Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Fun at Our House!

Like many other fellow Utah Valley Mormon's we've had our hands full with bottling this week. Or is it canning. I never know. We are grateful for the plentiful harvest we've had (and that of our bishop - who gave us some wonderful beans and a wonderful fruit place in Alpine that had yummy peaches and apples (and raspberries soon) - thanks again for the recommendation Jenna!) Needless to say, our kitchen has seen a lot of this...way to work those arms Doug!...and this...salsa (two kinds), applesauce, peaches, apple butter, beans - you name it, we canned it...and this...oh how I love yummy, sweet, soft peaches...and butter! This is the first time I tried it and I was pleased with how it turned out.and this...peach salsa. I was so pleased with how it turned out. It was actually a little spicy!...and unfortunately, plenty of this...we'll get to that later. My favorite it the Doritos bag that's piled in with all the dishes. Can you spot it? It was usually about 11:30 pm by the time we finished and we are suckers for late night munchies - and anything to keep us awake and going. Don't worry my sistas. I'm fixin' to send you fall packages full of our canned yummies. We have also been doing a lot of fun things and this afternoon had a fun time doing this...oh how I love my girls! We had a fun time wrestling today!...and this...sleeping (kind of)
and this...getting caught pretending to sleep!Last but not least, Sophia was downstairs coloring today and I came down to check on her and she said, "Mom I drew my family!" I thought "yeah sure...we'll see what it looks like anyway." I was so shocked when I saw this! I wasn't drawing pictures like this until 1st grade (not that that says much) I'll have to post a picture that I drew before Kindergarten that my mom has hanging on her wall. It's hideous. She definitely has Doug's artistic talent. Anyway, Doug and his big head are on the right. Me and my droopy eyes (although I as impressed that I at least had eyebrows) are in the middle and the sweet little artist herself is on the left. Lilly was sort of an afterthought and is floating above us. Again I was truly impressed (and I'm just a tad bit biased). It's so fun to see her view of us translated onto a chalkboard.Here's the little artist standing next to her creation. I'm sure this will be the first of many of her standing next to her wonderful works of art!P.S. I signed this little beauty up for preschool the other day. She's going to be going to one a few blocks away and we're both excited about it. We went to check it out the other day and when it was time to go she said, "mom, I want to stay at my school." I thought that was a good sign. While we were walking home (I love that it's within walking distance) I told her that she was going to be at the school by herself and that I was going to be home with Lilly but that she could call me on the phone if she needed me. I asked her if that was okay and she said, "yeah. I'll go to school and I'll call you on the phone." Let's hope that all goes well!


The Ullery Family said...

I LOVE Sophia's drawings! Doug has a big head huh? Out of the mouth of babes. :) Love ya Doug. Anyway, I think she did a wonderful job. Yeah for pre-school! When does she start and what days/time does she go?

Mike & Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, Jo, you are so amazing!!!!!!!!!! I tried peaches last year and was horrible at blanching the skins off. What is your secret? You need to share the recipes for your salsas and butter! It all looks so yummy.

Congrats on preschool! I can't believe how big Sophie is getting. All grown up.