Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cousins and New Years!!

A few days before New Years Eve we met up with our Wilkins cousins at Thanksgiving Point.  Doug's sister was in town from Oregon so it was fun to have an excuse to get out and get together with them!
 I spy Gracie at the top of the marquee with a sign that says "Hello Cousins" (even if it's hard to see!).
 Lewis loved the building room and could have stayed there all day.  Along with the other little boy cousins.
 After that we met up with my side of the family at Brick Oven to see my brother and his family.  Sure love these cute girls!!
 The next day we headed down to Wales to meet up with the older cousins that were there for Gramp Camp.  Doug's parents had decorated it for Christmas and it was so fun!! I don't think I've seen the Wales house decorated for Christmas and I love it.  When the kids arrived there the night before for Gramp Camp his parents had also hung stockings by the fireplace for each one of them.  They're the best.
 My mother in law put these cute red ribbons on a lot of things in the house.  Even on a little brush in the bathroom.  I loved it!
We had such a great time down there and enjoyed a lot of time lounging around.  AKA eating peanut butter on Hershey bars straight out of the jar with dad.  Like father like son.
My mom sent the kids with some new years packets that included these awesome glasses.
 Lewis loungin with Grandpa.
I brought poppers, noise makers and party hats along which sounded like fun but with 16 kids it actually ended up just being quite loud.
 We waited until midnight on the East Coast (10 pm here) and then let of the poppers and some fireworks outside.  It was FREEZING cold there so we enjoyed the fireworks from inside.
The next day we had a blast with the sleds on the back of the 4 wheelers.  It was so fun.  Lewis wasn't a fan of the sled but loved riding the 4 wheelers and gators with cousins.
 Lewis with his favorite cousin Logan.
 We also spent a lot of time playing games.  Or having our dinosaurs play games.
 Overall it was a great trip and I'm so glad we went.  It was loud and crazy but so fun!!

A few days later we got a late Christmas present from cousins in Japan that included bath bombs and candy kits.  They're the best!! My kids were soooo excited!!
 And finally, I went to visit a friend for a minute today and Mabel stayed in the car since she has strep.  I left her my phone to play with while I was gone and stumbled upon this later...
 That same little stinker got in trouble for picking on Lewis today.  She made this note (and bracelet) to say sorry and it completely melted my heart.  Sure love that girl.


 The kids were so excited that this day finally came!! We got them up way too early and read scriptures and then made them take a picture on the stairs before letting them see if the big guy had come.
And he did!! 
 This year I had a temporary moment of insanity and made all the kids nap mats.  I think they were pleased with how they turned out!
After opening a few presents the kids went to check out their stockings.
 The aftermath!! It was so fun to have our first Christmas in this house! In our last house Christmas always gave me anxiety because of the mess in our tiny little house.  This year it didn't bug me as much.  It was nice to have space!
We also had plenty of this stuff on Christmas morning!! It made for some excitement getting from place to place!
 Doug spoiled me this year.  He gave me a set of Golden Book Encyclopedias
 and replaced my diamond!! I was shocked and soooo happy!!
This little buddy got spoiled too!! After opening our own presents we stopped at my parents for a minute and then went to Doug's parents for a delicious breakfast, great company and more presents!
 Lewis for this awesome mask making kit from cousins. He loved it!
The day after Christmas was a Saturday and we spent the day doing absolutely nothing.  We slept in, laid around and played with toys.  It was kind of nice to have a down day after all the craziness.
 Lilly got this schoolhouse craft kit that she got to paint and decorate all herself.  I love how it turned out!!
 Mabel got a similar thing but it was a treasure box.
The girls also got these shirts for Christmas made with their own artwork!
 More proof that we did absolutely nothing after Christmas.  Are we lazy or what?! We've made up for it since then.
 Finally we felt loved this Christmas and were grateful for all the fun cards we received!

Christmas Eve

Christmas was a good one for us this month.  We were pretty spoiled!! On Christmas eve we had my parents and my brother and his family over for some yummy Indian food.  It was a fun time and we were lucky to be with so much family. After dinner we let the kids open their presents from Pajama Clause.  I think they were pretty pleased with what they got. 

 Mabel also took advantage of the opportunity to read everyone her book "My Little Pine Tree". She "wrote" and illustrated it herself.
 Doug spoiled me and got me pajamas too.  The best was that they were Star Wars!!
 Before heading to be the kids were sure to leave some goodies for Santa and the reindeer.  I love that each one got a carrot.
 The girls and their dolls got matching pajamas.  I think they're pretty happy with what they got!
After the kids went to bed Doug and I stayed up a little longer and watched "White Christmas".  One of my faves.
 Then it was time for Santa to come.  He got the stockings ready
 and put out some gifts!
We finally got our turn to go to bed and try and get some rest before the big day!