Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Ole' Timp Cave

Saturday we had such a fabulous time hiking with cousins up to Timp Cave. Doug and I hadn't been since we were engaged so it was fun to go again with our kids. They loved it too. Sophia didn't freak out as much as we thought she would in the cave so that was a plus. Here's a couple from the trail.
Here's a couple from inside the cave.
The good ole' "Heart of Timpanogos"!
Here we are outside of the cave.
After we got home we had a little belated Birthday party for Jeffy (FEJF). My mom got him this awesome video game cake. Thanks for planning it Lissa and thanks for the awesome execution mom!On Sunday we did more matchers! These dresses were from my brother Stuart's wedding 2 years ago. The dress Lilly is wearing was Sophia's and Sophia's was cousin Jane's. The hat only went with Lilly's dress but of course Sophia had to wear it too.
In other news, after a fabulous sacrament meeting on being prepared Doug and I decided we needed to get busy on the whole food storage thing. We canned more apricots and did some apricot jam. We also canned some beans and black current jam and jelly (so yummy) for my parents. We also did salsa, pesto, more shredded zucchini and I made some zucchini bread. We're very tired from all the canning but are feeling good about what we have saved up. We're definitely grateful for our plentiful garden this summer!Bonus picture time. This is a fabulous replica of the Salt Lake Temple that Doug put together before church a few weeks ago. Sorry that this wasn't your wedding gift Leda. You had to settle for another piece of Doug's original works.


Melissa said...

Holy Can-oly! WOW! I'm VERY impressed with your canning skills. Fabulous! I guess my excuse can be that we don't have a garden and can't grow a good "plentiful" garden in the OK clay. I loved your garden- glad you put it to good use! Great pics from the hike too. And that Cake was awesome. Mom is the best.

ottspot said...

Amazing canning Jo. Allergies/asthma or anything else you are Wonder Woman!

Nancy said...

I think I have to live my summers vicariously through you, Joanna. Ah, to be able to hike in the mountains, and celebrate birthdays, and can food...Only 7 more days till I head back to UT. Can't wait, and I still totally want to come see your place!

The Favorite said...

That is quite the hike up to the cave, quite the yummy canning, and quite the cute matchy dresses!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna,

Sorry, I wasn't trying to ignore you when you asked for the company's info! I hope it's not too late! Here's the phone number, though: 1-800-669-3009. Hope it helps!