Monday, September 26, 2016

Rest of September

Right after Labor Day this cutie started preschool.  There were some mixed feelings about it all....
But he loves it!! He asks every day if it's a preschool day. His teacher Miss Misty is the best.  She's a good friend in our ward and she's wonderful.  The best part is that we can walk there.  That's his favorite part too.  That and his Paw Patrol backpack....
 The beginning of September brought on fall which meant some fall baking and decor...
I was also able to sneak away with some friends for a girls weekend in St. George.  It was so fun to get away and nice to have a break from kids.  Unfortunately this is the only picture I took...
 This boy was pretty excited about the Paw Patrol shirt I brought home for him!
He's also been enjoying his last few weeks of being the baby of the family and follows me everywhere I go.  I don't mind though! I love having him around and especially love when he falls asleep by me.
 My dad brought over a delicious peach pie the other night made with peaches from their garden.  We quickly gobbled it up!
This is Lilly's self portrait along with an autobiography that I spotted in the hallway when I was at the school the other day.
 A few Saturdays ago we took advantage of the good weather and got some projects done.  Doug put some heat tape on the roof and it only took him 4 hours....
 We also made some pumpkin donuts to go along with watching football!! Now if only BYU could win a game...
The kids kept reminding me that it had been awhile since we decorated our pictures for a holiday so they took it upon themselves to decorate them.
 I took advantage of some free time and made a quilt for the new baby.  I've had the fabric and pattern for awhile and was happy to finally make it!
 Sophia made this for me while I was in St. George.  She's too sweet.
 Lewis drew a "mask" on himself the other day.  He also drew them on his hands and arms.... Luckily it came off pretty good!
 And here's Lilly with my boots on.  Those are some big shoes to fill! JK.
 And finally, yesterday we said goodbye to our dear hamster Niblet.  We had him for about 2 years so he lived a good life.  He recently started getting really big and gross looking and could barely walk so we were glad to see him pass on to hamster heaven.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Back to School, Room Changes and Labor Day!

After cake and ice cream we headed to the school for Back to School Night!! Mabel was pretty thrilled about meeting her teacher.... She absolutely cracks me up.  For the record she has LOVED school so far and really likes her teacher Mrs. Lundell. 
 Lilly got Mr. Thurgood this year and she was pretty excited about that.  He seems really nice and reminds me a lot of my brother Derik so that's a plus!
 Sophia got Mrs. Bushman who I was also really excited about.  I've heard good things about here and hope Sophia has a good year!
 The first day of school was also Sophia's birthday.  She woke up to presents and
 cinnamon roll cake! When did she get to be 11!!??
 Here they are all ready to go to their first day!!
 Mabel came home with this note (and cute picture) that also cracked me up.  We're wondering if she was trying to write good but couldn't figure out how to spell it so she went with bad...
 On the second day of school we met our cousins who were still in town for some bowling!!
 I went to a craft night that night and came home to find Lewis like this.  I guess your pillow makes a better blanket sometimes...
 The next day when the girls were in school Lewis and I went and met cousins again but this time at Thanksgiving Point. He loved the wind and hurricane tunnels.
 And the geometry playground.
 We also went and got him a backpack.  He can't wait to start school tomorrow!!
 The last day our cousins were here we went with Jane and Eliza to Newsies. It was so much fun!! We all loved the play and the dancing was amazing.  I think I liked the movie better just because they changed the storyline in the play...
 Doug took the other kids to the Squire party where they got some awesome balloon animals.
 Sophia and I met them there later where she got her face painted.
The next morning we started painting the girls rooms so we could get them all switched up!!
 Random picture of Sophia with an awesome Chewbacca mask her BFF bought her for her birthday.
While we were switching up rooms we updated the bathroom too.
 This dresser was Doug's great grandpas and was blue and red (it was in his Americana themed room growing up).  We updated it a little and are loving the cleaner look.
 More from Sophia and Lilly's "new" room.
 Mabel got moved to the room upstairs.  We painted it pink and she's loving it so far!
 Over the weekend I took the girls to see Into the Woods at Payson High School.  Sophia's 4th grade teacher Mr. Ewell was the narrator/mysterious man.  His wife played the bakers wife and they both did a wonderful job.  The whole play was a lot of fun!
 Later that night we stayed up watching the BYU game.  We were glad they won!!
 Today is Labor Day and we started the day with a hike to Ensign Peak.
 It was a little steeper than I thought but we still made it!!
 And the view was awesome!!
All of the kids wanted a selfie with me.
 Lewis with his sticks at the top.
 And this girl with her sunglasses and backpack were making me smile.
 After that we went to the Church History Museum where we finally got to watch the new First Vision movie and spent a little bit of time playing in the kid area.
 Then we went to the Tracy Aviary for a little bit.  We sure love that place!
 Sophia was making this face not because she was scared but because these owls were too darn cute!!
Doug just got back from taking the girls to see BFG too.  I'd say overall we had a pretty fun day!!