Friday, July 27, 2012

Splash Park!

Here's a few shots of some cute kids at the splash park this week!
 For summer reason this one just screams summer to me. 
 Such silly girls!
 Mabel had to copy everything they were doing.  It was hilarious.
 Silly Kate. 
The twins.
Sophia was sad because she had hurt her finger.  Apparently she was not allowed to have fun after that because of it.
 After some swimming we went to the playground next door. It was so fun! 
We are still loving having cousins here and are living up every ounce of it!  My other sister and her boys are here too and we had a fun slip and slide party yesterday but my camera battery was dead!  I was so mad!  Hopefully we'll get more shots with them later. 


Here's a few random happenings recorded on my camera.

This is some of Sophia's artwork that she taped to the wall.  I love how she turns our house into an art gallery.
 They were also being silly before church last week.
 Doug was able to catch a few cute more serious shots though.
Last Sunday we headed up to my brother Dylan's house because 7 of my 8 siblings were in the same state at the same time!  We missed you Stu!  Here's my parents with 20 of their 22 grandchildren.  We also took some sibling pictures but apparently not with my camera. 
 We took pictures of cousins that were born in the same year.  Here's Lilly, Kate and Jacob all in 2007.
 And the 2005 babies Sophia and Bruce (who was really excited to have his picture taken!)
 But not as excited as Lucas was! Here he is with Mabel the babies of 2010.
We were lucky enough to bring Kate home with us to sleepover!  She was really excited about sleeping on the top bunk! They just had to have their pictures taken in these outfits because they had on opposites!  It totally cracked them up.
 So cute!  Love these two! (wish I was as tan as Kate too!)
 She wanted her picture taken with Mabel too because she was also wearing pink and white.
This week we also got to trade in some of the reading money the girls have been earning this summer.  Lilly finally got the Cinderella doll she has wanted forever!
Sophia got a princess marker kit but also needed to play with Tangled again since Lilly had Cinderella. (we had also just untangled Tangled's hair which was quite the feat so we needed to document it!)
Last Wednesday we got to go a surprise birthday dinner for my SIL Kim who was here from SC. It was at Thanksgiving point and was quite the fancy affair.  It was really fun and we were lucky to celebrate with her!
They had put together cute gifts for all the kids with had personalized  activity books and crayon boxes wrapped up with a cute tag that said Princess Sophia, Princess Lilly, etc on it.  It was so much work and was so cute!  The kids loved it!
 Here's the birthday girl with her husband (my brother Derik).
We also got to celebrate Tonya's birthday as well.  I'm so lucky to have the best sisters-in-law!  I hope they both had great birthdays!


Last weekend we went camping with Jeff and Lexie in Maple Canyon.  It's this awesome canyon in Sanpete Canyon that has some crazy rock formations.  It's really famous for rock climbing and was a lot of fun to explore!
Here we are getting ready to do some exploring.
 Good thing Sophia brought along her magnifying glass to see things better!
 We got to see some rock climbers in action which was pretty fun. 
We had a yummy hot dog dinner after all our exploring.
 My attempt at spider dogs was a success.
 Mabel enjoyed the roasted marshmallows!
 3 cute girls on a log.
Everyone slept pretty good and had fun in our new tent.  Lilly also enjoyed some alone time with the Kindle the next morning.
 And Mabel enjoyed marshmallows (again) for breakfast.
 After we packed up we went for another little hike.
 It's hard to see but the rocks seriously are amazing!  It' looks like they're all glued together.
Douglas found this cute heart shaped leaf for me.  Ahh.
When we got back to camp Sophia had fun spelling out her name with rocks and sticks.
 Lilly and Mabel created their own artwork as well.
We also discovered a raccoon had visited our site and helped himself to a banana!
 Yikes!  Look at those hands!  Someone was ready for a bath.
After we got loaded up we headed to the Wales house (it was only about 15 min away) and got cleaned up and then spent another night there. We also took Jeff and Lexie to all the hot spots in Sanpete County (Miller's for donuts, Roy's pizza, Horseshoe Mountain Pottery, the temple, and shakes in Mt. Pleasant). It was so fun and nice to spend some time with Jeff and Lexie alone.  They are so much fun to be around and I hope they had a good time too!  I know we did!