Saturday, January 11, 2014


This little Mabel of ours has been cracking us up lately!  She has suddenly developed some wit and it is killing us!  The other night at dinner we were telling Lilly how she was such a healthy eater (really she's not but we're trying to encourage her as much as we can!) and Mabel said "no I'm the big helper.  Today I helped mom..." and went on to talk about something that she'd helped me with earlier (she really had and was such a great helper).  Apparently big helper and healthy eater sound the same to her?  Whatever.

She also has been decorating her little brother lately. Again, such a helper.
 The other day we made chocolate crinkles and she was enjoying some of the leftover powdered sugar.  She looked over at me and said "Yook mom. Take a picha".
 The other night after a bath she brushed her own hair and I told her she looked so beautiful like a princess.  Her response was "no. I look like a baseball player."
 Finally, she was eating an apple the other night and said "take a bite dad.  It tastes like cat food".  Later she finished her apple and went to the fridge (for another apple) and said "I need more cat food."
 Seriously though.  I think this picture about sums up this little girl.
 This one is kind of random but I took this at their weekly sleepover last night.  Just wanted proof that one day they did love each other and wanted to spend time together!
Here's some bonus footage of her singing her favorite Frozen songs.

IMG 1229 from jmwilkins10 on Vimeo.

IMG 1228 from jmwilkins10 on Vimeo.

Haircut time!

The time finally came for this little guy to have a haircut.  It was sad to see some of his locks go but was definitely time!  It was getting a little long and aside from his cute bow tie, people still thought he was a girl.
 Getting ready for the cut.
 His sisters tried distracting him so that he wouldn't get nervous or scared.
 Then the cutting began.
 He did pretty good and it was fun to have dad's tie to play with.
 But then it started to take too long and he didn't love it anymore.
 It worked out ok in the end though.
 Bye bye little baby hairs!
 Last week he also got his pictures taken. I thought they turned out so cute! (I'll post more later).  Doug's mom thought he looked so much like him so I pulled out one of his baby photos to compare.  I have to say I agree!
He also found a blue marker the other day.  That was sure a lot of fun!
 He's been making this crazy face lately where he scrunches up his nose. He does it just about every time he smiles now.  I keep trying to get a good picture of it and this is the best I've gotten so far.
Playing with toys - pre haircut.
 Here's another one from his photo shoot.  We also did these before we cut his hair so we could document how cute and long it was!

Happy New Year!!

We had a great time celebrating the new year this year.  We left our tree up after Christmas and the night before New Years Eve it turned into a New Years tree!
 The girls had fun discovering and playing with all the things they found on the tree in the morning.
 Even this little guy got to try his hand at a blower.
Needless to say they had fun trying all the glasses on and we had fun taking pictures of them!  On New Years Eve we had a nice little celebration at home with just our little family.  It was actually fun and nice to have a quiet evening together.  I let everyone pick their favorite food for dinner so we had quite the random spread.
We watched movies and hung out and waited for the ball to drop.  We watched it drop live in New York and then told the girls it was time for bed.  Sophia is too smart for us now and knew that it wasn't midnight yet so she wasn't buying it.  I fell asleep while she and Doug stayed up watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns. They were the only ones who made it til midnight!
 Here's some of our celebrating on New York time.
 Someone wasn't so sure about all the confetti.
 Nothing a little bubbly couldn't fix though.
 Mabel sure liked it too!