Friday, February 6, 2009

Hooray I won!

I guess if you enter enough you'll eventually win. My sister introduced my to this blog and so I've been entering the contests lately. I'm hesitant to share it with people because she gives away the cutest things and I don't want to lower my chances. Anyway, I finally won and I'm way excited about my prize. The company's website is so cute! I can't decide what to get. Check it out and let me know if you have a favorite. I really like the dandelions but I'm not sure where I could put them. Any thoughts?

Here's a Fabulous Friday Foto for you. Sophia found grandpa/grandma's glasses in the Suburban and had a great time wearing them around. Silly girl. She's always good for a laugh!


ottspot said...

Yay for Jo! Their stuff IS cute! I love the dandelions and the big green tree. Perfect for when you buy your bigger house with a great playroom...right? :-)

ottspot said...

Hey Jo...don't know if you had any interest at all in my gma's house (I don't care if you don't)...but thought I would pass on that they just counteroffered a guy for $197,000 with a $7500 repair allowance. So if you were looks like they are letting it go pretty cheap. This comment is not related in any way to my last