Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser too...

What a week we've had! On Tuesday Grandma Wilkins came into town for Leda's wedding! We haven't seen her in 2 years and so it was so fabulous to see her again! She looks great and it's so fun to have here for a few weeks. Here's the kiddos waiting for her arrival. Here she is coming to greet us all!
On Thursday we celebrated my birthdays at Jenna's house. Her son James and I share the same birthday and it's a lot of fun to have a birthday buddy. My good friend Tiffany also had a baby on that day so now I have another birthday buddy! Here's a picture of the cute Kinley London Quintero herself. Thank you to all who gave me such fun presents and happy birthday wishes (the facebook ones were especially fun to read!). My awesome and cute sister Melissa did this cute post on her blog. I will admit that I was not too pleased about some of the pictures she posted. Especially the wisdom teeth pic - thanks again for that sista! Jenna gave me my own personalized Pyrex pan. I love it!
We also celebrated Leda's birthday that was at the end of May. Jenna gave her a pan as well with her new name on it and she was ecstatic about it! She was bummed when she saw mine and thought she'd never get one because she wasn't married yet. Good thing Jenna had this surprise up her sleeve.Here's a few of Willers with her favorite cute cousin McKenna. They're a month apart and they have so much fun when they're together!Here's the Willers with Grandma Wilkins.
The day after my birthday we went to the zoo because we've been promising Sophia that we'd go for weeks. We woke up and I went for a quick run (something that I hadn't done in 2 months but I needed it after eating too much of delicious Peanut Butter Playground cake from Cold Stone) and noticed that we'd left a sprinkler on all night. It wasn't on very high so I didn't think much of it. Doug went downstairs to get some clothes and noticed that our basement had flooded because of the sprinkler. We didn't have standing water or anything but the carpet was totally soaked! Only half of the front room in our basement and our laundry room had water damage. We quickly pulled up the carpet and got fans going to get the mat dry. It's pretty much dry now but we're going to have to have a professional come to re-lay our carpet. What fun times we're having in our house! Anyway, we ended up making it to the zoo eventually but didn't stay for too long because it was so hot and crowded! We went to eat the Cheesecake Factory after and then we were going to go see the new Narnia movie but the last show was at 2:55 pm so we just came home. Here's a picture of Sophia at the bird show at the zoo. Yesterday we had a bridal shower for Leda. Here she is with her good friend Angie who is also getting married this summer.
Bonus picture time! Sophia took these pictures (as well as about 100 others) of herself. She's sure getting good at the self portraits!
The other day she came up to me looking like this and said, "Look! I'm like Super Why!". Then she proceeded to run around while pretending to fly. We sure love that show.


Melissa said...

Oh I love that picture of the cute grandkids being SO excited to see their grandma again! How sweet! I can't believe she has been gone that much already?! So they will be coming back soon, right? Cute pyrex pans- Brandon's mom has some of those. I always wondered if she would make some for us too. And CUTE Sophie- sorry about the basement and the zoo delay!! Hope it all works out. Hey our creepy neighbor is a carpet layer, we can send him your way if you want! I love her self portraits!

Nancy said...

You guys are busy! But I'm glad you are getting some fun things in there too. Congrats to Doug's sister, and happy belated birthday! 26 is gettin up there! Just kidin. I wish we could find a drive in. That brings back some great memories of high school and the millers!

Robertson Family said...

Happy late b-day! It sounds like it was great. I am so sorry to hear about your basement. Houses really can be such a pain!