Sunday, March 22, 2015

Catching up

Things have been crazy but are finally slowing down so I can take a minute to catch up.  Valentine's Day was good. Lewis had a giant chocolate truck and we had a yummy dinner.  That day was crazy because we were accepting an offer on a house and things were nuts. It was a good day though.
 Here's mr. man with his mustache binky.
 And this sweet tootsie wanted to look like she'd been to a salon.
 Lilly brought this home from school. Apparently one of the things she loves is her Aunt Melissa.  I love it.
 She also comes out of preschool with the greatest stuff. I'm always excited to see what she'll have next.
 A few weeks ago I went to a fundraising dinner with my parents and siblings for the school where I went to high school. Doug watched the kiddos and sent me this picture.  I can't get over Lewis' smile.
 This group was a  big deal when I was in high school.  They're an a capella group called the Troubadours.  They put an alumni group together and it was so fun to hear them sing again!!
 My brother and I at the event.
 The next day was Doug's grandma Ivins' birthday.  We all went to her grave to send her balloons to heaven and wish her a happy birthday.  It was a little freezing but we had a great time.
 We had a yummy dinner at Doug's parents house after and this guy enjoyed his pudding.
 I sure love him.

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