Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Little Artiste

Sophia has been so in to coloring lately. She usually asks if she can color a picture for Grandma Wilkins daily or she lets me know that she needs to do some work for her school. Anyway, she's been so proud of all her artwork and has displaying it around the house. She recently discovered that magnets stick to the dishwasher and she's had a pretty fun time with that.
Yesterday we went to a dance recital for our niece Kaleen. It was so fun and all the dances and dancers were so cute. Here she is dancing to "Aint I sweet" (I think).Before we left Doug built this awesome ball track outside. Sophia had a blast letting balls roll down it. There's a video at the bottom of the track in action.This is what happens while mom's at work and Daddy is in charge. Sophia gets into the Nesquik and then does the cheesy pasta dance (again, the video can be seen below).Bonus picture of the Willers. I'm pretty sure this is what she'd look like if she was a boy (minus the flower pajamas).


Nancy said...

Those silly kids! What would we do without them. The backyard still looks great by the way!

The Favorite said...

Sophs- Nesquick id one of my favorite things too, though I haven't just tried eating it straight. Baby Lilly is also too sweet for words. I mailed you a package today!

Mike & Lauren said...

You guys are the best. I love looking in on you. Doug has got to be the most talented track ball maker I've ever seen, and Sophie should jump up there and join the dancers on stage! LOVE all the green green grass.