Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Labor Day (and more) Fun!

For Labor Day we headed north to explore parts of northern Utah.  We drove by the Brigham City temple and the renovated Ogden temple (but apparently I didn't take a picture).
 After that we went to the Golden Spike monument.
 It was a pretty fun place! Lewis especially loved the trains.
 We got to see a reenactment while we were there which was pretty great and a little boring for the kids.
 After that we drove out to the Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake. It was pretty cool!
 That place was crazy though!! It was so vast!! The lake was probably 1/2 -1 mile from the jetty. I was reading about it after and it said right after it was built/created the jetty was underwater for 30 years.  Amazing to think that the water has been that high before!
 At the edge of the lake there was this crazy foam stuff. It was kind of nuts!
 It seriously felt like we were in outer space.  Especially because the water was red!
 jumping family!
 My little brother took some photos for us too.  I wish we'd all been a little more coordinated.  It was seriously the best place for pictures!
 A few weeks ago I went on a girls trip to the Wales house with friends from my old ward.  It was so fun.  We laughed and ate and shopped and just enjoyed time together!
 Last week the girls had an early out day at school.  Lilly apparently didn't get enough school that day and created this worksheet when she got home.  She kills me. Apparently she loves the clock!
 Last week Doug and I went to see "The Diary of Anne Frank" at the Hale Theater. I loved it.  I thought it was very well done.
 We also took the kids to the Golden Book exhibit at the Provo Library before it closed.  It was so fun to see it again!
 Mabel somehow found and created this letter for Sophia the First. It had an actual address on it so we sent it off.  We'll see if she writes back!
 And finally here's one of Lewis the lounger. I love this boy.  He's a laugh a minute!

Projects, plays and more fun!

This little girl insisted that she do gymnastics this year.  After 2 classes of this we decided to give it up.  Little stinker. 
 She also made  this letter for a friend (no one in particular) and wanted to put it in the mailbox.  I thought that's what she'd done until I found it on our sidewalk.  She cracks me up.
 She also started Kindergarten and has loved it so far!! I love that the bus picks her up and drops her off at our house!
I've had some fun crafting lately too.  A friend in my ward invited me to a monthly craft night. I made these porch pumpkins and love them!
 I also made an autumn pillow cover for the front porch.  I'm excited to make more for each holiday/season!
I also entered a moment of temporary insanity once my kids started school and painted my kitchen cupboards.  It was quite the process and took 4 days.  My poor kids were a little neglected during that time. 
 I did have a pretty cute helper though!
 I love the finished product though and am soooo glad I did it!! I wish I had done it sooner!
 Then it was on to painting the table and chairs.  This took a lot longer than expected.  Who knew it was so hard to find the right blue?!
 We finally did and are happy with how it turned out.
The girls have also been creative lately and put on a play the other day.  Sophia was the director and they all did a great job.
 The theme at my girls' school this year is "Pirates".  I think there's a word for each letter or something.  Anyway, they got to dress up as pirates one day and loved it.
 A few weeks ago we went to Doug's work party.  We loved the face painting and balloons!
 The next day I took my girls to "Peter Pan" in Payson. It was fun and they did a great job!! They had these cool Tink tracker bracelets that would light up when tinkerbell was on the stage.
 Finally for our last bit of craftiness Sophia fixed herself a fancy lunch the other day.  I sure love that girl.

Happy Birthday to Sophia!

At the end of September Sophia had a birthday!! She celebrated with a puppy party. 
 She made up all the games.  We had pin the bone on the dog,
 dog food walk (or something)
 And plenty of dog treats!
 Her actual birthday was on a Sunday so she was lucky enough to have 2 days or celebrating!
 She got a camera that she was so excited about!! She opened the case first and thought it was a suitcase for her American Girl dolls.  Haha!
 That night we had both grandparents over for a yummy dinner and more cake!
 We sure love this beautiful 10 year old!!