Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catching Up Part 1

Can't believe it's been a month since I've posted! Apparently we've been busy doing these things.  The girls went to a birthday party a few weeks ago that had a photo booth.  These cracked me up.
 Watch out for Officer Sophia!
 Sophia made this card of our family a few weeks ago.  It cracked me up.  On the left is Sophia.  "Talks a lot and is sweet",  then Lilly "does crazy things", then Mabel "eats a lot", then Lewis "is cute", then dad "is tall and a fast runner" and finally mom "is watching us all the time and she's very nice".  Pretty much sums it up.
 Mabel constantly wants her picture taken.  This was one of those occasions.
Someone is crooked and turned 9 months old!
 And looks so cute!
 We had a really nice day a few weeks ago and headed to the park with some friends.  I put flip flops on Lewis to see if they fit.  He was not so sure about them.
 but then he warmed up to the idea.
 His sisters recently discovered he can fit in the doll stroller.  He seemed to enjoy it.
 Mabel got her dance costume and wanted her picture in it. Here she is with her best smile.
 Lewis also loves to help me unload the dishwasher.
 and he likes to be pushed around in a box by his sisters.
 Here's Mabel looking so fashionable at the dentist.  Some battles just aren't worth it.
 The girls also had fun building this tower at the dentist.
A few weeks ago we had some friends over.  They had a lot of fun going down the stairs slide.

 Bandit came home with Lilly a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to sleep next to Lilly!
 I love their sleeping positions sometimes...
Cute Lewis and daddy on a Sunday.
 And Lilly's favorite Sunday afternoon activity.  Looking at cookbooks.
 Mabel hurt her hand this week and needed me to take a picture of it to show daddy later.  She's been cracking me up this tax season.  Whenever she does something funny she either wants me to take a picture of it to show dad later or she reminds me over and over to be sure to tell him about it later.
 Lilly had Grandparents Day at Kindergarten on Friday and was lucky enough to have my mom go with her.  Here's a picture she made of Grandpa.  I love it!

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Melissa said...

I bet Doug loves coming home to see all her pictures and hear all the stories. So cute!! Love the blocks at the dentist! Rod has a bunch of those at his house too.