Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest Projects

We've been up to some fun stuff lately! Unfortunately none of them are my original ideas. Thanks to everyone who let me use their ideas! One of my good friends is having a boy and her sister's threw her a fun shower over the weekend. It was fun to make something blue! I also make her a messenger bag/stroller bag. It was fun to make but I had a hard time with the snaps! I got both of these ideas from this site . She's got some cute stuff!

I also had a good friend who had a birthday so I made her this necklace with interchangeable flowers. I stole the necklace idea from a friend at church. The big round parts are actually marbles! Pretty fun! And here's yet another project I made from an idea taken from a friend. Her's turned out much cuter though! I did end up adding another piece of pink lace to the top because I felt like it needed just a little bit more.

Here's a random Mabes sporting a new hat. It was the only way we could get Lilly to put her pull up on after a bath last week!
Here's a few of Sophia's creations. I love that she drew something that started with each letter of her name by the letters. Except for the O that has a bee by it. We asked her what that was about and she said that she tried drawing an octopus and it didn't work so she went with a bee. Makes perfect sense.
Here's a picture she took of a creation she made using Microsoft Paint. I have to admit that Paint has come a long way. The brush strokes they have now are pretty awesome. Also, thank goodness they didn't get rid of the spray can effect. We all know that one was our favorite. Anyway, I love how she drew her and Lilly in the window.
And finally, it was my dad's birthday this weekend and I wanted to make one of these for the occasion. I ended up doing only 12 layers and it didn't turn out super great. I used regular milk instead of evaporated milk in the frosting so it was super runny. Each layer totally soaked it up and so it really didn't look to pretty. Oh well. I think it still tasted good though!

See how all the layers kind of blended together? Next time I'll use the right milk!
One last thing I wanted to mention but don't have a picture of. I bought a pair of jeans that were too long and needed to be hemmed. I found this site that teaches you how to keep your original hem and it was awesome! They turned out pretty good! Sophia had a few pairs of pants with holes in the knees that needed to be repaired as well. I used the same technique and turned them into shorts! I love it!


Nancy said...

Way to keep busy! I think your bags turned out super cute. Its the little things that I think make the holidays fun for me. Way to go.

stu said...

That's a cute taggies. We'll pick up the one you make for Erin when we see you in Buffalo :)