Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lilly the Grasshoper

Here's a video of Lilly's dance performance for the grandparents.   She's the second little group from the left. IMG 1836 from jmwilkins10 on Vimeo.

And a bonus video of Lewis with ice cream.   IMG 2573 from jmwilkins10 on Vimeo.

Animals, Grasshoppers and Ice Cream

We had a pretty good week on Thursday Mabel has a wild animal day at preschool. She loved it!   She was not afraid of any of the animals and wanted to get right up front with all of them. The minute the animal lady pulled this bird out of it's cage Mabel's hand shot up before she even asked if anyone wanted to hold it.  It cracked me up.

 Petting the cockatoo
This pig was super cute and little. Her name was Ms. Piggy.
 Mabel petting a Flemish Giant.  This thing was huge!!
 Seriously.  Lewis could have ridden it!
 Mabel with a bearded dragon.
 Lewis is still not sure about the Flemish Giant.
Mabel with Hamburger the turtle.
After school that day we went to Thanksgiving Point to see more animals!  Doug's sister's family just got a membership there and their guest get half price so we told them to let us know when they go and they did!
The main reason we went was so that Mabel could finally ride a horse.  She's only been asking about once a day since January to do this.  So glad the time finally came! Lewis checking out the ponies.
 So excited (contrary to the look on her face).
This peacock was putting on a show.  It was quite the site!
 These little goats were so cute and so tiny!
 Lewis checking out the goats.
This poor pregnant goat was huge!  It made us wonder how many babies were in there.
Mabel feeding a goat.
Yesterday we went to see Lilly perform in Hansel and Gretel.  She was a grasshopper and did great.
 Love our little performer!
After the show we went and got some ice cream.  Lewis sure enjoyed it and wasn't afraid to help himself.
 Sure love this boy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Contrary to Sophia's fears, we did have baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill.
 Enjoying a Peep on Easter morning.
We enjoyed bunny and egg pancakes for breakfast.
My cousin posted this recipe so I wanted to give it a try.  It actually worked out pretty good and the eggs actually cooked.
 We also made bunny rolls to take to Grandmas
 Pre-church photo shoot.  Everyone did great and was really cooperative.
And when did this girl turn 16?
 The kids really did great and all looked and smiled at the same time.
 Dad and Lewis - matching ties!!!
Family picture - pretty sure we haven't had one since Lewis was born.
After a great day at church we went to my parents for dinner.  Lewis loves cousin Andy because he took him on an egg hunt and fed him jelly beans
and chocolate...

Pre-Easter Fun

A few days before Easter we got a visit from the Easter Bunny (an awesome girl in our ward).  Some of the kids loved it.  Others wouldn't come near her...
The girls set up an art gallery downstairs one day.  The paper at the top says "Wall of Art" and there was also a station set up to make your own art. 
 I loved Mabel's abstract rendition of her name (notice the b above the M).
 A few days ago some chicks hatched in Kindergarten. It was a pretty eggciting day!
 We also celebrated the end of tax season! Hooray!!! This little one was happy to have dad around again.
Last Friday we decorated eggs.  I forgot to buy dye so we used food coloring (duh) and it worked great!
 On Saturday we cut up some limbs Doug cut down.  There were too many to store in our usual spot (behind the shed) so we loaded up our van and took them to the dump.
That van.  It can do just about anything!
Sophia was worried that she and her sisters wouldn't have baskets for Easter so she made some.  I love it!
 And for a random side note, the princesses put on a pretty spectacular show the other day.  It was quite the site.
 Everyone was involved and did a great job.
 The fairies did great flying as well.
And a happy (upside down) 11 months to this guy!  He's pretty happy to be 11 months!