cute book!


Saturday we headed out to Doug's uncle's house for an Egg hunt with the whole Ivins clan. He has a huge backyard that was perfect for a hunt.Mabel opted to not look for eggs but stay warm and cozy with grandma instead. Lilly was pretty excited (in case you can't tell by the look on her face) with the bubbles she claimed from the prize table.

Sophia was a little more excited about her kite.

That night we came home and decorated eggs.
We used a "pearlescent" kit. I think they turned out ok.

We also made "Tomb" cookies to talk about the Resurrection and then headed to bed.
The next morning we hopped into our Easter dresses and headed to church. This one was pretty excited about the day.

This was the best I could do of pictures before church.

We snapped a few pictures after church too. I'm not sure they turned out much better! We hope you had a happy Easter too!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Home again, home again!

We finally made it home and are happy to be back (but again, sad to not be in NY anymore). My brother that was there at the same time gave me this to bring home to Doug (they stopped by the Hershey factory on their way to NY). It looks like a fairly normal Reese's bar until you look a little bit closer. Yikes! This thing weighs 1 pound!

Look at the size of one of these! It's almost as big as my hand!

We were so happy to finally be home (even if it was 1 am!) I was lucky enough to be greeted by these (and I forgot to mention a Cafe Rio salad in the car. Oh Cafe Rio how I missed you. Chipotle is good but not quite the same).

I have never seen a Gerber like this. So beautiful!

I also stumbled upon these in my bathroom! Oh how I love my husband. Not that it's unusual for us to have fresh cut flowers in our bathroom or anything.

I had to pull out all the stops to get Sophia on the plane to come back home. One of them was that Dad usually makes a big sign for us and I couldn't wait to see what it was. Thanks to tax season, the sign was replaced with flowers (which I love and was so grateful for!). Sophia however, was not impressed and felt that we needed a big sign. She made this one for Doug to welcome him home from work the next day.
Here we are in the plane above waving to our house beneath. I love the detail of the fancy Southwest Airlines wings that she picked up on. "Welkum Back Hoam!" indeed

NY Trip - Final Post!

This post is going to be way out of order but I don't want to rearrange all the pictures so sorry!

Here's what we did our last few days there. My sister has the greatest house. I seriously love everything about it. She may kill me for posting this picture but one of the things I love the most is her basement. It's the best place to play! Especially on a cold Buffalo winter day. It has a shuffleboard game built into the tile. What more could you want?The kids also had fun with the pool table. Most people like to play pool on a pool table but it's also fun to practice earthquake drills on a pool table. She also has this awesome Florida room connected to their family room that goes straight into the backyard. Totally jealous of this also!

The girls had fun painting flowers for Jane and Kate's new bunk beds. Here's everyone getting ready for one last shot before my brother Stuart and his family left for the rest of their vacation to Pittsburgh.

Before they left we took a stop to East Aurora to visit the Fisher Price headquarters.

The girls had so much fun there and we came home with mermaid Dora (who swims in the tub) as well as Barbie (who swims in the tub - her skirt even doubles as one of those soap bath scrubber things - bonus!)

Here's me and my sister saying goodbye to Stu!

Me and sweet Karen posing for one last photo. I seriously love this 3 year old! She was so fun to be around. I was so impressed with her how well she speaks too. She's pretty much fluent in both Japanese and English and had no problems going between the two. It was quite impressive. She's so smart! I was playing blocks with her one day and she said "look! I made koshi!" (sorry if I spelled that wrong Stu). I asked her what that was and she said "you know. Koshi. Chair?" She's so cute!

We also took a quick stop to this cute 5 and dime store called "Vidlers". East Aurora is the cutest town ever! It was really big old cute homes and had such a cute small town feel to it. The main street was cobblestone too. It was so quaint. I loved it!

My sister also took my by this Frank Lloyd Wright house in Buffalo. I love his style!

We also ate out a lot and it was all worth it! She took me to this delicious dessert place called Butterwood. It was amazing! This is another random shot but my brother-in-law is an amazing woodworker and their house is full of things he's made (all of their beds - including the crib, dressers, bookcases, etc). He also made this bench and strawberry tower they have in their backyard.

Mabel spent a lot of time in this spot with these fun toys! The day before we left we took all the kids to see "Hop". It was pretty fun and they all did pretty well. The last day we were there (our plane didn't leave until about 6 pm so we had plenty of time to kill!) we headed to the zoo and science museum. Their zoo was way fun and has a really cool rain forest exhibit that was home to this creepy bird. I was pretty sure he was going to peck my eyes out at any minute.

It also had this fun bridge that no one could get enough of.

I love this 3 year old too! So sweet.

Here's Sophia on a pig at the farm at the zoo.

After the zoo we went to the science museum. Unfortunately it was Spring Bread for the schools out there so it was way crowded. It was still pretty fun though. They had this awesome "Chronicles of Narnia" exhibit that had a bunch of stuff from the movie as well as things from C.S. Lewis' personal collection. Unfortunately they did not allow photography in the exhibit so I'll leave it up to your imagination. It was cool though.Here we are inside the museum. This was the main foyer area. It was a pretty cool building. Apparently it's a school as well. And that concludes our trip! If you made it through all of these you're amazing! Thanks again for the great time Liza and Co.! It was definitely a trip that will not be soon forgotten!