Sunday, October 19, 2014

Latest Creations

Here's a little more of what we've been up to lately.  Last Monday night we went to Doug's parents house for FHE.  We were having a birthday party for a surprise "person". It turned out to be their house that was turning 40. It was really fun and a great memory. We had cake and watched home movies.  Doug's mom also hung up some photos from the last 40 years.  It was great to see.  My favorite was this sad little Doug.
 On the way home we noticed the temple had it's lights on.  Gorgeous!!!
 This little boy melts my heart.  Especially when he's sleeping.
 I absolutely love picking up this little girl from preschool and seeing what she comes out with.  And I love her face.
 I caught this guy fixing Barbie's hair the other day.  He wants so badly to be one of the girls.  JK.
 Lilly handed me this the other day.  We're all spiders.  I love it.  She's been doing a lot of random things like this lately. I love it!
 Sophia turned her into Elsa the other night while they were watching Frozen.
 She even made her paper gloves.
 This one was supposed to be in the last post from Sundance.  Just me and my new friend I met up there.
 Lilly had to do a pumpkin character report for school.  She chose Lilly of course.  I think it turned out pretty good!
 And finally, we decorated our pictures again for the holidays.  The kids ask every holiday to do this again.  We always get too busy and forget but we finally remembered!!

Fall Break

We had a pretty good fall break this past week! It started with a little scare of finding our hamster was missing from his cage. Fortunately we found him behind the couch.  Unfortunately my carpet will never be the same...At least we found the little stinker!
During the break we went to an awesome pumpkin patch in Springville called Jakers.  They have this amazing corn pit that the kids loved.
 Some of them did anyway.  This little guy took some time to warm up to it.
 She loved it though!
 They also had this pretty cool car that matched our shirts!
 There were also plenty of pumpkins to be had!
 My crazy farm animals.
 We also went on a hayride which was fun. My favorite part about this whole place is that it's free!! (Except for the pumpkins).
 We also took a drive up Provo Canyon to Cascade Springs.  The colors were amazing!! We'd missed the red but everything else was gorgeous!
 We finally made it to Cascade Springs and  saw this crazy tree.
 We took our engagement photos here 11 years ago so we had to recreate the memories. Unfortunately the path to the upper ponds was closed.   That just means we'll have to go back!
 The whole time we were driving up the canyon we kept teasing the kids that we were going to get attacked by a moose.  Then we actually saw one!! It was hilarious.  Unfortunately I didn't get a very good picture.
 On the way back down we stopped at Sundance.  It was gorgeous!!
 We took some impromptu pictures and will definitely have to go back for more when it's actually planned (and our hair is fixed).
Do not be deceived by this sweet face.  These moments are rare!!!
 Sure love this crazy bunch!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fun in Wales!!

Last weekend we went down to Wales for conference.  There were a bunch of guinea hens walking around which we hadn't seen before.  Pretty cool!
 The kids had so much fun playing outside.  One of the neighbors had a bunch of goats, sheep, ducks and rabbits.  He let the kids come over his fence and feed them.  They loved it!
 They also had fun building this fort with a bunch of the old barn wood.  These are some pretty great kids!!
 We also had fun with 4-wheeler and gator rides as usual.
 This guy thought it was pretty cool to "drive" the gator!
 So did this cool cat.
I spy a cute pumpkin!!
 Grandma bought everyone a pumpkin to decorate during the priesthood session.  It was pretty fun!
 This little one got a little tuckered out from too much fun with cousins.
 Grandma and a few of the kids decorated the porch to be so spooky!
 The pumpkins added to the spookiness too1
 We also made some pumpkin pretzels
 And had fun with pipe cleaners.
 And apparently took a few selfies.
A few of the guys got a little ambitious and cut the ends off of a couch.  Lewis was pretty sure he needed to be in on the action.
 Boys before the priesthood session.
 This past weekend a bunch of friends and I went to Wales again for a girls weekend.  My phone was being dumb and would only let me take a picture in Snapchat so don't mind the crazy symbols over my face!
 We had such a fun time and were crazy and goofy and enjoyed the break from kids!
 We found this free dresser on the side of the road that matched one my friend already had.  We just had to bring it back and had fun squishing it into the van.  We definitely made a memory!!!
 Love these girls! So much fun!  Thanks for the good times! We will definitely have to do it again!!