Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February Shenanigans

Here's a little of what we've been up to this last month.  At the end of January we had an adults only dinner with Doug's family to celebrate his dad's birthday.  The food was wonderful and so was the company.  We are lucky to have so much good family so close! 
 A few days later I took my girls to a delicious bakery in Provo we've been wanting to try (it was so worth it)
 And then we went to the Alice in Wonderland ballet at BYU with grandpa Miller.  It was also wonderful!
 Later that day (after it had snowed all day) we did some nighttime sledding.  The girls absolutely loved it.
 Apparently we needed to build a nighttime snow castle as well.

 I still can't believe how much snow we've gotten this year.  It's crazy!! And even crazier that it's finally starting to melt and is almost gone!
 Mabel celebrated 100 days of school and had a great time doing it!
 We have discovered the fun of ice dams this winter and have committed to investing in a lot of heating tape in the spring to hopefully prevent this next winter.
 Watch your step!
Daddy has started working late so we've come up with ways to keep ourselves entertained.  One night we decorated valentine cookies.
 and made valentine boxes.  I lucked out and only had to make 1 this year.  Phew!
 Random picture of a cool formation our snow pile made.
 February means Valentines Day which means some gorgeous flowers from Doug.  I am too blessed.
 We were also lucky enough to have Uncle Jeffy and Aunt Lexie in town from Switzerland for a wedding. It was so good to see them again!! We were lucky enough to have Jeffy come on a tour of the new Provo temple with us.
 We also went to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art.  I'm glad we finally got a chance to see it before it left the museum.  It was pretty crowded but fun to see nonetheless.
 We came up to bed one night to find these two like this.  I guess Lewis was having a hard time sleeping so Sophia came in to keep him company.
Because Valentine's Day was on a Sunday we enjoyed a nice day together at home (and church).  We made a yummy dinner that included homemade creme brulee.  It was surprisingly easy to make and absolutely delicious! 
 Our kids spoiled us and hung this pretty amazing poster on our door.
 Doug also made a wonderful dinner and set up this cute little table in our room.
 Later that night we went to Doug's parents house where they got set apart as missionaries.  They had to Mozambique in a few days!! Of course I didn't take any pictures but it was a great night!

The day after Valentines Day was Presidents Day and the kids had no school.  We took advantage of that and had a fun day. We started with breakfast at Cracker Barrel
 And then went to Nickel Mania where they played to their hearts content.
 Then we had lunch at Wendy's, played at Grandpa and Grandma Millers for a little bit, went and saw Kung Fu Panda 3 and then finished with dinner at In and Out. We were lucky enough to have dad join us for dinner too so that was fun!
 This girl continues to crack us up.  I don't know where she comes up with this stuff.
 Looks like this guy is following in her footsteps though!
 Last Saturday I was lucky enough to go to lunch with these guys (and my parents) and then to the Chocolate.  It was so yummy and nice to have a kid free break for a minute!
 Today Mabel participated in the Kindy 500.  I didn't quite realize that it was quite the affair that it was! There were some pretty fancy cars there!! Luckily she didn't seem to mind that she wasn't the fanciest one there.  The state she was representing was Connecticut (hence the Connecticut flag).
Last night we got to celebrate Lexie's birthday with her.  Shes's sure great and it was so fun to celebrate with her!!
 Even if I lost the pie in the face game.
 It was fun to see grandpa play though!! He's a good sport!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

January Fun!!

January was as good, crazy and busy month.  One of the Fridays the girls had some friends over for a late night.  They played some games and decorated cupcakes. 
 Lewis wanted more "minions" aka M&M's on his.
 We also made a resolution this year to take our kids on more one on one dates.  Sophia's turn came first.  She wanted to go ice skating but it wasn't open so we settled for roller skating, some arcade games and Yogurtland! Sure love this cute girl!
One Sunday after church Lilly wanted to make fortune cookies.  We filled them with fortunes and unfortunes.
 They didn't turn out quite as expected but they still tasted good!
That same day these 2 came dressed up like this.  They crack me up!!
 Lilly had a dance recital a few weeks ago.  It was part of a fireside her studio puts on every year and they dance to "I Am A Child of God".  She did great and it was beautiful!!
 Sophia has this hamster head ring and Mabel felt like he needed a body.  She seriously cracks me up!
 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day there was no school which resulted in this epic blanket fort.
 Yikes.  Luckily the girls cleaned it up by themselves (mostly).
 We also were lucky enough to tag along with my brother and his family to tour the new Provo temple.  It was amazing!!! I absolutely loved it. It was so fun to be in that amazing building again!!
 Chocolate anyone?  This little boy has been making the biggest messes lately!! He is so good at getting into everything!
 He also helped himself to some lipstick the other day.  Such a stinker!
 The end of January meant February and Valentines Day were coming up so we put up some decor. I made this banner this year and like how it turned out!
 The girls had crazy hair day at school a few weeks ago.  Sophia wanted her straight up (with the help of a cup)
 Sophia did this to Lilly all by herself,
 and apparently Mabel wanted to go like this.
 Mabel also had a Winter Carnival in Kindergarten and Lewis and I got to go help.  It was pretty fun!! They got to do things like read a story in an igloo
 and have a snowball fight. It was a cute and crazy day!!
 I posted this picture on Instagram to show a tale of two winters.  The one on the left is from last year at this time when we looked at this house and the one on the right is this year. We've gotten so much snow.  It's nuts!!!
 My mom gave me this gorgeous amaryllis around Thanksgiving and it was fun to see it finally bloom.  It's definitely helped ease the winter blues/grays!
 Finally this little girl brought home her own Willie Worm and needed a picture by him. She'll bring different words home this week so he can get bigger and bigger.  She's loving Kindergarten and I couldn't be happier about that!