Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AZ Part 2, Snow Fun and Play dates!

I thought I'd post a few more pics from our AZ vacay since I finally got them put on my computer. Here's a few shots from hiking and from my grandma's house. Her fruit trees are so huge and gorgeous and we brought home a lot of yummy fruit! I also included a shot from the lights at the temple. It was spectacular! It was also late and crowded and we didn't get out so all you get is a car shot. It definitely does not do it justice.

Here's all the babes that were born in 2008. Lilly, Karen, Kate, and Jacob.My grandma has a bunch of old family photos hanging on her wall. Here's my cute cousin Sara when she was little. Who do you think she looks like?
Here's cute Sarah now (on the left) with her mom (Aunt Terry) and sister Shelley. These two remind me so much of Sophs and Lilly. One is a sute brunette with brown eyes and the other is a blonde blue-eyed cutie. Their last name is even Wilkins (and we're related on the my (Miller) side of the family -Terry and my dad are siblings, he's the oldest and she's the youngest-too much info) .
Here's cute Jammy Cakes! We had so much fun with this little girl and were sad that she had to go back to New York.
Sophia drew this picture of our family while we were there. This is not an announcement. Just a continuation of her infatuation with baby brother. She informed me the other day his name is Sophia.
Here's crazy cousin sticker-faced Josh. Josh and Jake were able to spend some time in Utah after our big trip. We had such a fun time playing with them. We went bowling while they were here but unfortunately we didn't take pictures. My sister did though and did a great job documenting. I also went and got a facial with my sis while she was here. That was such a great idea and something I wouldn't mind doing again.
Here's a few shots from our latest adventures in the snow. Apparently Sophia had an accident while they were building it but Doug still had to get a shot. Her and dad had a great time building Frosting the snowman. I had a fun time adding a hat and mittens to Frosting a few days later.
Doug built an awesome snow cave too. We had fun playing in it.
Last but not least Sophia had such a great play date with friends from the ward last week. These three are like the 3 Amigos. They have a blast together. They got all bundled up and played in the snow and then cuddled up in Sophia's bed afterward. They're so cute!


ottspot said...

the picture of sophs with the snow man is the funniest thing I've seen in a loooong time. wooh! that gave me a good laugh!

The Ullery Family said...

Oh man Soph's looks awesome with the snowman. She also has the same undie's as Gracie. (You know that makes Gracie happy.) I also love the picture of your cousin! Man, Sophie definitely looks like your family.

The Favorite said...

Cold leggies Sophs! It will be so fun to play with you again soon. Love the pictures!

Nancy said...

Fun pics! It makes me want to brave driving somewhere with Josh just to get out of our "normal" routine. Love the snow cave too. Doug looks like he fits so perfectly!