Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Tree Hunting

A few weeks ago at church I overheard someone talking about Christmas tree hunting.  I asked her more about it and she said you can get tags for $5 and that she'd be more than happy to get me one.  Sweet!! Doug's parents got one too and yesterday we drove out past Eureka to start the hunting.  Doug's parents brought one of our cousins with them so we had to have a snowball fight.
 Snow!! We hadn't seen this stuff yet this winter!
 We walked around a little and then I found the tree that called my name. JK.
 Sophia approved too.
 Unfortunately we were not expecting snow and these are not snow boots.  They had snow build up on the bottom like crazy! It was nuts and hard to walk around in!
 This little cutie liked to throw the snow at mom.
 Doug cutting down the tree.  One day we might live in a house with tall ceilings but for now we get to enjoy little trees!
 Hauling it away.
 It was such a fun experience and something we want to do every year from now on.  On the way home we stopped for lunch at Family Tree in Payson and walked by Mabel's preschool.  She showed us which one was her gingerbread man in the window.
 When we got home we put the tree up and for the ornaments on. 
 This little cheeser was not the greatest ornament helper and didn't understand why we could put them on the tree and not take them off.  Such a stinker!

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Melissa said...

His little face in the last picture just kills me. What a fun thing to do and a fun tradition as well!! I love it! The tree is perfect! Too bad it isn't like Nie Nies.