Monday, April 6, 2009

A very, very unbirthday!

Being a summer birthday child myself, I always hated that I could never celebrate my birthday at school. With Sophia's birthday being in August I wanted to be able to let her celebrate it at preschool. I had planned on taking a treat to her class on her half birthday (the end of Feb) but I ended up being in the hospital for my appendix so that didn't happen. Instead I took a treat to her class last week. It was so fun to pick her up and see how excited she was and that she got a birthday crown! I love unbirthdays and think I'll celebrate them more often!

Here's the treat we took.
Sophia also got her preschool pictures back last week. I thought they turned out pretty good. Her smile is a little goofy but not to bad. My amazing friend Stacy came over to my house today for some Easter picks. It was so nice to have her come here and to not have to go anywhere. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

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Mike & Lauren said...

She is darling! I am with you on the summer birthday issue. What a great idea to do her unbirthday!