Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Temple and Family

Last week we were lucky enough to have Doug's sister and her family in town for a short visit. We met them for lunch on Monday and had so much fun with Savannah and baby Will!!
The next day we went with them to the zoo.  It was so fun.  Lewis was seriously obsessed with Will.  It was hilarious. Will didn't think so though.
On Monday we went to the Payson temple with Doug's family. It was fun to go with them and so nice!! It was seriously gorgeous inside.  There were a lot of happy chills and tears. 
In the Celestial Room we had a local bishop talk to us about sealings.  At the end he asked if anyone had any questions.  Mabel raised her hand and said "Jesus lives here." The bishop assured her he does.  It was kind of a sweet moment.
 It was seriously such a pretty day when we were there!! The temple almost doesn't look real in this picture!
 Here's a pictures of us about 4 years ago on the future temple site. Fun to see how it (and we!!) have changed.
After the temple we had everyone over for a Brazilliam BBQ.  The food was yummy and the company was great!
Mabel came home with this gem from preschool the other day.  She sure likes that Jesus.  She cracks me up.
 She also had a dance recital this week and did a great job.  I was proud of her.
 Doug brought home some gorgeous flowers just for fun the other day.  I sure love him and those kind of flowers!!
This past weekend we did a lot of yard work.  We ripped out a bunch of stuff in the front of the house an replanted the beds.  I'm excited to see how they grow!! I hope things will look really good in 5 years!
 Here's a little before and after of the front.  Those big tree bush things were not my favorite.
Sophia had a county report this week and chose Sanpete since that's where the Wales house is.  She did the whole poster by herself and did a great job.
 This little boy cracks me up.  Sophia put my belt on him after church.  Either I'm really skinny or he's really big! JK.
 Tonight we had Mabel's favorite dinner.  Spaghetti and meatballs.  Apparently she enjoyed it!
 And finally Lewis has loved playing with food lately.  He likes to make "tinner".  He decided the horse was hungry and needed some tinner too.

House Improvements

Here's a  few house things from lately.  These first few aren't really house related but some crafts I finally finished that I made at a craft night a few months ago.

I went a little crazy a few weeks ago and started painting pretty much everything.  I started with our bathroom vanity.  I used Java gel stain and it was amazing!! So easy to use. 
The kids vanity got a fresh coat with chalk paint and so did the downstairs bathroom.  I just didn't get a picture of it.  It's now gray instead of beautiful golden oak.
 I was looking for an entry table and finally found one at DI.  It got all dolled up with some chalk paint too and I was pleased with how it turned out.
 The front porch with an awesome sign my cute friend makes.
I had this brilliant idea that we'd paint the living room and part of the kitchen yellow.  It did not turn out as planned and was pretty ugly.
We switched to gray and I thought it turned out a lot better!
The fireplace also got painted white 
 and the front room got a coat of light blue on the bottom.
 We got some more pictures hung
 and created a portrait wall in the stairway.  Doug painted that whole wall and I was glad I didn't have to!!

 We also painted the banister! This was a hard and long project.  There's a whole other section you can't see in this picture.  It honestly took a week.  It was the worst!!
I installed a new light fixture over the seek and got some curtains hung. 
We also had a huge tree in the backyard taken down. It's so nice to have it gone! Now we need to decide what to do with the space!
We have really loved living here so far and have enjoyed changing things up a little!! Sophia had a late night with her friends a few weeks ago.  I found this list of what she had planned.  Totally cracked me up. 
 There was definitely a lot of Studio C watching.  What a fun bunch of girls.
With all the fun there have also been some not fun things that have happened. We got a flat tire a few weeks ago.  It was the second one we've had since moving here! Crazy!! I noticed it when I went to take the kids from school so unfortunately Doug had already left.  Some really nice men from the power company stopped and helped me change it though. It was so nice. 
And this little one caught her second round of strep in a month.  What gives?!