Sunday, July 6, 2008

The 4th and Such

Yet again, we've had some pretty fun times lately! Last weekend we went hiking with Doug's brother JD and his family. We hiked to the Grotto again and it was a great time. The second picture is of our cutest nephew Bridger. Is it no wonder that Sophia is completely in love with him? He's the cutest kid ever!On Sunday we had all of Doug's family (minus the newlyweds who were honeymooning in San Fransisco) over for dinner. It was so fun and once again, all the kids had a great time running around together. Monday I took the girls to the zoo because it was the last day we had our pass. We had a great time riding the train and going to the bird show. After the zoo we went to the quilt show in Payson with Grandma Miller. It was great and we had fun going to lunch with her too!Tuesday we went to Logan's T-ball game that was fun too and once again, the kids had a fabulous time running around together. It was so funny because after the game all the kids were running the bases together and Sophia kept sitting down and holding her hand up for Bridger to help her up. She kept doing that over and over and Bridger would always help her up. What a gentleman. Thursday we went to Grandma Ivins' house to watch the newlyweds open presents. Leda loved the painting Doug did for her. She totally cried when she opened it. I think he did a fabulous job. Each line that crosses through the heart is a scripture about love. It was totally amazing!Sophia took this picture of us. I think she did a pretty fabulous job.

Friday was great! We woke up bright and early and I ran the 5K with some of my siblings and Doug took the girls to the balloons. We all had a great time and it was fun to run that race again.After a yummy lunch at Grandma Millers we went to JD's house at night for fireworks and to celebrate birthdays. Grandma Wilkins had brought Brazilian soccer jerseys for all the kids. They were so stinkin cute! We got a fun picture of the "team" in their jerseys.
Doug did a great job lighting the fireworks with the rest of the men
The cute newlyweds
The cute lillers enjoying the fireworks
Yesterday we had some old college roomies over for lunch. It was so fun to see them all again and to let the kids play together. Congrats again Lauren! We're so excited for you! Later that night we went to Kaleen's baptism. That was fun too and we were excited for her. We then went to check out James and Tiffany's new house. I love it! I'm so happy for them and a little jealous that they got such a great deal on a fabulous house! They're going to love it and it's so great for them.

Here's a bonus picture of Sophia. She has loved running in the sprinkers lately and Doug caught this picture of her last week.


Melissa said...

WHOA! Talk about the cutest little patriotic family ever!!! That is SO cute with your matchy-matchy shirts and cute girly bows. I must say that that lillers is so adorable!! Oh I can't wait to see her soon! Great race! How fun to do it together but I would have been with Mersie. Glad you got to go to the zoo again and that was also a cute Brazil team picture. How fun! Oh and DOUG!!! That is AWESOME!! I would have cried too! Wow- I LOVE the painting. Incredible!!

Nancy said...

Those are the cutest pictures. Tell Sophia she is quite the photographer. Seeing all your celebrations makes me really miss Utah and hanging out with you guys. I'm glad you got to run in the race this year. Do you remember when we ran the mile together?! I don't think I could make it that far at the moment, so way to go with the 5K!