Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Birthday and Wales

A few weeks ago we had a little boy in our house that turned 2!! Where did the time go?!
 He woke up to presents and cinnamon roll cake.  I think he liked the presents.
  He is crazy sometimes but we sure love him!!!
 Later that night we went to Wales for the weekend.  It was fun to have cake and ice cream with family!
 There was also plenty of 4-wheel riding that went on.
 He got a new blanket from grandpa and grandma Wilkins that he loved.
 While we were down there Doug and I ran the 5K for Scandinavian Days.
 And saw this beautiful rainbow.
 We also went to the parade (which was amazing) and the activities at the park.
 We came home from church and this guy came home during sacrament because he was being horrible and hitting his sisters. Who me?

 Then it was back to Wales where we watched "Meet the Mormons" and decorated a creation cake.
 This totally cracked me up.  Just 2 little old men playing chess.
 Lewis could not get enough of his cousin Logan. He thinks he's the coolest.  He was terrified of the 4 wheelers at first and then would only let Logan take him.  Whenever he saw him he would say "ride tar?" over and over.
 Random pic - I decorated Lilly's teacher's door for appreciation week.  I think it turned out ok.
 and another random one of the birthday boy in his hamster shirt.
 Another cake picture
 And more Logan!
 Decorating the creation cake
 It was such a fun weekend!! We had a fun BBQ with everyone on Monday and a big game of kickball.  The whole weekend was great!

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