Monday, November 24, 2008


We had a great weekend and a great week last week. Our first big accomplishment is that Sophia has finally decided she can go potty in the potty. She did so great last week and today is her first day in Dora panties. We've been telling her it hurts Dora if she goes potty on her so here's hoping for no accidents. We are so proud of her and can't believe how fast she's growing up. Her little friend Will asks her if she still wears diapers everytime he sees her and so we figured it was time so that she wouldn't have to face any more embarassment or to continue to dissapoint Will. Another accomplishment we experienced this week is that Doug made a 5 pound burger. After hearing about this big burger on the Rachel Ray show he decided he had to go for something big. We made this for the big dissapointing football game this season. It was really fun.

Finally, we made these cutest turkey's at Activity Days last week. It was so fun! The girls did a great job. We hope you all have a great Turkey Day and have fun eating lots of food!P.S. Happy Anniversary tomorrow Dougie! I love you!


Melissa said...

Wow that looks awesome! For some reason I can't click on the pictures to see them up close- the turkeys look cute too! Way to go Sophie! And way to go Jo and guilt triping your daughter into not peeing on Dora- that made me laugh. Just kidding! I hope you are working on a super sappy post for tomorrow! Happy early anniversary!!

David and Leda Johnson said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I love the burger.

The Favorite said...

what is the sugar amount in those cookies, like 99%? WOW!
I do love the burger and I'm SOOOO proud of Sophs, you can tell her.