Sunday, September 21, 2014

What happens in Vegas....

is crazy.  Why did we think it would be fun to take our kids there?! JK.  It was actually a pretty good time.  Aside from Lewis getting hand, foot, and mouth disease the day we got there and not sleeping very well.  Moving on.

A few months ago Doug told me he had a conference in Vegas.  He was staying in a non-gambling hotel that was all suites so we took advantage and tagged along! We left Wednesday (which was perfect because the kids had an early out day) and headed down.  The drive was long.  Someone took pictures when they got bored.
 We took a pit stop in Mesquite and Mabel said "Look!! Polar trees!" She then called them Palmar Trees for the rest of the trip. Whatever.
 We saw where the huge rain storms washed away parts of the road a few weeks ago.  Pretty nuts!
 After checking in we walked around the Bellagio a little and tried to find a place to eat.  The conservatory was gorgeous!! Doug and some of the kids by a painting made up of real flowers.
 These apples were also living.
 Huge oak tree with giant acorns and glass blown leaves.
 The oak tree was animated (as well as the squirrel) and would talk every now and then.
 The fountains did not disappoint.  (as usual).
 Sure love these two.
The view from our room.
 Even though there was no gambling the pool still got pretty full of booze and bikinis in the afternoon so we swam first thing in the morning.  It was great.
 One of the days we walked to Ceasar's Palace for the Atlantis show.
 Then we drove down to the Silverton to see the mermaids.  They were awesome!  My kids loved it.
 Lewis was loving the individual attention he got from this one.
 After the mermaid we stopped at target to get a few things we needed for the unexpected illness.  I couldn't pass up this shirt.
 Or pillow pets apparently.
 Then we drove out to the temple.  It was fun to see but so hot!!
 Good thing daddy brought us back some drinks to help us cool off.
 Nothing quite like bowls of cereal in bed.
 The next day we met a friend at Red Rock and did a little hiking and climbing around.
 Once again it was so hot!!!
 The kids were all troopers so we got them a donut after.  Thanks again for the quick visit Alexis!!
 Then we picked up Doug from the hotel and headed out to the Hoover Dam. The bridge they built to bypass the dam was massive!!
 We could see people walking on it too.  Nuts!
 It was way too hot to get out so we just snapped a few photos (or did screen shots in Snapchat since my camera was full).
 This little guy picked up some cool new duds at Target too.
 After that we went to M&M World, the Coke factory and Hershwy World. They were all very fun.
 We tried the around the world cokes and a float tray.  They were all pretty delicious but a little too much. Once again, Lilly loved Beverly (nasty bitter drink from Italy).
 The last morning we were there we swam for another minute and then drove home.  This guy screamed a lot of the way home and made some pretty giant messes!

Silly Kids and Snow!

A few weeks ago we had some pretty crazy rain storms!! We all go soaked getting from our front door to the car. It was nuts!! We had to take a picture to document.
 This face though.  Seriously.  This was from her first day of preschool.
 This little boy cracks me up.  He pushes this shopping cart around all day and collects treasures along the way.  I love it!
 Sophia made this banner for the football game the other night.  Pretty creative!
 I found this the other day too.  Apparently it's something Lilly made for Grandpa. 
 Last Sunday this poor little girl had a fever and pretty much slept the whole day.  I felt so bad for her!
Before bed last Sunday we promised the kids a fun thing.  This is what we came up with. Water + cornstarch.  Always a classic.
A few weeks ago they were filming a Christmas movie on our main street.   I snapped a quick pick of the cast trailers because I'm a creeper like that.
 This is what our downtown looked like.  Totally cracked me up.
 Complete with fake snow (or fireman's foam).  Apparently it's for the Hallmark channel and is called "Christmas Under Wraps" or something.  It stars Candace Cameron (DJ Tanner).  Pretty famous!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Crazy Kids and Labor Day

Here's a little bit of what these crazies have been up to lately.  Trying on Halloween costumes,
 wearing Pillow Pets on their heads...
 This little stinker pulled this yogurt out of the fridge while I was getting something out.  He then proceeded to dig his way in and eat it.
 Which quickly turned into this.  This was all after his Sunday morning bath in his church clothes too.
 Later that same day it was time for more messes!!
 We played the flour game...
 Which quickly turned into this.
 Crazy kids.  Labor day was pretty fun!! It's Onion Days in Payson so we went to the parade.  The kids got loaded up on sugar and we got to see some fun floats.
 Sometimes 1 sucker is just not enough. 
 That's also true for this little stinker.
After the parade we hit up the carnival for a few rides and then met some friends for lunch.
 The girls loved this caterpillar one.  Especially since they had it to themselves!
 Last week this little one officially (and finally!) started preschool.  She was so excited to go and did great!
Here she is with the amazing Ms. Pam.  She's taught all my girls and we were so happy to go to her again!
 It's also this time of year again which is not my favorite...
 Random picture of this cutie in his tiny tennis shoes. I just love his little feet!
 Last weekend Doug's amazing parents came to help us put some shelves in our shed.  I know it still looks crowded but this was definitely an improvement!! WE still need to sort through a few things but it's soooo nice to have shelves out there!
 And finally, last night we played hide and seek and this was Lilly's hiding spot. She's in the red pajamas. She cracks me up!