Sunday, March 21, 2010

Luck O the Irish

Here's Sophia getting ready for Green Day at preschool. She's showing you her awesome clover tatoo from Grandma Wilkins.
We've had friends staying with us for the week (her husband is an accountant too) and we were lucky enough to have them here for St. Patricks day. We let the kids play our St. Patrick's Day game (thanks again for the idea Nancy!) and they had a blast.

Another lucky thing that happened this week was that I won this giveaway. I was pretty excited.
This is random but I found our names that Sophia had written earlier this week. Is there any relationship to how big she wrote our names and how she feels about each of us?

Monday, March 15, 2010


Bonus Picture: The girls and I had fun putting up St. Patty's Day and Easter decor last week. After we were done this tired leprechaun needed a break.

On Saturday I made a last minute decision and took the girls to Disney on Ice. It was a little bit lamer than I thought it would be but the girls loved it. We were sure to arrive a little bit early for the spectacular complimentary Princess Fashion show that was promised. It sure didn't disappoint...oh wait, it did a little bit.

Here's Sophia getting ready for the show to start. (It really wasn't that loud but I think she was nervous)

Lilly was anxious for the show to start too. This cute little hat came with the way too expensive cotton candy Sophia just had to have.

The second half of the show was all Tinkerbell and the girls loved it! Lilly seriously sat like this for about 20 minutes. She was totally glued!

Here we are waiting for Trax in the snow. I told the girls we could ride the train which was the worst mistake of the day. I forgot about all the crazies and germs that ride Trax. Not to mention it takes twice as long to get there. I came home with the worst cold! It was the highlight of the day for Lilly though. When we got off she cried because she wanted to keep riding the train. It was all she could tell Doug about too. Tinkerbell and the train. Best things ever.
Here's another random picture for this post. Sophia crated this beautiful masterpiece for my birthday (which is not until June). She kept asking me what my favorite things were and then she'd take random things on the page. I love how she writes my name too. She's the best!

Hickory Dickory

Sophia came home from a week of Nursery Rhymes at preschool last week singing this song. She loves it!

Untitled from jmwilkins10 on Vimeo.

Lilly had to get in on the singing action too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The kids and I took a quick trip to Wyoming last week to visit Doug's sister. We had such a blast! These pictures are in reverse order but I guess there's no better place to start than at the end!

This is a sign of a fabulous trip. Lilly was totally worn out by the end of it all.
Kim and Bob live in a great house with a hot tub! The kids had such a blast swimming.

While we were there Kimber let the kids make their own cars and then we had a drive-in movie with popcorn. The kids had so much fun with this. Thanks again for a fun activity Kim! Here they are making the popcorn.
Here they are with their completed cars.
Waiting for the movie to start.
Sophia drew this picture and glued it on the side of her car. Her ring finger says "new baby" next to it but it doesn't have a face. I asked why she didn't draw a face for the baby and she told me it was because she doesn't know what it looks like. I had my ultrasound a few weeks ago and she came with me and so I reminded her that we saw the face so we know it at least has a face so she could draw one. I guess she just didn't feel comfortable drawing it without seeing it in real life since the portraits she did of the rest of us were completely spot on.
Kim and Bob have a covered porch around the entire house. It was so fun. The kids had the best time playing out there.
Princess Sophia thought it was so awesome that she could ride a bike inside!
We went to their library too while we were there. It was the best library I've ever been to! Apparently it's 10th in the nation. They had a lifesize chess board.
And the best kids play area ever. They had a blast playing on the Bookmobile. The thing on the right was really cool too. You could send "books" up these conveyor belts and then they'd shoot down and you could repeat the process over and over. They had so much fun.
Outside there was this big decorated boot. I loved the Peter Rabbit characters on the toe.
These two are 1 month apart and were for the most part inseperable (when they decided they liked each other). The were so cute playing together!
Sophia and Gracie got to have a sleepover the first night we were there. They had a blast!
Overall we had such a great trip (aside from I-80 being closed when we were trying to come home) and I survived the 7+ hour drive by myself (with the help of plenty of Cheetos and a DVD player). Sophia asked the whole way home when we could move to Wyoma. We did see the Wild Wild West Tax Professionals in Laramie so I guess if Doug ever needs a job change... Thanks again for letting us come!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Multi Purpose

Good thing those aprons I made double as capes for when you need to be a Musketeer.
I thought I had sweet girls and not fighting musketeers.