Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Little Graduate

Sophia had her little preschool graduation this last week. It was held at the Peteetneet (fitting for our child who is peteet and neet). Her teachers did a really cute job with it. They did a space theme and it was fun. Sophia's class did a little dance to "The Kid From Outer Space" and she hasn't stopped singing it since.

I thought the little caps and gowns were so cute! There were 3 classes graduating and they all had a different color. So fun!Here's Sophia with Ms. Pam and Ms. Jessie. Ms. Jessie is Ms. Pam's daughter and they are the best! Ms. Pam has been teaching preschool for 30 years (She's been doing Starbright for 25 years). She's so amazing and Sophia is absolutely in love with both of them.Thanks again Grandpa and Grandma for coming! Thanks for the princess magnets too!

We love you Sophs and are proud of you! Here's to another year of preschool!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You don't know me but I'm famous (again)

Sorry for the two posts in a day. In case you get a bored minute, check out this article. It was kind of fun topic to think about. Of course I thought of more things to add later but oh well. Can you think of anything I left off?

Congratulations to the Jeffy! (and Lexie)

Congrats to my cutest most recently engaged little bro! We are so excited for you and can't wait to have Lexie as my new sista! I totally love the ring (bling!)!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pretties, Pokies, Paiting and Princesses

Here's a few of what our girls have been up too. Sophia spent a little time last Saturday attaching every bow and flower she owns to her hed. She thought she was beautiful. Doug and I thought she looked ready to take up synchronized swimming.

Friday night we went with Doug and a few of his co-workers for a dinner and a campout (although we didn't camp because I did the Running with Angels 5K with my sis-in-law Jenna the next day and it was awesome!). Lilly discovered a prickly pear bush on the property and I didn't know it until she came walking up to me with a prickly pear attached to her pants. I picked her up and discovered the little buggers all over her arm and leg! She didn't just have a bunch of big pokies, she had tons of tiny little hair like ones too. She wasn't crying but she definitely winced when I pulled them out. Apparently I didnt' get them all because the next day her arm looked like this. It looks much better now and I think she's starting to heal.

The other day we were having a mom needs a moment moment in our house and so I sent the kids out to paint the sidewalk. I am in love with crayola washable paints. They were out there for about an hour (which was about enough for me to clean the house and keep it clean for more than 10 minutes!). Sophia was so excited to show me her creation when she was finished.
They both totally got covered but it was worth it to me! Thank goodness it was washable!
Finally, we bid a sad farewell to some of our favorite friends from our Provo Ward. They are headed to CA to work for one of the Big 4 and are taking a few months break in Idaho until they move on. We were sad to see them go but are happy they're still close and hope they come to visit! They had a fun time playing dress ups before they had to leave. What beautiful princesses. Thanks again for the dresses Liza!

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Cheap Decor!

A local scrapbook and home decor had another amazing sale this week and so I took advantage once again. The blue sign says flowers and was only $1! I couldn't believe all the metal signs were $1! I bought a few more for the holidays (one that says BOO! and one that says 4th of July) and gifts. I also got the fleur de lis metal shape for a little more. I hung it up and Doug's only comment was "I guess we do like scouting". Silly Doug. I think it looks good even if it does share that resemblence.

The also had the cutest paper stacks on sale for $0.50! I could not believe it. 48 sheets of this cute textured "La Creme: paper for 2 for $1. It was too much and I bought too much of it. I had fun making these cute scrapbook boxes for my moms for Mother's Day. Thanks again for the idea Lauren! I think they turned out pretty good. Let me know if you want the instructions. I'd be happy to pass them along. I am not artistic enough to make these cutest things that my friend Jenn gave her moms made so I settled for this. Jenn- you seriously amaze me! I don't know how you do it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun in the sun

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous mom's out there! I hope you have a good one!

Now for the post. Yesterday we got our garden in (thanks again James and Tiffany) and then we all had a good time running through the sprinklers while our new garden was enjoying the drink. When's the last time you ran through the sprinklers? I highly recommend it. Totally makes you feel like a kid again. Lilly was not too much of a fan and liked to keep her distance. Obviously she has not had the experience of this classic childhood moment. She did enjoy the water straight from the hose. Just not sprinkled all over her. Bring on the summer and more water fun!

P.S. The cup Sophia is holding is the new home of her pet worm. Unfortunately it only lived about 5 minutes. She kept telling us that it was going to come back to life just like Jesus. Never a dull moment with that child.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bonus Trip

After we got back from Vegas I went to one day of Women's Conference. Of course it was fabulous and I hope I can go again next year. That night we headed out to go camping with Doug's brother and his family so that the boys could get one last shot at Turkey hunting. We all had a pretty good time. Lilly is not so much a fan of sleeping in the tent. It rained during the night but we had a little break until it started hailing while we were trying to roast some hot dogs for lunch. That was not so much fun. At least they were warm I guess.

I tried to get a picture of the hail. I'm not sure I did it justice.

The best part for the kids was that we camped right next to a river. The worst part for the adults was that we camped right next to a river. Right when we got there I informed Doug we would not be returning with both of our children. Luckily we did though. Here's a few of Lilly on her many attempts to get to that dang river.
The river? Me? No, I'm not headed there.
Here's a bonus for this post. Oh, what do you do on a Sunday afternoon, when you have church at nine? My sweet husband makes crowns and magic wands for his princess daughter. I thought he did a great job. He's definitely much better at that stuff than I am!

Crazy Trip Week!

Last Sunday the kids and I loaded up and headed to this place to join Douglas for a conference he had there. We dropped him off at the hotel and then went and joined my old roomie Lauren for church at her ward. They were also gracious enough and we were fortunate enough to join them for dinner that evening and for some fun times over the next few days. Monday we went hiking up at Red Rock Canyon. It was so fun and beautiful. I definitely would frequent that canyon if we lived close by. The girls had a fun time hiking and Sophia even demonstrated what a full blown 30 minute 3 year old tantrum looks like. It was fabulous! (Thanks again for putting up with that Mike and Lauren).
At the end of our hike was a little "waterfall" or trickle. I was told it's more spectacular earlier in the season. Later that evening the girls and I ventured to this place. The conservatory of course was gorgeous and I think that the beaultiful lighting only enhanced Lilly's eyes. I think they're gorgeous!
We were staying right across from the Bellagio in the Planet Hollywood but unfortunately we had a view of the other side of the strip. Fortunately for Sophia we had a great view of the castle (a.k.a. Excalibur). Our room was decorated in a Sean Connery theme. It was pretty funny. Here's some props from "The Great Train Robbery" and a picture of him that greated us everytime we entered the bathroom (I know what you're thinking - who takes a picture of the bathroom in the room they're staying in? Me. okay? Get over it). A little creepy if you ask me. The room was complete with more pictures of him and a jacket that he wore in one of his films. It was great. (It really was a nice room complete with a big flat screen TV so I can't complain).
The next day we joined Lauren and her cute girls at a really cool place called Springs Preserve. It had a great childrens play area complete with a sand and water station and some fabulous gardens that we walked around in. It really was cool. You can't really tell from this picture but the green stuff is all recycled broken glass. It was cool to see.After that I took the girls out to the temple and then to the Ethel M chocolate factory. Unfortunately it was under construction so there wasn't much to see. The cactus gardens were cool though.
The last day there we went to the fabulous Le Village Buffet in Paris and of course it was delicious. After that we walked through the MGM to see the lions and the cool animals (not real) at Rain Forest Cafe. The girls loved it.