Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Miss Mabel! You are 5!!

Last week our Mabel girl turned 5!! We had a great day celebrating her.  The day before Sophia made these pictures for her and hung them around the house.  She's so thoughtful. 
 She also let the birthday girl sleep in her room.  And for some reason she chose to sleep on the floor. The birthday fairy still found her and left her a few gifts.
 There were also some waiting for her downstairs.
 By request we had cinnamon roll cake for breakfast.
 Later that day we had some friends over for a cotton candy party.  It was great!
 She planned out the details and was pretty happy with the results.
 The girls decorated bags, played with cotton candy playdough, painted with cotton candy paint (shaving cream, glue and food coloring)
 And played this awesome game that Sophia made.  I left that morning to exercise and when I got home she had done all of this.  I loved it !
 This sign was my favorite part.
She even cut out the individual cotton candies.
 Then it was time for presents
 and cupcakes and ice cream.  I even found cotton candy ice cream!
 This guy sure enjoyed his!
 For dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs at her request.  I think she had a great day!
 A few days later we had her graduation for an online preschool she did this year.  It was pretty cute.
 Grandpa and Grandma Miller came to and we went to Yogurtland after to celebrate.
 This little boy is such a cheeser! He kills me!

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a pretty great fourth of July this year.  We started with some patriotic manicures the night before.
 Then we got up early and went to the balloons.
 The weather wasn't good enough for them to take off but we at least got to see them inflate which was fun.  The Yoda one was pretty cool!
 It was early and we were tired as evidenced by our droopy eyes!! We all came home and slept for 2 more hours!
 Happy Birthday America! Says Uncle Sam the dog.
 Sophia wanted a star in her hair but she only kept it in for about 5 minutes.
 We went to my brothers house that night for dinner and fireworks and had a good time.
 Lewis figured out how to do a high five on the way up and was proud himself.
 He did not like the sparklers though.
 This girl did though and was pretty happy with the glow bracelets!
 Sure love the goofy patriotic kiddos!

Fun with cousins!!

We've been lucky enough to have cousins from out of state in town! A few weeks ago we met them a at a pool with other cousins and had a great time!! Lewis could have spent the whole time on this frog slide.
 He also enjoyed some time resting in the shade
 and some donuts.
Hooray for cousins, pools and summer!!
 We were also lucky enough to have them sleep over one night
 And the next day we went bowling at BYU
 The bumper lanes were all full so we had to use the regular lanes.  It was kind of hard.
 Lewis loved it but was so frustrated that he couldn't pick up the balls.
 His favorite part!
 Cute little posers
 A few weeks ago Lilly did an art camp through our school district.  She loved it and did some great work! The last day we got to come and see what she had created.  It was great!
 Her self portrait.
 And finally here's a few of this cheeser.
 He's a man of many hats.
 We sure love him and he sure makes us smile!!